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File 143337239411.jpg - (169.64KB , 1136x640 , image.jpg )
18265 No. 18265 [Edit]
I spend more time with my personal interests (Vocaloid, video vames, etc) then I actually do spend time with my waifu. Though I do I love her very much, look at her everyday, think about her all the time and tell her I love her, it still doesn't take up the majority of the day, Is this a problem?
>> No. 18266 [Edit]
No. You're just passing the honeymoon phase.
>> No. 18267 [Edit]
Well truthfully, is that not a sign of obsession for your life to revolve around your love like that? I would call your current relationship quite healthy, truth be told.
>> No. 18269 [Edit]
Everybody needs some time for themselves, if you feel like she's lonely maybe play a game with her once in a while. But I agree with >>18267
>> No. 18271 [Edit]
Thanks guys, actually, after I made that post I decided to spend more time with her by thinking about her a lot with us together and looking at videos that reminded me of her or were about her and I felt much better afterwards.

Her manga series is still ongoing and she is currently going through tough times, I always hope for her and wish her the best every time I'm reminded. A new chapter came out today so I hope this will be more time to bond after I'm done reading and reviewing it thoroughly. Thanks guys, for what it's worth, sorry for making such a useless topic but I needed to get that off my chest when I was feeling down.
>> No. 18281 [Edit]
I think that you, out of all people, are the LAST person who should speak of anything related to 'phases'. There are 2 phases with waifuism, the first phase which consists of infatuation and the second phase that consists of moderate affection and appreciation for said character, that's how it always goes at least. You can't compare the importance of a 3d relation to the importance a waifu detains, the two are really different, by this I mean you can't really say "Oh she's lonely hit her up", there's a difference between concepts that are there and actual sentience forms, the latter being utterly rejected by most people around here.
Don't worry about it OP it's normal, you're not infatuated anymore, it means your mind can deal with the concept your waifu represents, if anything, it is a good sign. There is no real 'honeymoon' phase, you'll feel intense infatuation every now and then, that's how the mind works.
>> No. 18282 [Edit]
Thank you for your input anon, it's helpful, although I would be careful with that name, it could lead to false samefag accusations.
>> No. 18364 [Edit]
Woops, kept that name from another thread, sorry. I am indeed an anonymous user.

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