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File 140749272561.png - (630.62KB , 1768x1300 , 1356366807241.png )
24780 No. 24780 [Edit]
Have you ever been this embarassed?
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>> No. 24781 [Edit]
File 140749695596.jpg - (175.55KB , 784x604 , 1382067178855.jpg )
Not really, I'll sometimes feel bad about something stupid I've said in the past, but I've learned how to get over it.
>> No. 24786 [Edit]
One time I asked who Jesus Christ was in High School, because I was simply out of it that day.

The minute I realized what I had said, and saw the resulting hateful remark from the teacher, I pulled my heads up through my shirt like a turtle to its shell, and somehow fell over and hit my hand against the desk adjacent to me.

Its pretty bad when you can feel the proxy embarrassment ooze off of everyone else.
>> No. 25072 [Edit]
Finish last in race mandated by "field day," if I recall correctly. From the bleachers, "hey anon, why are you so slow!"

Cue suicidal rage.
>> No. 25076 [Edit]
At least once a day because of stupid shit I've done in the past. Occasionally because of awkward shit I do in front of people because I'm a fucking creep.
>> No. 25108 [Edit]
I get past-shame fairly often. The sad part is that it can relate to things I did the day before. It's like I'm conscious of when actions are stupid but just end up doing them anyway.

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