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File 144697994648.jpg - (151.38KB , 937x937 , 1336896228334.jpg )
20920 No. 20920 [Edit]
Does anyone else experience negative side effects while on anti-depressants? I get really sleepy a few afters after eating them, and also it has some negative sexual side effects. I can fap for ages and ages but I feel very little stimulation and I have to go at mach 10 speed to cum.
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>> No. 20921 [Edit]
If you take certain antidepressants you can die if you eat grapefruit.
>> No. 20924 [Edit]
File 144701994559.jpg - (131.22KB , 455x700 , akane-isshiki-13.jpg )
Wellbutrin makes my libido skyrocket, which is annoying in my case. At least it doesn't break your dick. Also drinking just a little bit of alcohol on this med makes me feel sick so I can't drink at all while on it.
>> No. 20931 [Edit]
I lost most of my libido when I wasted a year on SSRI as a teenager. It hasn't ever really returned. It's a poison by the happy merchant. I wish you best of luck and hope it won't get as bad in your case.
>> No. 20937 [Edit]
Which SSRI did you use?

I did some quick research and found out that sexual dysfunction can persist after you stop taking the medicine. In particular, genital anaesthesia sounds like the symptom i'm suffering from (paper: Genital anesthesia persisting six years after sertraline discontinuation)

Post edited on 9th Nov 2015, 4:56pm
>> No. 20938 [Edit]
If he still suffers with depression, it can be a symptom of it. He's better off going to a doctor.
>> No. 20940 [Edit]
Sertraline, yeah.

Still depressed although I have had many years to live a peaceful NEET life so I haven't been as stressed as in high school.
>> No. 20942 [Edit]
The worst side effect from antidepressants is therapy.
>> No. 20943 [Edit]
My dick is actually perma-broken even after coming off SSRIs. I don't really care though.
>> No. 20944 [Edit]
Have you considered suing the manufacturers? It might not matter to you but you could still make some money off it at least.
>> No. 20955 [Edit]
>make some money off it
Unlikely. I mean, it's listed in the side effects.
>> No. 20956 [Edit]
Still worth looking into at least. For a normal their junk is their life.
>> No. 20960 [Edit]
I take 40mg of citalopram and I have similar side effects. It makes me tired for an hour or two after taking it and I pretty much completely lost any sexual desire. Although, I see the lack of libido as a plus side, since I can now more easily ignore 3D succubi.

I don't really much see the point in SSRIs. The only noticeable difference I've felt is my brain fog is now far less noticeable, but apart from that I still feel just as numb as I did before taking them and my social anxiety hasn't even remotely improved. I'm thinking of stopping, since it's just money down that drain for my parents.
>> No. 20961 [Edit]
How long have you been taking it? It often takes 1-3 months before it starts having a positive effect.
>> No. 20962 [Edit]
Around 3 months. I might stick it out a few more months, but I doubt I'll notice any significant changes.
>> No. 20963 [Edit]
Ive been taking escilatopram for 3 months and its elevated my mood and given me more motivation. Perhaps you need to change your strategy.
>> No. 21237 [Edit]
Had SSRIs and SNRIs, only thing they did was to make my anxiety worse. Things that actually work are Valium and alcohol. I mean a shot of whisky, beer does nothing and is less palatable, especially when I'm making cocktails.

Fuckhead doctor now tells me to try exercise, you should have said that first you trend hopping quack. My hands will, a year on, sometimes contract involuntarily like when I was on the pills. Yes give the anxious guy who rides public transport grope hands, that'll fucking help his anxiety.
>> No. 21272 [Edit]
bupropion / wellbutrin is like the opposite of most anti-depressants. gives you some energy, makes you horny, makes you less hungry. i recommend it
>> No. 21278 [Edit]
Why are my antidepressants making me more depressed?
>> No. 21345 [Edit]
File 145439414938.jpg - (35.35KB , 640x360 , 1415640606069.jpg )
Been on sertraline for years and it certainly affected me, the higher the dose the more l last while fapping and sometimes it was so exhausting that I had to stop it and give up without finishing.

My libido has diminished a considerable amount as well.

It takes at least a month until they start "working", it can get a lot worse than your usual depressed state, specially the first few weeks you begin taking them, it's a common side effect.

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