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File 132120953974.jpg - (40.83KB , 680x425 , 0023-love-plus23s.jpg )
5334 No. 5334 [Edit]
Why aren't YOU playing love plus, /vg/?
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>> No. 5335 [Edit]
No console, no nihongo power level, etc... but I do long to play it, someday (if it ever gets emulated for PC).
>> No. 5336 [Edit]
Because from what I've been told it has some annoying systems that require you to speak things out loud, be on time for events and all that crap real relationships have.

It already is, it has an english patch too.
>> No. 5337 [Edit]
Because I'm playing Fate/Extra, get off my back
>> No. 5340 [Edit]
I don't have a Japanese 3DS and I don't know Japanese.
>> No. 5341 [Edit]

It was translated to English about a week ago, and you don't need a 3DS. A regular DS should work fine. I'm unsure about emulation as you have to speak to her sometimes, so she doesn't get all tsun on you. I don't know how emulators handle mics in that case.
>> No. 5342 [Edit]

You don't need a 3DS for the translated one.

I'm playing it. Rinko is love. I am kind of mad though that I have to keep the DS on just to play Real Time Mode-- and that I have to keep remembering to save before turning the DS off.
>> No. 5343 [Edit]

I hate having to leave it on too. With a Supercard DSTWO the batteries don't last all that long in a DS Lite, unless I dim the screen a bit before hand. I tend to just keep it plugged in and sitting on my desk, then I can at least receive her calls, texts, go out, and periodically kiss her.
>> No. 5417 [Edit]
File 132164969254.jpg - (62.62KB , 500x565 , 1_500.jpg )
>> No. 5421 [Edit]
I don't like girls
>> No. 5422 [Edit]
I don't like girls
>> No. 5429 [Edit]
I don't like the genre.
>> No. 5431 [Edit]
I have a waifu.
>> No. 5595 [Edit]
Because [email protected]
>> No. 5603 [Edit]
It... It's translated? OMGWTFBBQ
>> No. 5604 [Edit]
I don't want to cheat on my waifu.
>> No. 5609 [Edit]
Hey guys, my income is too low plus too sporadic to actually buy all the games I want for a 3DS, but with my saved money I can buy a 3DS now.
So, acekarts then, right? That's the correct term, yes? Or are they called something else?
I'd like to play this since it has been translated, plus there are DS games I've wanted to play and 3DS games I'm sure I'll want to play in the future.
So how well do they work?
Where/how, can I get one?
I can get the rom files for any 3DS/DS game I want and use they okay with a emulator, but do I lose anything when playing a rom file through an acekart if that's whet they're called and on a 3DS? Can I do this?
>> No. 5610 [Edit]
I buy most of my games, but I'm pretty sure the 3DS variant of the Acekart is the Acekard. Just make sure you don't order the DS or DSi one by accident. I'm not too familiar with this card though, I used a cycloDS on my old DS but I'm not sure if they produced a 3DS card yet.

They work fine, I never had a problem. Because it is using the 3DS' hardware the only issue you will encounter is a bad rom/translation.

I ordered mine from their website, I'm sure there are all kinds of sites where you could get them. Even ebay.

The games will be much better than on an emulator, but keep in mind the 3DS screen is slightly bigger than the DS screen so if you emulate DS games you will have a kind of letterbox, if that really annoys you. It's really not a huge issue, at least for me.
>> No. 5613 [Edit]

They're called "flash carts". Acekard is a brand of them.

The way they work is they are just like a regular game cartridge but with a microSD slot where you stick in a card, with the OS and roms and optional homebrew apps.

As I have a DS Lite still I'm not familiar with 3DS flash carts. I have a Supercards DSTWO for the DSL, which is easily the best out there. Maybe they make one for the 3DS.
>> No. 5618 [Edit]
Oh, thank you both so much!
I'll do a little more research. Maybe after the Holidays I'll come back with a 3DS and flash Kart and play all these games with you guys!
>> No. 5619 [Edit]
I have an Acekard 2i or whatever, which works fine with my 3DS for DS games. There is no flashcart that supports 3DS roms at the moment, though, and that also applies for DSiware/DSi games.

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