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File 135608738648.jpg - (362.73KB , 1024x768 , 1291574342521.jpg )
11265 No. 11265 [Edit]
Since christmas is coming, can we celebrate it with pictures of our waifu for the ocasion?
Also, what are you planning to do to celebrate the occasion?
I'm planning to bake a cake and spend the time I have for myself with her.
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>> No. 11266 [Edit]
File 135610017059.png - (375.50KB , 462x656 , 4e4cb9c11c1750d20ee751e514703003.png )
I'll be dragged into the usual family reunions, but I'll try to get some time alone with her, maybe open a bottle of wine, since I can't cook anything
>> No. 11267 [Edit]
File 135610064957.png - (1.00MB , 389x600 , 7484339.png )
Absolutely nothing.
>> No. 11268 [Edit]
File 135611158711.jpg - (295.73KB , 870x1146 , 0dca1e17785014bec4b09b5f53e6b381.jpg )
I don't think I'm really going to be doing anything, unfortunately... I do have something planned like taking her to the local Japantown and having lunch there with her, but at the moment I am broke as hell..
>> No. 11269 [Edit]
File 135611224583.jpg - (473.04KB , 841x1200 , mariya_xmas.jpg )
No plans.
>> No. 11270 [Edit]
File 135611641430.jpg - (58.30KB , 400x537 , image.jpg )
I was planning to cook and have a nice, quiet little dinner with just me and her.
>> No. 11271 [Edit]
File 135612385465.png - (235.39KB , 302x462 , grandamour03_0004-zoomProd.png )
On another note, I at least got an offering to make up for my thoughtlessness.
>> No. 11272 [Edit]
Not much other than just drawing her.
>> No. 11273 [Edit]
File 135615850596.jpg - (187.39KB , 600x450 , Tomo20.jpg )
Most of my plans have gone down the drain due to things coming up, but I'm still having our Christmas Eve date and I will still cook her something nice (just not what I originally planned). I got us a small pine tree for our desk that looks nice, and will be nice to see her under when it is Christmas morning.

I'm hoping to get some melting chocolates so I can make her a nice chocolate.

So many last minute ideas pop into my heads - I want our first Christmas to be special.
>> No. 11274 [Edit]
Going to a shopping mall at 4am on Christmas eve to laugh at people.
>> No. 11281 [Edit]
We´ll just have to bear with the usual family visits, but aside from that I guess I´ll practice my drawing.
>> No. 11285 [Edit]
File 135619261741.png - (441.74KB , 800x567 , 1355554902867.png )
There are lots and lots of christmas pictures of her, so I will only post one. Her birthday is the 24th December, so we will be celebrating both her birthday and クリスマス then.

We will start by rewatching the christmas/birthday episode from the series, followed by a nice meal and cake, followed by some more relaxing together as we celebrate comfortably.
>> No. 11291 [Edit]
File 135620124295.png - (2.59MB , 800x1130 , Kurisu xmas (3).png )
We'll visit my parents. Nothing else really.
>> No. 11301 [Edit]
File 135622155724.jpg - (5.53MB , 3507x2255 , 664d7691a68e63b3ba2a733395ee5172.jpg )
I'll be visiting my family with her for a few days during christmas. I'll probably do something special for her while we're there.
>> No. 11302 [Edit]
File 135623436951.jpg - (118.49KB , 272x587 , untitled.jpg )
We're going to visit my mom, and I'll be taking her ice skating.
>> No. 11304 [Edit]
I want to take my mom on a date too.
Will you kiss her?
>> No. 11319 [Edit]
File 135626039659.jpg - (121.91KB , 544x1019 , 7809149.jpg )
I plan on baking something for her and having a nice dinner together.
>> No. 11320 [Edit]

oh thtop~

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