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File 14208877484.jpg - (35.01KB , 500x375 , 1403064504117.jpg )
21713 No. 21713 [Edit]
death parade just sucks, there was not a single cute girl or anything cute, it was just terrible and i just want to see cute things now
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>> No. 21714 [Edit]
File 142088983698.jpg - (541.14KB , 850x1200 , 95e162f87addbc9261f6476d785794b8.jpg )
I don't know what a "death parade" is, but how can there be no cute little girls? What kind of boring shit is that?

Here's some Bastet. MoƩ 2D lolis can fix everything.
>> No. 21717 [Edit]
Time to rewatch the Lucky Star OVA.
>> No. 21718 [Edit]
>There will never be a season 2 of Lucky Star
>> No. 21719 [Edit]
Too bad, so sad.
>> No. 21720 [Edit]
File 142093256239.png - (499.32KB , 600x800 , cute-by-kanro3637-3637.png )
thanks for posting that it was very cute
>> No. 21746 [Edit]
Absolutely epic thread, OP.
>> No. 21755 [Edit]
I agree with your opinion, but disapprove of your use of the word "epic" over simpler and more accurate terminology like watch the Lucky Star OVA.
>> No. 24041 [Edit]
I think you mean season 3.
>> No. 24045 [Edit]
Are you counting the ova/spinoff as a season 2?
>> No. 24046 [Edit]
No, just Minoru's announcement of episode 13 being the beginning of their second season.
>> No. 24047 [Edit]
Well I guess that's one way of looking at it.
>> No. 24060 [Edit]
>there was not a single cute girl or anything cute
I'm no MANime retard, but not liking an anime because you can't get off to it is kind of closed-minded.
>> No. 24063 [Edit]
>i just want to see cute things
>not liking an anime because you can't get off to it

So the only reason anyone would like something cute is so they could masturbate to it?

>kind of closed-minded.
>> No. 24064 [Edit]
Whom art thou quoting?
>> No. 24065 [Edit]

>>24060 / >>21713

What kind of stupid question is that?
>> No. 24066 [Edit]
That's not how it works.
>> No. 24067 [Edit]
Not 100% of the time, but I don't think there are many men who watch nothing but shows with attractive girls and never sexualize or fetishize them, etc. From when I used to browse other image boards, there were always threads of innocent, non-sexual anime like Non Non Biyori or KinMoza, and almost all of the discussion consisted of lewdposting or yurishipping. There were also very adamant that they never watched anything but CGDCT.

Also I'm not talking about people who watch shows with cute girls because I watch them as well, just the ones who refuse to watch anything else because they want to either fuck the girls or want to cling to some retarded yuri subtext that doesn't even make sense. I understand completely if it's an actual show with fanservice but not something that's just meant to be relaxing and cute.

I mean, just look at this guy >>21714
Are you telling me he doesn't watch these types of anime just to fap to them?
>> No. 24068 [Edit]
Fair enough. You're right that most of the guys in these types of communities turn out to be degenerate perverts. I just like to give people the benefit of doubt.

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