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File 140006417696.jpg - (111.30KB , 478x640 , 1400060138701.jpg )
17401 No. 17401 [Edit]
Do your parents know about your hobby? Have they ever caught you masturbating to hentai?
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>> No. 17402 [Edit]
no because my parents respect my privacy and dont enter my room.
>> No. 17403 [Edit]
I don't keep my hobby very well hidden. I've got a room filled with figs and posters that are clearly visible, even if just from the doorway.
While my mom is clearly aware of it, I don't think my dad is since I don't live with him.

They've never caught me masturbating as far as I know since always keep my door locked. However, during a move when I transferred the lock over to my new room's door my mother took the opportunity to clean my old room. The room still had plenty of my stuff in it, including a large bag in the closet filled with fetish related items. When I got back it was gone and she told me she threw out a bunch of trash in my room. I don't know if she knows what the purpose of the items were but it did make thinks awkward.
>> No. 17406 [Edit]
A couple of members knows that I'm generally interested in Japan, and my 2 closest members are aware that I used to watch anime/read manga, and that I enjoy Japanese music. Don't know of they remember that I like Vocaloid music, or how much they understand/care of it. I have a Love is War fig on display, but at this point it's just an insignificant ornament I reckon. I mean, it's from 2,5 years, and I haven't bought anymore since. Sometimes I wonder if they can hear me fap, and sometimes I wonder if they know how lewd I am, and how "disgusting" some of my fetishes are; or if they care at all. I don't like living alone anyway so I'll just bear with it. Maybe some day I'll become less lewd on the inside...
>> No. 17412 [Edit]
All my anime stuff is on my pc, maybe they saw some of the touhou wallpapers I use but they don't seem to care. I have some manga in my room, mostly stuff like Berserk, but since it's gory and grimdark they wouldn't mind it. I don't know if they ever noticed it though.

Why should they give a fuck though. I work, I have my stuff and I keep it private. I'm not 15 anymore so they don't go snooping around my stuff.
>> No. 17483 [Edit]
My mum's come into my room a few times whilst I had Nyaa or some other page with anime pictures and Japanese on it open, so perhaps she's picked up on that. She's never asked me about it or anything and it's not something I'd like her to know either.
>> No. 17490 [Edit]
I collect figures and have posters on my wall. So yes, my mother knows about it.
>> No. 17492 [Edit]
They know and don't really care. When my mom seen my daki for the first time, she just said "I'm not even gonna ask" and that was that.

Never got caught masturbating, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a huge deal.
>> No. 17524 [Edit]
I enjoy humiliating myself and seeing people's reactions to things. So I've told all of my close family and a select few distant relatives about my interests.
I've showed my family Katawa Shoujo, the Atelier series, Project Diva, some anime porn mods for various games, I've watched K-On! with my mom and my little brother, etcetera.
I've also explained the concept of waifuism to my mother in great detail and showed her my own husbando. Her response to it was underwhelming, probably because she's just used to this sort of shit now.
None of them give a shit.
The only time anyone in my family has laughed at me is when I told them I was a brony years back. I'm not anymore, I dropped that shit show and was only into it in the first place because my two only friends were at the time and I wanted to be able to talk to them about it, honest.
They seem to have forgotten entirely about that phase though, luckily.
>> No. 17526 [Edit]

I do this too, but some reactions are just...unsettling.
>> No. 17527 [Edit]
I have figures and some manga so they know. I think they're cool with it though because i got a job to pay for it and because i don't talk about it around them. I tried showing my mom FMA Brotherhood because i figured it would be something anyone could enjoy and it had an ok dub, but she didn't want to watch more than one episode because the faces were "weird".
>> No. 17529 [Edit]
They -were- weird, the art sucked compared to the original anime and was full of idiotic reaction face crap with humor shoved in at some extremely inappropriate moments. You should have showed her the original instead. Starting someone off with brotherhood is a really bad idea. The first 13 ep were so horribly done and massively rushed how can you expect anyone new to the series to enjoy that?
>> No. 18078 [Edit]
My parents reaction to my figures was pretty much "those are a bit weird, but whatever floats your boat." Oddly they did not have this reaction to lewd posters and were more okay with those than figures.
>> No. 18079 [Edit]
They haven't caught me masturbating, but my mother caught me looking up H images twice. Once when I was very young (about 12), and once just earlier this year. Both times she didn't say a word, and just seemed to pretend it didn't happen.

She's well aware of my hobbies and my inclination towards 2D, though. I even show her the (non-hentai) games I play and cute pictures of 2D girls, which she finds mildly amusing sometimes. As for my father, he seems completely oblivious to it, but I doubt he'd care much one way or the other. He's played games with scantily-clad anime girls himself but never really commented on the subject.
>> No. 18108 [Edit]
My father looked up the skirt of one of my figs before. Both my parents have nothing against what I do and respect my privacy.
>> No. 18110 [Edit]
>My father looked up the skirt of one of my figs before.
That's actually pretty funny.
>> No. 18121 [Edit]
Everyone who enters my room sees my obsession, but I don't care. My mom doesn't care either, she just tells me not to spend too much money. There are no other relatives who know about it so I don't know how they would react.
>> No. 18129 [Edit]
He obviously didn't respect the privacy of that figure.
>> No. 18149 [Edit]
File 140549544178.jpg - (63.17KB , 740x770 , 1336962113727.jpg )
It's one of the main reasons I keep them enclosed in their boxes. I'm sensitive about them being touched.
>> No. 18150 [Edit]
That's not good for figures. PVC sweats and gets sticky if it's not periodically exposed to fresh air.
>> No. 18154 [Edit]
I've been lead to believe a vacuum seal is best. fresh air caries particles that can corrode anything given enough time. The sticky sweat from what I've read is a result of heat, I've got some figs that I keep on open shelves that leak that oil. The boxes figs come in typically aren't exactly air tight anyway.
My understanding is the ideal way to store figures is in vacuum sealed clement controlled glass containers away from any uv light.
>> No. 18162 [Edit]
Either way, our pvc is fucked.
>> No. 18239 [Edit]
On the upside, you can think of that like they're aging with you. You can get buried with your faded out, paint scratched long time waifu when you're old ;_;

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