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File 138976575843.png - (353.42KB , 1247x824 , dorama.png )
23542 No. 23542 [Edit]
How about a thread for Japanese movies, drama, and live action?

I really love the GTO, Nodame and Liar Game live action.

I was watching this one show called Trick that is fucking awesome, but I still need to finish the second season.

I started making a list sorta like MAL.
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>> No. 23543 [Edit]
I can't stand Japanese drama. The acting is usually really bad. Which is kinda strange given how good their voice actors are.
>> No. 23544 [Edit]
It's weird because I agree on one had, but at the same time, I find a certain charm in breaking away from the American "everything is super serious business" acting.
>> No. 23545 [Edit]
I started watching Otomen years ago but dropped it.

I also got curious and checked out Q10 but that girl acting really was beyond retarded.

I'm obviously clueless but I have some interest, so a few recommendations of actually good dorama would be nice.

Post edited on 15th Jan 2014, 6:29am
>> No. 23548 [Edit]
Bloody Monday was pretty decent
>> No. 23605 [Edit]
I watched Seigi no Mikata a few weeks ago since the manga was never fully translated. It was bad in the way that most Japanese dramas are but surprisingly funny in an absurd way.
>> No. 23689 [Edit]
File 139269776945.jpg - (217.25KB , 1000x1433 , my_way_cover.jpg )
My Way is an interesting movie. It's a WW2 film based on the true story of a soldier from Korea who first fights for the imperial Japanese army, then is taken prisoner and impressed into military service by the Soviets, then is taken as POW again by the Germans and ends up fighting for the German army. Here's a version with English subtitles (the spoken dialog is in Japanese, Korean, Russian and German):
>> No. 23719 [Edit]
I've watched a lot of Kamen Rider and Sentai, but never really crossed the line into J-Dramas. There's just somehting about it that I can't get past.
>> No. 23795 [Edit]
its that they're 3d and thus 100% shit.
also people who want to post 3d should probably go elsewhere to at least limit themselves to the hidden boards
>> No. 24084 [Edit]
File 140161704040.jpg - (30.36KB , 220x293 , Still_Walking[1].jpg )
Still Walking is the best Japanese movie I've watched in recent memory.

I think the greatest part about it is the way every character has a dark side.
>> No. 24086 [Edit]
I like it allot too. It was interesting to see the dynamics of a family broken by the loss of a son. E.g. how all the fond memories of their children's childhood life got transferred to their deceased son, rendering their remaining child an empty husk.
>> No. 24116 [Edit]
File 140225440080.gif - (4.79MB , 320x240 , omg.gif )
Been working my way through the Godzilla series. Some of the movies range from stupid and boring, to so bad it's funny. They got continuity errors up the ass and don't give two fucks about it. They even like to recycle footage/music from previous movies as if people wouldn't notice. ...but it's kinda hard not to when you got something that takes place at night with daytime scenes edited in. In some movies they like to toss in new monsters without bothering to explain where they came from, or use monsters that had already been killed in previous movies.
I can picture the creators saying to people "Look at all the fucks I don't give!" I can understand that with these older movies they had a lot of technical limitations, but I can't help but feel having the guy in the godzilla suit jump around like a boxer when fighting or quickly flaying it's arms around just completely ruins the illusion of it's size. It's supposed to be a fucking massive monster that towers over tall buildings, you can't have him floating like a butter fly & stinging like a bee. No seriously, he sometimes fights other monsters like a boxer. I also feel the camera framing is way off a lot of the time. They should use more lower angle shots to help establish it's size, instead of using flat level framing. If it were only stuff like that it'd be okay, but some of the movies just go full fucking retarded. For instance I couldn't stop laughing when in Godzilla vs Hedorah he started flying by using his breath while curled up like an infant (see image) it was fucking great. They even have him communicating with other monsters using speech bubbles in one movie.

I thought the very first one was pretty decent, sure the costume for godzilla looked like it could fall apart at any moment but it was a pretty decent movie and. Monster shows up, people deal with the large scale destruction it causes while trying to figure out where it came from and how to stop it, then manage to kill it at the end. second one was okay enough but a tad bit on the dull side since it was more or less doing the same thing again. Then for each movie they start just throwing out random monsters to duke it out with in some poorly choreographed fights that get dragged out way to long. I know it's the main appeal but after ten straight minutes of watching guys in costumes trow foam rocks at each other, shit starts to get old. Once I got to the mid 60's movies it really started to show that they were starting to aim the movies more at kids. They even went as far as to give Godzilla a kid, and made him the focus of two (terrible) movies with one movie all taking place in a kid's head. It was also starting to show that they were pumping these things out yearly, even making more than one during some years. many of the movies had story's that felt very slapped together and over all rushed. If nothing else I can really respect and appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into all the models in these films Especially when they're building these things knowing full well someone's going to be stomping all over them or blowing them up when they're finished. ...although it's still funny when they do stuff like trying to pass off store bought dolls as mannequins.

I'm still only on the mid 70s films atm and am hoping some of the late 80s films and on prove to be better, or at least less cheesy.
>> No. 24167 [Edit]
About the older Godzilla movies, Check out piratebay and other torrents. There has recently been a flood of 1080p Bluray rips of many of the earlier and 90's+ Godzilla movies.

The 90's-2000's were pretty good. The ones in the 60's and 70s were crap and specifically aimed at kids.
>> No. 24169 [Edit]
File 140296839093.jpg - (28.88KB , 807x313 , get yo lego out my godzilla.jpg )
yeah it was pretty obvious they were going after the kids by the time of the mid 60s. First clue was when they started not so subtlety including Godzilla toys on screen then going on have children in larger and larger roles. One I recall was entirely centered around a kid. The 60s-70s godzilla movies seem like they'd only be truly enjoyable when watched with a group of friends so you can all poke fun at them together.

I'm on the mid 90s at the moment.
85's Godzilla was surprisingly good and was down right fantastic compared to the bunch before it. It's almost weird to see him as an actually menace after so many movies of him being portrayed as japan's protector, even though that's how it should be. The sets used were god damn impressive and all the models looked really good. With this one they did away with a lot of the crap that ruined the old ones and made them the cheesy campy films they were.
1989's Godzilla vs Biollante had some "holy fucking shit this is awesome!" grade fights with well done effects designs and camera work. Those fights really look a lot better at night and being set at night can help make model buildings look less noticeably fake. Shame it took them so long to figure that out. The only thing that kind of killed it for me was all the bad acting, although that was mainly from the American actors. Still it's one of the very few godzilla movies I'd recommend.

I knew as soon as I saw they released a movie every single consecutive year between 1991-1995 that I could expect a drop in quality and for the movies to come off rushed and sure enough that was exactly the case. It's pretty obvious just from watching them they were under time constrains and didn't have much of a budget. They're more competently made with better writing, editing and so on than the 60-70 movies, but they still come off feeling like episodes of a super sentai series. The effects in some of them can be pretty horrible for the time they're in too and the sets aren't as impressive. 1991's Godzilla vs King Ghidorah was so laughably bad on so many levels, it honestly has some of the worst acting I've ever seen. One thing I noticed from the 60-70 versions was that they used a large open outdoor area with no landmarks or buildings around so they could reuse it in following movies, and they started doing that again it seems for these 91-95 films. It was nice how 85's decided to reboot the series and drop the baggage of all those campy and silly 60-70 movies, but then they just fall right back into it again with the 1991-1995 movies.
>> No. 24271 [Edit]
I don't normally watch J-Dramas either, not because of any particular objection to them but simply because I haven't gotten around to exploring that particular area of Japan's culture. Then, a couple of years ago, I was at a con and wandered into a room where they had live action asian films playing, and got hooked watching this show called Kaseifu No Mita. I am curious if anyone else has ever seen this show, because it is honestly one of the best things I've seen in some time. I still have to see the ending of it, but seriously tho...that shit is really, surprisingly good.
>> No. 25086 [Edit]
File 141135554431.jpg - (271.31KB , 823x1796 , blue blazes 0.jpg )
Man, I'm enjoying this like a little kid...


Go for it. It's great.
>> No. 25994 [Edit]
I just watched the Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e live action and I really liked it. It could be my favorite. I also really like the Hana Yori Dango one.
>> No. 26087 [Edit]
I just finished watching Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, and it turned out to be really good. The first episode started sort of badly, but all the characters really grew on me, and I found myself in tears by the end. I think a lot of things could have been done vsry wrong, and it was nice to see it turn out the way that it did.

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