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No. 16843 [Edit]
Has anyone checked out the new season of Recorder2rand yet?
How is it so far? I've managed to show some willpower to save them to watch in a batch later (only three eps so far though, so not really much of a feat), but I bet its excellent because Aya is the ☆!
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>> No. 16851 [Edit]
File 137512589562.jpg - (149.44KB , 1280x720 , Kanna_pfft.jpg )
>> No. 16889 [Edit]
Mi is <3
>> No. 16994 [Edit]
File 137625336320.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0353.png )
Can't say I much care for the change in the general art style. The character designs are one thing, but whats up with all the 3D backgrounds with shitty filters? they're a real eyesore, especially when they randomly jump to drawn backgrounds. So many of the backgrounds are really dark and ugly in contrast to the bright characters, they don't match the character designs or the light hearted tone of series at all. Did the background artists from the first two season's quit on them or something? The ending being composed entirely of 3D photos without filters gives me the impression they were just being very lazy with this season.

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