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File 13179774255.jpg - (321.92KB , 950x850 , h1_tv_kokuti006.jpg )
6443 No. 6443 [Edit]
This season first scholar/SoL I catch on (haven't seen the OVAs yet, tought).

Overall good 1st episode: realistic setting; nice highschol girls who had experienced lost and now seek for meeting again and creating new happy memories together, by taking pictures, so we also get a fair share of scenery porn (nothing new of a thematic, yeah, but nice all the same)...

Might very well follow this.
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>> No. 6444 [Edit]
File 131797756845.png - (278.85KB , 598x335 , Tamayura__Hitotose 0.png )
>> No. 6445 [Edit]
Any word on when we might get some decent quality raws?
>> No. 6459 [Edit]
From ar, UTW's main encoder.
>tl;dr The broadcast is field upscaled from 480i/p to 1080i, The quality is abysmal, and there is ghosting of previous frames all over the place. I have compromised with Kusion to do 576p for the mkv release, but there will NOT be a 720p release period. It doesn’t even really warrant 576p, but it’s easier to work with so I’m partial on it.

Every channel has shitty quality for this show. Hopefully the blurays will be decent.

Don't be fooled by Oyatsu releasing 720p, they use upscaled eyecancer Share raws. They're also shit at translating too, so don't bother at all.
>> No. 6461 [Edit]
Man, that's a shame. I really liked the first episode and OVAs.
>> No. 6462 [Edit]
Damn, that blows.
This was one of the few shows this season I was looking forward to, I dunno if I can wait that long for the blu rays to come out.
>> No. 6520 [Edit]
I was hoping to catch this too as I loved the OVA series released last year.

I'll wait for Blu-Rays though, unless I really run out of things to watch. I don't know if this is some sad attempt at making people buy Blu-Ray releases, since they'll just pirate them anyway.
>> No. 6627 [Edit]
File 131854620265.jpg - (113.38KB , 848x480 , tamayura cake1.jpg )
Even at only episode 2, this is by far my favorite show of this year. Sato Junichi has done it again. Everything is just perfect. If only it aired in HD...

Maon is my favorite so far. Her whistling is too moe.
>> No. 6716 [Edit]
It's definitely my favorite this season, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being my favorite this year. It has a perfect mix of realism, cuteness, and comedy. And Maon's whistling is just too much, I don't know if my poor nutbladder can take it.
>> No. 6914 [Edit]
File 131989773428.png - (267.60KB , 593x333 , Tamayura__Hitotose 1.png )
Ep. 4 was... well... quite moving, at a personal level. I was -and still am- just like Mao: changing "dreams" over and over again; I even share most of hers: drawn all my life; still have my box of magic tricks; seriously tried to devote myself to the stage at least twice; just recently, I bought a couple of nice ocarinas... the thing is, of course, I'm not myself a teen anymore; and, althought my (poor) family has always tried their best to support me on each adventure, in the end I've just become the useless parasite I'm now, amateur of loads of stuff, master of none.

Anyway: pretty good series, so far.
>> No. 6975 [Edit]
UTW dropped it, for now. They're doing the BDs instead when they're released because the TV raws are so shit.

Relying on EveTaku to finish it now.
>> No. 7125 [Edit]
File 132081658898.jpg - (68.30KB , 1280x720 , Icomefromaworldyoudontunderstand.jpg )
>> No. 7129 [Edit]
This is my most favourite show but I guess I will wait on the BRs. It's funny how I've watched anime so long, well before HD even exited, but now that we have HD rips for everything it's painful to attempt to watch anything but.
>> No. 7130 [Edit]
yeah a ton of people are waiting on this show(myself included)
some people think they're doing it to increase dvd sales.
>> No. 7131 [Edit]
I'm glad to see Maon getting this much development. I wasn't sure how much development all of the girls would get, seeing as how it's only going to be 12 episodes.
>> No. 7134 [Edit]
I don't think I can wait for blurays to come out. Watching this show is the highlight of my week. Guess I'll just rewatch it in glorious HD.
>> No. 7448 [Edit]
File 132237914999.jpg - (154.19KB , 848x960 , tamayura2.jpg )
There's something about the character designs in this show. I can't put my finger on it. Every single girl is just so adorable.

Can't remember the last time I loved a show this much. The BDs can't come soon enough.
>> No. 7449 [Edit]
Maybe you shouldn't have started watching it then.
It's much easier to hold off on starting something, then it is to stop something already started.
>> No. 7452 [Edit]
I like how the designs are realistic while still being so ridiculously cute. I also like the attention to detail that is put into each of the girls' hairstyles and outfits.
>> No. 7478 [Edit]
Ah, I wasn't really complaining, on the contrary I'm glad I started watching. Otherwise I wouldn't experience the joy of being exited for a new episode each week. And rewatching a show that I liked usually makes it much better. So it's all good.
>> No. 7498 [Edit]
File 132271104759.jpg - (156.00KB , 1122x788 , 6585675489.jpg )
>> No. 7618 [Edit]
File 132334936436.jpg - (164.54KB , 683x380 , Tamayura__Hitotose 6.jpg )
Lucky she: I'm chaotic whatever I do, all the fucking time.

This series does hit me good, sometimes; actually, by now, I think I may want friends, after all...
Nah! I'm sure I'm just getting carried away. Yeah, that must be.
>> No. 7623 [Edit]

Real life friends are nothing like the well scripted characters in an anime.
>> No. 7700 [Edit]
File 132384546296.jpg - (227.17KB , 580x1252 , Tamayura__Hitotose 7.jpg )
Wow: supportive friends do are supportive... in anime.
More importantly: I really like this girl (and she has great legs).
>> No. 7720 [Edit]
I really appreciate how this series' staff makes the good effort of changing characters' clothes, according to the days going by and the passing of seasons... much more endearing than Bart Simpson's t-shirt, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 7792 [Edit]
Yeah, there is a lot of attention to detail in this series. And it's slow pacing and calm atmosphere gives you a chance to really take in all of those details.

Even though it's not over yet, I think this is one of the best slice-of-life series that I've seen, and it really deserves more than one season.
>> No. 7843 [Edit]
File 132451824884.jpg - (248.60KB , 591x641 , end.jpg )
-and that was the only bad thing about this series.

I'm gonna miss these girls; actually, each time and year becomes more terrible: more beautiful girls and stories of youth dreams and hope come an go, while I just keep growing old...

Anyway: a sweet, kindhearted SoL to remember. See ya.
>> No. 7844 [Edit]

I really really hope you didn't just spoil that for us waiting on BDs. ;_;
>> No. 7846 [Edit]
how much longer till to blurays are out so I can start watching this already?
>> No. 7849 [Edit]
I skipped and skimmed through an episode or another but I also liked this show in general, though sometimes it just had too much lack of a plot for my taste.
>> No. 7852 [Edit]
>lack of a plot
Pretty much every SoL have the very same plot: girls make deep friends through daily (high)school life (then they graduate/jump into the world). It actually had more development than the average.
>> No. 7853 [Edit]
I've for one have kept this thread hidden to avoid spoilers
>> No. 7854 [Edit]
spoilers in a slice of life show?
>> No. 7855 [Edit]
File 13245293027.jpg - (51.17KB , 451x432 , 65856.jpg )
This ending hit close to home due to the year's end.
>> No. 8677 [Edit]
BD versions seems to be at vol.2 now as far as subs with EveTaku.
UTW unfortunately seem to have forgotten about their promise to sub the BD rips, or could just be waiting until it's all out to do a batch.
>> No. 9035 [Edit]
File 133267865526.png - (1.39MB , 1432x1014 , tamayura2_anti-aliased.png )
Not at all. The problem is that nobody uploaded the BDMVs. I believe EveTaku bought their blurays.

Bumping this thread because of >>9034.
>> No. 9616 [Edit]
really now...
what the hell guys?!
This is one the few show that actually NEEDS BD rips, but where the fuck are they already?!

>I believe EveTaku bought their blurays.

Apparently just the first two volumes!
>> No. 12579 [Edit]
File [Nishi-Taku]_Tamayura_~hitotose~_[BD_1280x720p_Hi1.torrent - (21.53KB , [Nishi-Taku] Tamayura ~hitotose~ [BD 1280x720p Hi1.torrent )
blu-ray rips have finally been released and subbed!
get you some!
>> No. 12583 [Edit]
Oh this is awesome news.
>> No. 12585 [Edit]
Was anyone else still waiting on the blu-rays before watching this show?
I get the feeling that by now most people would have given up and just watched the low rez version or lost interest in the show all together.
>> No. 12591 [Edit]

Well, I kinda was. But in my case it was a 'I'm not watching this unless someone will sub the BDs' case.
>> No. 12602 [Edit]
File 135381143661.jpg - (502.69KB , 841x1877 , Tamayura.jpg )
The show was perfectly watchable as it already was.
>> No. 12603 [Edit]
yeah, if you watch all your anime on a ipod screen.
>> No. 12629 [Edit]
File 135390065944.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0019.png )
2 ep in so far and boy this show sure is neat.
>> No. 12645 [Edit]
A thought crossed my mind.. how does she pay for the film and development for all those photos?
I wonder if she gets an allowance...
>> No. 12653 [Edit]
File 135414965815.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0073.png )
what a nice anime.
>> No. 12797 [Edit]
File 13554736085.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0128.png )
This show...
>> No. 12848 [Edit]
File 135587601561.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0053.png )
She reminds me of Kuroko...
>> No. 16181 [Edit]
File 137198783997.jpg - (50.55KB , 848x480 , tamayura denwa.jpg )
Second season in Summer 2013!

One of the few shows I'm genuinely looking forward to.

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