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File 136064137094.png - (766.71KB , 1280x768 , Megas-XLR1280-768.png )
20571 No. 20571 [Edit]
Do you guys watch any (English/western)cartoons?
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>> No. 20572 [Edit]
I would rewatch all of Megas if I knew where I could find a decent download of it. That and Space Ghost Coast To Coast.
>> No. 20574 [Edit]
https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6005011/Megas_XLR_Complete_Episodes _Pilot _Soundtrack

try one of those.
>> No. 20575 [Edit]
File 136064502893.png - (1.64MB , 905x729 , Hadouken!.png )
Lately I've been seeing a ton of people mentioning Megas XLR. I'd rewatch it if I could.

Anyway, to answer your question, OP. I do not. The only semi decent thing on t.v these days would be Adventure Time because of how stupid it is and how much stuff they get away with on it.

The only western thing that I even bother to follow is that one Crossed webcomic ever since I was introduced to the series 3 years ago. The real comics were intense, disgusting, and actually good (not that the web comic isn't). I don't think that they make any more super hero cartoons like they used to in the 90's/early 2000's.
>> No. 20577 [Edit]
File 13606622082.jpg - (35.58KB , 565x600 , ThatFuckingCat.jpg )
I liked Tom and Jerry when i was little, i've watched it a few times since and still find it funny
>> No. 20580 [Edit]
I rewatched all of Megas a few years back, was fun. Planned to watch Samurai Jack afterwards but in the end I never did. So yeah Megas is the only Western cartoon I ever downloaded.
>> No. 20585 [Edit]
Harley Quinn is an early waifu.

Also recent good stuff, Symbionic Titan and Gravity Falls.
>> No. 20617 [Edit]
File 13607374444.png - (218.37KB , 493x298 , Metalocalypse.png )
>> No. 20618 [Edit]
I love the logic in that.

I need to get the third Dethalbum.
>> No. 20629 [Edit]
We already have a thread.

>> No. 20637 [Edit]
I only watch South Park. I plan on watching Batman: TAS, Megas XLR, Tom & Jerry and anything else I can find very soon though. I'm in the mood for cartoons.
>> No. 20656 [Edit]
>South Park

Please go.
>> No. 20657 [Edit]
File 136097958922.jpg - (17.00KB , 400x273 , FLCL.jpg )
>I only watch South Park.

What's wrong it?
>> No. 20658 [Edit]
>hating South Park

I don't think you've actually watched South Park. It's not just some bullshit lol FART JOKES XDDD show, it's sharp, quick middle line social commentary played out through shallow allegories and silly motifs. It's all about how stupid people are, it's very nice.
>> No. 20660 [Edit]

The "edgy" political commentary (that dumbass college kids eat up like candy) is what makes it bad, not the talking poop jokes or whatever other reason you concocted in your head.
>> No. 20661 [Edit]
What is "edgy"? Care to elaborate a bit more?

The writing is all I care about, and the writing is great.
>> No. 20662 [Edit]
>the writing is great

I thought so too, when I was 12
>> No. 20663 [Edit]
Exemplary. You've changed my mind completely. I'm so sorry to have troubled you with my meager presence. How dare I think for a moment you might actually profit something forth worth considering, what a gall I have to question the Almighty's judgement! I'm going to go and hold a boiling kettle against my face. Once again, very sorry for the disturbance.
>> No. 20664 [Edit]
File 136098701045.png - (578.21KB , 512x384 , bush and jesus shitting on the US flag.png )
I'm guessing all the hot topic issues. remember that family guy ep with the Muslim prophet muhammad? "the cartoons always pushing buttons with their careless toilet humor" from a show that's "preachy and up it's own ass with messages"
>> No. 20665 [Edit]

Holy shit, is that Jesus Christ and former president George W Bush pooping on the American flag?! Such sharp, quick political commentary, how do they come up with this stuff??
>> No. 20669 [Edit]
King of the Hill is really good
>> No. 20672 [Edit]
Samurai Jack was never finished, right? I really liked that show.
>> No. 20673 [Edit]
>> No. 20674 [Edit]
That's nice and all, but this thread has already gotten fairly active. it would be silly and counterproductive to expect people in a active thread to stop everything and move their discussion to a old thread no one gives a crap about anymore. All you're doing is reinforcing the argument that a single thread per topic will genirate less content.
>> No. 20773 [Edit]
I used to watch western cartoons. I was a big fan of South Park around the season where they featured anime and WoW. Those episodes were amazing. Around the same time, I was also watching another comedy central cartoon called Drawn Together. It was the most vile, racist, disgusting, grotesque, and somehow, funniest show I've ever seen in my life. I've recently gotten Netflix so I was watching some of the DC animated movies like Batman Year One and Under the Red Hood-- those are really nice too, even if I'm not interested in the comics at all.
>> No. 20774 [Edit]
Try the DC Animated Universe from the late 90's, namely Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond.

The persistent universe across those series is one of my favorite, if not my favorite incarnation of the DC universe. It's the perfect balance between "dark and edgy" and "silly." Really good overarching plot, some lesser known characters get a time to shine (The Question and Green Arrow are at their best in this series), and just a whole lot of fun all around.
>> No. 20899 [Edit]
File 136251794990.jpg - (103.55KB , 640x480 , 1329545661844.jpg )
Ben 10 is actually fairly quality, even has some references to Alien and Terminator. Talking about the Seasons where he's not a little brat btw.

All I have of Relevence
>> No. 20903 [Edit]
That image is awful.
>> No. 20904 [Edit]
Batman Beyond was so goofy.
>> No. 21020 [Edit]
This. It's the only thing on television I still enjoy at this point.

I don't watch any anime.
>> No. 21079 [Edit]
File 136354666317.jpg - (61.52KB , 750x563 , schwarbage.jpg )
Oh Haruhi. One of the few things Batman Beyond's writer's accurately predicted about the future was the next generation's ability to come up with more and more retarded slang. Really, when you think about it, there's not much difference between "schway" and shit like "swag" or "yolo".

Kidding aside though, Return of the Joker was great. I thought that movie outdid the entire TV series by miles.

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