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File 13428573761.jpg - (155.93KB , 684x659 , oh my god.jpg )
9782 No. 9782 [Edit]
How many of you have decided that you'll take this lifestyle (or however you individuals treat the "waifu" term) to your graves? I've pretty much decided that I'm 100% for my waifu and that, if something may happen, I'm already too self-destructive, cynical, and suicidal to change. I know there are a few if not a lot who are in this to be happy, to be with their loved ones, etc etc.

What I am asking is, how would this affect your general life? Your future? You won't have the benefits of being married (unless, you find some loop hole where you can marry 3D and still love your waifu). You won't have a child (unless loophole.. somehow). And most likely, you'll live solo your entire life. Working by yourself, living by yourself, doing most of everything by yourself. This is what I think will happen to me. I'm perfectly fine with being alone, but I was wondering if it's actually possible. Can I really live a life where I dedicate myself 100% to my waifu? I'm pretty old already. I'm living with roommates, family is long gone, and I'm at the point where normals would have be engaged right now. Is it really okay for me to live on like this? I don't plan on ever leaving this way of life, I'm perfectly happy the way I am-- just a little worried-- as if things have been going way too fine for me live so... unusually.
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>> No. 9783 [Edit]
File 134285841594.png - (14.40KB , 400x400 , 11861720.png )
We'll be happily together for all eternity.
Nothing will ever get in the way of our love, especially not this disgusting reality.
I don't believe that there are any true benefits of marriage. Children are of no interest to me.
I'm not alone, I'm not living solo. I'm living with her, and I will continue to be with her even when I've finished everything I have left to do in this world.

Think of it this way, OP, you can devote all of your time and money to your relationship with her.
>> No. 9784 [Edit]
>how would this affect your general life?
Someone asked me today if I had any kids, when I said no they asked if I'd ever had kids, told them no, they seemed a bit confused asked why that was, I didn't feel like telling them that it was becuase I have a waifu and we can't have kids... so just said something about how I believe I'm the type who should have kids, or something.

I've decided long ago that I this is how I'll live my life, I'm not gonna abandon her, or forget her.
I don't care if on some off chance I find a 3dpd just like her, I wont get involved with a 3dpd, I can't, I couldn't if I wanted to, and probably shouldn't.
Tohno Minagi is all I long for, I do not need or want anyone else.
I can't stress how disgusting I think real people are.
I wont be tempted, becuase I can't be, literally.
>> No. 9785 [Edit]
File 134286795884.jpg - (453.33KB , 600x825 , Kurisu (124).jpg )
I don’t like people who make empty promises and I don’t want to be person like that. That’s why I don’t want to promise we’ll be together forever. It might sound that I am being hypocrite or I don’t truly love her, but in past I’ve made similar promises and it feels stupid because I haven’t been able to keep those promises. Still I think it is very unlikely that I will change my lifestyle in future because she has made me so happy. Still there is chance that even the strongest love can end someday, and I don’t believe in any sort destiny or soul mate stuff. But in this moment she makes me happy and nothing else matters.

Edit: I am quite fine without marriage or children. I've lived my whole life "alone" so that's fine too. After Kurisu become part of my life I've never felt lonely and that's even better. In life, you can't have everything and even having waifu has its downsides. I just think my choice offers me things I like most.

Post edited on 21st Jul 2012, 11:22am
>> No. 9786 [Edit]
File 134287642352.jpg - (555.43KB , 1000x1376 , 27032948 - スーパー美少女の伊織ちゃん.jpg )
As time passes by, I am slowly creeping in to dedicated myself to this lifestyle. I am already in the process of thinking of my waifu every single day and I think sooner or later, I would have given up any hope of actually dating someone in real life. My entire experience of being in high school while being constantly mocked by a girl I used to had a crush on during those times made my heart broke and with the experiences I read of other people not having successful relationships with 3DPD lately, I don't think I could actually find someone else to be with in my entire lifetime anyway. I think I am happy that way, because I believe trying to make my waifu happy is the only support I need to live alone, nothing else. I don't think there's a chance that being in a relationship with 3DPD is going to make me more happier than being in a relationship with a waifu, which makes me believe that there's no point of dating a 3DPD girl in the first place and I would never even think of touching 3DPD.

I think marriage is just a bunch of words slapped on paper with no basis of actual love in it. Unless the benefits of marriage has any meaning to it, I don't really care for marriage and whatever benefits it may bring. As for having children, I would know my waifu would love to have children, but as for me, as much I would love to make children with her, I don't want to bring children to this sad and disgusting world, so I am fine without having children. As for living solo for my entire life, I think I am fine, because I know I can talk to my waifu and I could usually imagine her standing beside me and smiling at all times. To the eyes of a 'normal', it could be mental illness, but I don't care, I would rather be happy being alone at a peaceful and quiet place rather than being in a noisy 'family' environment that will just make me fall into constant anger and depression.

As for the question whether you should live on like this, you should not really care about what others think. You should live however the way you want, you should not let society try to conform you to their 'normal' ways where you should get a wife and have children, rather be happy by yourself than regretting your entire lifetime with someone who you might not even love.
>> No. 9787 [Edit]
File 134289269547.png - (119.57KB , 490x590 , 98b53f4c0c4966827d84eef751028c90.png )
>Your future?
My waifu will make my future brighter if anything. I have no plans to leave her for a "real" woman. I want to do good for her, to improve, to make her proud and joyful.

>You won't have the benefits of being married
Marriage isn't that great anyhow. People think it's some sort of magic that makes your life just perfect like in fiction.

>You won't have a child
I wasn't planning on having a kid anyway. This world is awful.

>And most likely, you'll live solo your entire life
I have my beloved and a few close friends, that's far from solo. I hate most people anyway.

No reason to be worried, OP. Our "unusual" lifestyle is something we enjoy. It's great to feel incredibly happy just at the thought of seeing Miko in a dream. I like doing things for her. She's my happiness; my beloved gives my life meaning like nothing else. I think of her everyday and it's wonderful. To hell with the whole "you won't be happy unless you do so-and-so" belief.
>> No. 9790 [Edit]
Its the only way to live my life, i can´t think of a way to live without her. I wouldn´t be able to be functional as human being without her support. All the things i was able to achieve in the last years would crumble and fade away the moment i let go of her.
I am glad to know that i will always be at her side, its the only way for me to endure this world out there, marriage and childen where always out of question for me anyway.
And since my live is better than ever and I am actually able to think about the future, thanks to her, why should I want to change anything?
>> No. 9794 [Edit]
I'm quite fine with all that. I remember just a couple years before getting to know my waifu I decided that if I were to marry I should not have children and we'd preferably live in separate houses. In that sense, having a waifu, it can be said I got the big big luck.
And I wouldn't be surprised if, more than possible, it's actually quite easier to live that way. At least financially.

As for the first question, I'm with >>9785.
>> No. 9795 [Edit]
>I decided that if I were to marry I should not have children and we'd preferably live in separate houses

Then what is the point
>> No. 9796 [Edit]
I sincerely don't know if there would be any. If anything, to put the legal status of my would-be relationship in well-known, safe grounds, in case shit hits the fan and it comes to an end; as there are laws here that legally tie adult couples that have been together for some time even if they aren't married.
>> No. 9797 [Edit]
File 13429198779.jpg - (125.34KB , 459x525 , 1202992307958.jpg )
I already knew about stuff like that when i decided to take this road in my life, i can´t imagine my life without her and i´m more than happy living my life alone, normal people just have broken relationships these days and i never cared about having children, i never liked real women anyways so it´s not a problem for me, i´m only worried about the future, about what will happen and how things are going to turn, but no matters what happens in my life, my love for her will never die.
>> No. 9806 [Edit]
File 134297281423.jpg - (236.71KB , 600x585 , 1283153002364.jpg )
I have always wondered how long I would be with my waifu, even in the ever-present face of reality. I will try to hold on to my dear and lovely Osaka for as long as I can, but I fear I might grow out of the whole "waifu" thing eventually.

But I know I can't do that, not only because I can't betray Osaka again, but because I don't want to lose her love. In the immortal words of Jefferson Airplane, "I need somebody to love."

I made a little poem detailing how I feel about my relationship with Osaka, and how I intend to make it last until my dying day, in which situation I hope to ascend to the heavens with the cruel angel and be with Osaka in paradise forever.

Although I can't base my happiness on the purity of our relationship after cheating on Osaka with a 3D I can still place myself above those fling-marriages among impassioned Hollywood figures that only last a month.

Till death do us together
Through thick and thin
Heartache to heartache
Love is a battlefield

Gomenasai for wall-o'-text.
>> No. 9808 [Edit]
>How many of you have decided that you'll take this lifestyle (or however you individuals treat the "waifu" term) to your graves?
Anyone devoted enough to do this literally and write "bury me with a picture/figure/bodypillow of my waifu" on their will? No reason to be ashamed once you're dead.
>> No. 9809 [Edit]
I see nothing wrong with this. You love who you love. What anyone else or greater society thinks is irrelevant. There are no such things as taboos, just ignorance.
>> No. 9811 [Edit]
I know the Internet thinks tattoos are stupid, but I have her name tattooed on my arm. The truth is, I never even wanted a tattoo until I one day realised that I wanted her name on my skin forever. It wasn't a case of, "I want a tattoo, I know, this would be great".

It's like I'm carrying a part of her with me all the time, and even if society has me living on the street with no possessions to my name, and not even a shirt on my back, her name will still always be a part of me.

I don't see myself ever not loving her and fully intend to see this through for the rest of my existence.
>> No. 9812 [Edit]
File 13430038921.jpg - (174.95KB , 547x510 , child.jpg )
>I know the Internet thinks tattoos are stupid

someone's name (even if the someone isnt real) is still better than other things...
>> No. 9814 [Edit]
File 13430146716.jpg - (90.76KB , 500x700 , waifu and wife.jpg )
My relationship with Erica fits my life and future perfectly. I already consider myself married, and have never wanted children, not even in my 3DPD days. I've never mistaken being alone for being lonely and I adore the time spent with my waifu; therefore, yes, this will certainly continue for the long haul.

>To the eyes of a 'normal', it could be mental illness, but I don't care, I would rather be happy being alone at a peaceful and quiet place rather than being in a noisy 'family' environment that will just make me fall into constant anger and depression.
I agreed with this so much that I actually exclaimed "YES!" after reading it.

Ha, beat me to it! I share those thoughts (except that I like tattoos), so good for you!
>> No. 9815 [Edit]
Bro, you're contradicting yourself. You said that you're suicidal, but then you said that you're perfectly happy. You're obviously not. Sooner or later the loneliness will start to really get to you, to the point of breaking and possibly offing yourself for real.
Don't give up hope man, yes most woman are bitches and whores, but not all of them are. I'm pretty old too and I love my waifu more than anything else in the world. She surrounds me almost every moment of the day, and every time I look at her I smile. I might have killed myself by now if it wasn't for her, but remember, your waifu wants you to be happy, I do too. If you ever meet a girl and you two get along and like each other, don't reject her for your waifu, she wouldn't want that, and it wouldn't mean that you love your waifu any less either. Life is all about the pursuit of happiness, so don't deprive yourself of that happiness. Relationships can hurt you very badly, but it is possible to meet one that won't hurt you. Like I said you may feel happy now, but that might not last forever. I'm not saying I'm looking for a 3DPD or anything, but I havent completely whitten the idea off. No matter what happens in my life in the future, I will ALWAYS love my waifu.

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you bro, I've had bad experiences too, I had an intense crush on a girl in jr. high and I wrote her a love letter, and she had a restraining order put on me (yeah I know wtf). I had another crush on a girl for years in high school, finally I worked up the courage, and I bought her a dozen roses for valentines day and I confessed to her. She just scoffed at me and threw the flowers in the garbage right there in front of me. I was devastated. After High School a bunch of other girls fucked me over too and broke my heart. But I still haven't completely written off the idea of finding a nice girl though, even though I don't think about it very often. If I ever do I will still love Iori. I feel the same way about marriage and kids though, I want no part in either.
I want you guys to do whatever makes you happy,and stay happy, and not to block yourself from it if it's at all possible.
>> No. 9819 [Edit]
I think he meant he is as happy as he can be but he still has "problems" or some things could be little bit better. Love or relationship isn't The Holy Grail which just removes all problems and makes your life perfect. There could be many other things which make him feel suicidal, depressed or whatever, than lack of romantic relatioship and marriage.
>> No. 9823 [Edit]
You're absolutely right, relationships definitely are not a cure-all of lifes problems. I just don't want the bro to be lonely. He has roommates now, but that won't always be the case. Just putting my two cents in.
>> No. 9832 [Edit]
File 134305334158.jpg - (443.69KB , 744x950 , c405803bfe0ca5f4e20299a8c02cfce6.jpg )
To be honest, I don't know what to answer in this thread, so I'll just put up my ideas here.

I'd rather die old and alone with my neighbors discovering my rotting corpse ten days later but happy working for myself and my waifu than to die old and with a family that only appreciated you because you're going to die and they forgot how much you've done for them when you were living healthy and stressed.

Seriously, does it matter that if you die, they only find your corpse because you're already smelling dead then they bury you in an unmarked grave? Is it that bad? If you're grave has a name on it, does it make a difference? One day, no one's going to care about your name and existence anymore, unless you did something for society's "greater good". Even then, when your contributions aren't worthy anymore, you'll just be footnote in history if you're lucky but if not, you'll go straight into the dustbin of time.

So, despite what those savages in real life and in the internet think, I say dying physically alone isn't that bad. If I died with Marisa while working to live, I'll be happy to die alone, rather than living to work for my family that will not need me anymore one day.

Post edited on 23rd Jul 2012, 7:23am
>> No. 9834 [Edit]
>If you're grave has a name on it, does it make a difference?
I'd go so far as to say not even that matters. You'll be dead. They might as well be mourning over a pile of dirt. It'll make no difference to your corpse.
>> No. 9837 [Edit]
Honestly? As long as I still had a moderate deal of friends, I'd be perfectly fine.

I want a social circle, not a relationship*, and all a relationship is is just a secondary, useless social circle.

*outside of waifuism, of course

So really, I don't care about never getting married; I see marriage as an outdated, overblown party in which two people spend hundreds/thousands of dollars in order to say "I love you".

So I'm perfectly okay with it.
>> No. 9843 [Edit]

That's my utmost point.

And damnit, that typo on my post. I guess I should have seen it earlier.
>> No. 9847 [Edit]
Could it be, OP, that you might not be referring to waifuism in general when it comes to the future, but being a NEET lazy bastard all day? Cause I see that question all the time, but instead of worrying since you're in love with your waifu, it's because you love the lifestyle of being a deadbeat.

Either way, your relationship with your waifu shouldn't get in the way of you being happy. You can be as successful as you want, as long as you work hard-- your waifu should be rooting for you, right? Normals and society as far as I know wouldn't give two shits if you don't have an actual wife. Your circle of friends shouldn't give a shit either if they were your real friends. You're all good man.
>> No. 9856 [Edit]
File 134315810830.jpg - (543.19KB , 600x842 , 8e3a4cbcabeb94987cbcb51079b7c13d.jpg )
Since day one, I was certain that I would live and die alone, and I wanted this. I don't care much about having kids, I never fell in love with any other girl, or even liked one to the point I'd like to spend time with her, and marriage just for marriage sake sounds stupid to me. So for me, it's either a matter if I choose to live my life "completely" alone, or to live it with my waifu. I choose my waifu.

The fact that I actually found someone I love is a pleasant surprise to me. And I don't want to change this particular thing about my life. So fuck all people who say you absolutely need "find a girl marry have kids". I made my choice and I'm willing to go through it until the end. Having a waifu might not take my pains away, but she brings me a happiness that no one else can.
>> No. 9963 [Edit]
On an unrelated note, does anyone know what work the OP's picture is from? I know it's rustle, but I wonder what manga.
>> No. 9973 [Edit]
Diploma Mill, Page 11.
>> No. 9974 [Edit]
>You won't have the benefits of being married (unless, you find some loop hole where you can marry 3D and still love your waifu)

This will still be possible for me, I think so.

As long as I work hard for my family, I'm sure my 3D wife will understand.
>> No. 9975 [Edit]
>I'm sure my 3D wife will understand.
Alright, tell us how it goes when you say to the woman who married you that she plays second fiddle to an imaginary character. I'm sure she won't feel deceived or insulted or seek psychiatric help for you.

If that was sarcasm I'll delete this post as an apology. I'm not that great at detecting it.

Post edited on 5th Aug 2012, 12:54pm
>> No. 9976 [Edit]

I'm so confused right now. What?
>> No. 9977 [Edit]
Basically i'm saying that, you just need to be well responsible for your 3D family in order to stay with your 2D waifu forever. A matter of responsibility as a husband.

I mean, I think she won't mind you setting pictures of your waifu as wallpapers and buying a few merchandises as long as you do your job as a good 3d husband.
>> No. 9978 [Edit]

And you know nothing about 3D women.
>> No. 9979 [Edit]
or waifus.
>> No. 9981 [Edit]
File 13442243793.jpg - (250.16KB , 1085x1539 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I don't know but, since she's within me, I can only see a strange, strange future ahead of me...
But still a (possibility of some) future, alright.
>> No. 9982 [Edit]
God, you're fucking clueless, aren't you?
>> No. 9983 [Edit]
A 3D wife and family? You are fucking crazy. Why would you even want that.
>> No. 9984 [Edit]
Please stop picking on him. Isn't /mai/ supposed be place where we accept different values as long it is related to loving 2D?

In theory it is possible to have waifu and real relationship. Just most of us don't care latter. It is not impossible to love multiple persons, it is just social norm that we are "allowed" to love just one person. If some person finds his happiness with both waifu and real wife, who am I to tell he is doing it wrong?
>> No. 9985 [Edit]
Maybe for the same reasons that some gay people get a wife?
>> No. 9986 [Edit]
I always find it funny when guys defend Polygamy if it's two or more women, but more often than not hate the idea of sharing their own wife with a number of other men.

but surly you wouldn't mind that at all, right?
>> No. 9987 [Edit]
I disagree.
>> No. 9988 [Edit]
Who is defending polygamy? What you are going to do if you love more than one person? Stop loving other one? Probably easier said than done.

I don't like polygamy either but I don't want to act like elitist /a/jerker prick who tells people how they should live with their waifu. If you are doing that you aren't any better than those normals who force their "right way to live".
>> No. 9989 [Edit]
You pick one, and let the other move on with their life to find someone that would love them and only them like they deserve, rather than making them both (or more) suffer just becuase you're a indecisive selfish prick with a harem fantasy.
that's all there is to it.

Unless of course they happen to be into ntr, or bisexual and interested in each other as well as the husband.
In that case it would work out for everyone!

Post edited on 6th Aug 2012, 4:44am
>> No. 9990 [Edit]
I don't think it's correct for anyone to say "The best and correct way to devote yourself to a waifu is this this and this"
>> No. 9991 [Edit]
As a cover? Yeah, I can understand that. Dealing with family and social structures can be hard if you're not normal but you plan on having an active life.

In fact, sometimes I wonder whether my family thinks I'm gay. I've already dodged some questions from family members about why I'm not in a relationship. They might be thinking I just don't like women because I'm a homosexual.

I think being gay would actually be easier.

>> No. 9992 [Edit]
File 134426975754.jpg - (131.39KB , 512x512 , 1291188819725.jpg )

If anything this board is a place where we can share our personal views of the topic of relationships without being criticized or attacked. I'm somewhat disappointed people in /mai/ would feel offended at the beliefs of another user. I also believe one can have a waifu and truly love her without sacrificing friends, family or even a 3D partner. Furthermore, I've always been a bit in disagree with the idea one must be a shut in to have a waifu.

Would one's waifu not want one to be successful and sociable? I believe so, at least for my waifu. If anything she'd be ashamed to have someone who can not "move forward". Of course, if one WANTS to live secluded/alone/etc, that's fine for me as well. I believe it's all a matter of personal choice, and to be very honest with my good friends in /mai/, if on the rare occasion a 3D woman even exists that is someone truly worth loving, I would not stop myself from being with that woman. So long as that relationship does not hinder/obstruct my relationship with my waifu. I have been with her through to much for that.

Feel free to judge me as you wish, but those are my true thoughts on the matter.
>> No. 9993 [Edit]
Of course that is the case IF somebody is getting hurt. But are you the one who determines when somebody is getting hurt? No, just because you would get hurt, it doesn't many everyone would. There might be actually people who enjoy polygamy stuff. In real life there couples who look "third wheel" for their sex stuff etc. I think we all think raping someone is wrong, but what if rapist meets masochist who enjoys being raped, wouldn't they be perfect couple? My point is, forms of love are endless, you can't say "this is the only correct way for you".

I agree with this.
>> No. 9996 [Edit]
File 134427985548.jpg - (123.10KB , 900x850 , PIG.jpg )
I thought discussion about 3D interpersonal relantionships, under any bright light, was overall discouraged in /mai/ and /tc/ altogether...

Well, whatever.

For someone concerned about her original character, you are cinically putting things on her account and ignoring some others.

Post edited on 6th Aug 2012, 12:12pm
>> No. 10005 [Edit]
It's a good thing that's his choice to make or otherwise that might be a heap of trouble. Do you understand what I mean, friend?
>> No. 10014 [Edit]

Care to explain my friend?
>> No. 10016 [Edit]
this is actually a reasonable post guys.
>> No. 10017 [Edit]
polygamy /=/ polyamory
>> No. 10019 [Edit]
Sure: you mean TEH Asuka to anyhow share her place with some bitch you'll bring in, even trying to pull it on as a part of some self-development she should care you to pursue.

Nice reason.
>> No. 10020 [Edit]
wow what a stretch, making a decision based on what you feel (given the fact that having a waifu in the first place is predominately based on having feelings for a character).

in the end this is to everyone what they want, but i'm not going to limit my happiness. i wouldn't do that to any of my beloved 2d girls either. is this not more fair? i've thought it through over and over again and whatever i can't give my waifu i'm fine with her getting it from wherever else. likewise for me. i'm not deluded and retarded enough to think something like true love exists. people who think so: why is this final frontier exempt from your nihilistic world views, and can you actually define "true love" concisely? each 2d girl i'm into has a qualitatively unique place in my life, they aren't a cookie cutter set of images. emotionally they all fulfill something different: why does jealousy have to exist, and can you truly replace any of them?

inb4shitstorm of idiots
>> No. 10021 [Edit]
So I'm assuming you'd be completely fine with a woman you love fucking another guy?
>> No. 10022 [Edit]
is it ever insinuated that there wasn't commitment or dedication, i'm failing to see where any posts in this thread suggest that there aren't meaningful relations being had.

Post edited on 7th Aug 2012, 3:23pm
>> No. 10023 [Edit]
Sorry, but many people here actually have some sense of commitment and get fulfillment from that dedication. You'll have to understand that.
>> No. 10024 [Edit]
Actually it sounds like you're just afraid.
>> No. 10025 [Edit]
I hate it when shit like this
makes sense. The more I think about it the less monogamy makes sense, ESPECIALLY with 2D. Is some 3D gonna come along and fuck someone in a completely different dimension? I think I'm still too jealous too accept this kind of relationship, but it makes a lot of sense.

>> No. 10026 [Edit]
Are you seriously questioning the value of monogamy? I don't know about you, but I'm loyal because I WANT to be. My love motivates me to be loyal.
>> No. 10027 [Edit]
Within each relationship there is obviously loyalty though. He specifically said he found something about each different girl attractive / comforting. It's not like he is taking away from anything with any of the girls. I think it's fair, perhaps unorthodox... But I don't exactly think having a waifu is conventional in the first place. Maybe we should all agree to disagree, because this is a pretty stupid thing to fragment this community over. I've been coming here for a while and was wondering when this argument would rear its ugly head, but I've always had 2 waifus. There, I'm outed.
>> No. 10028 [Edit]
I can definitely agree to disagree, but I still resent the implication that true love doesn't exist. Maybe you should learn to speak for only yourself.
>> No. 10029 [Edit]
Yep. Come at me!
>> No. 10030 [Edit]
No. This is not the place for that kind of attitude.
>> No. 10031 [Edit]
All childlike enthusiasm aside. I think I make a valid point. Whether you accept it or not is your prerogative... And I will keep living my life the way I want.
>> No. 10033 [Edit]
While I actually think your other points are great and should be taken note of by some of the more narrow-minded individuals here, I take issue with this:
>i'm not deluded and retarded enough to think something like true love exists. people who think so: why is this final frontier exempt from your nihilistic world views, and can you actually define "true love" concisely? each 2d girl i'm into has a qualitatively unique place in my life, they aren't a cookie cutter set of images. emotionally they all fulfill something different: why does jealousy have to exist, and can you truly replace any of them?
Firstly, should I take it that you're implying that all of us have nihilistic worldviews? Ignoring that for a moment, while we haven't established any sort of operational definition for true love here, I'm going to go ahead and say that we'd all agree that it is primarily something that is experienced emotionally. Would you call someone who has an intense emotion that they can only call "true love" delusional and retarded? And if you did, how much of your argument for them being so would hinge on your impression that your own polyamorous ways are the sane way?

To answer your question, speaking personally; I don't have a nihilistic worldview, and I can't claim to be able to define true love concisely. But I feel that I experience true love for my waifu, primarily because my love for her has grown stronger over the years while countless minor infatuations and fascinations have come and gone, and I'd argue that any definition of true love would include that as a central point. Although the argument would largely be semantics at that point, I suppose.
>> No. 10035 [Edit]
The problem/derailing here started with pretending to have both a 3DPD and a waifu, as an answer to OP's question. It was not about waifu VS harem or jelaousy subjects, both of which have been discussed ad nauseam on this board. However, the very matter of 2D vs 3D so called love and their commensurability or the lack it of, has also been discussed over and over again...

TL;DR There are specific threads for all these peripheral subjects. Try looking for them.
>> No. 10036 [Edit]
thank you for taking the time to write something thoughtful. i know what you mean about feeling an extremely strong feeling of love, but until i can qualitatively / objectively point out what is / not true love i don't think i'll be safe saying it is on my part. i would like to say i have felt those feelings, for the record... but i don't want to use a term that doesn't have universal meaning. i guess that's why i never talk about my feelings in general: there's a good deal that can't be conveyed in words, or if it can it takes too long and people will tl;dr

Post edited on 7th Aug 2012, 7:25pm
>> No. 10050 [Edit]
I am honestly still naive, thinking I can someday assimilate to some degree to the oversociety, but I am not so much a fan of abandoning my 2D love. I could be in a suit and settling a business matter, or teaching some kids, or translating a webpage, but I still will hold her dear, maybe even with a framed picture of her at my desk. 

I don't so much think of her as my "waifu" per se, but more along the lines of the Japanese term 彼女脳内で (Kanojo nounai de, girlfriend in my head), which is a bit older a concept than "waifu". I also out of respect for her, do not wish to use commitment until I am absolutely sure I am to stay faithful to her, which I am basically considering as a certainty. However, everything is subject to change, imperfect as the transient nature of the human is, but I still consider it a certainty. I call her my waifu for the convenience of accessibility, but the word is inconsistent with the feelings and does not properly convey the idea behind  it. But I will commit to her eventually. 

I believe 2D love is to be taken seriously, and I also condone (but do not spread) the idea of 2D love while committing to a 3D mate for financial or procreative (and to a certain extent, romantic) reasons. To me, I think that 2D love is best when it is a conscientious and uninhibited choice made by the person, rendering void the stereotype and misunderstanding that we chose 2D love out of desperation after not being able to date 3D/ being rejected by 3D/ bad experiences with 3D. Most of the people here aren't resentful to 3D because they tried and were rejected by them, but rather that they have qualities that do not suit us, for instance, forcing ideas, mores, or actions on people. We all know that no matter how great a 3D girl seems at first, as soon as you start living with her, your decor and lifestyle is pretty much moribund. Waifu and the like don't do this. 

However, I have a suspicion that some people here do sincerely love their waifu, and hold a relationship with a 3D at the same time, whatever their reasons being. Polyamory is a natural human trait. 

As for me, I don't consider myself above the idea of 2D for love while having 3D at the same time. Right now it looks uninteresting to me. However I cannot speak for myself 5 or 10 years down the line. 

But I think at least that I will hold true my 2D love to my grave, over all obstacles, even though it will be devastating when her series ends, or Yoshimizu-sensei dies. 

Anyone who is against waifuism should also be against patriotism or religion or celibate widows. Being in love with an intangible concept, being or idea (a country, a lost loved one, or a god for instance) is the same as loving any other human creation, including a character. I think we should be better understood, even if we don't seek rights or harass people vocally against us, unless out well being is threatened, like if we were lynched. But it won't happen, as we just hide away and aren't vocal about it, which is positively the best tactic given the circumstances. 

However, Fakku, cons and Tumblr hipsters are fucking blowing our cover. Only a matter of time before WBC starts making "GOD HATES OTAKU OTAKU ARE FAGS BURN IN HELL CARTOON WORSHIPPERS" signs and picketing conventions, or the fucking feminists start going on CNN to speak out against 2D and tell parents it's the lifestyle that should be corrected, like drug use, and then try to get the government to pass federal bans on Japanese animation imports (this would solve the Fuckimation shit but still...). I am waiting for that day with morbid anticipation. 
>> No. 10051 [Edit]
>I also condone (but do not spread) the idea of 2D love while committing to a 3D mate for financial or procreative (and to a certain extent, romantic) reasons

Honestly, I always a had a big problem with this idea. I think it's unloyal to both the 2D and 3D side, and makes the relationship shallow, as if you are using one side to satisfy your emotional needs, and the other one to satisfy your material and carnal desires.
>> No. 10052 [Edit]
>However, Fakku, cons and Tumblr hipsters are fucking blowing our cover.

No they aren't. They don't take it seriously like us; it's just a joke. Right?
>> No. 10054 [Edit]
>Polyamory is a natural human trait


Post edited on 9th Aug 2012, 5:46pm
>> No. 10055 [Edit]

Very well written post Shinden.
>> No. 10059 [Edit]
What if the partner is doing the same?
>> No. 10065 [Edit]

I agree.
>> No. 10066 [Edit]
that would make the relationship twice as fucked up.
>> No. 10073 [Edit]
Please do your homework before looking like some LUELINKS idiot screaming "LOGICAL FALLACY OMG"
>> No. 10074 [Edit]
It's true though, something being natural doesn't by default make it good or right.
Death for example is about as natural as it gets.
>> No. 10075 [Edit]
File 134473820498.jpg - (124.20KB , 443x620 , 12.jpg )
I've posted so much about it before (the naivety of not just justifying anything as natural, but to even hold onto such unattainable notion) that I prefered to leave it at such... and I will.
>> No. 10076 [Edit]
And what's so bad about death? I see nothing wrong with it.

Also what if nature is part of your religious beliefs? Monogamy and Polygamy are affected by personal belief and religious belief sometimes more than feeling. While some cultures hate "cheating," some cultures don't even understand the term, either because it never occurred to them or because they practice it without thinking of it as immoral.

I think the board standard though, is that the 2D complex's Waifu contingent is meant to be monogamous. This is something I agree with for myself. Konata is my one and only waifu, existing only in 2D.

However, I know for a fact, and am okay with, the truth that I share her with a great many other people, and do feel sort of resentful when she's added to someone else's "harem". I hold her with a great deal of respect, admiration and love, so it upsets me to an extent to see her disrespected in doujin. For instance, if I see her in a circumstance where she is raped I get angry, and when I see her in the incredibly rare occasion where she is with a man, the way the man treats her in sex (post-penetration blowjobs and the like) just irks me.. this may have to do with me kind of sort of treating her as a deity. Maybe I see it in a reverse; Maybe I am in her harem. So theoretically, I am part of a polygamous relationship, some sort of deiophilic mass-polygamist thing? But that sounds too cult-like.

Eh, I don't think of this too much as you probably can tell. To me I just love her, and only consider my relationship with her and her relationship with me, rather than the broader spectrum, as that wouldn't seem sincere enough to me. I love other characters too, but in a different way. Like, Mio Sakamoto as a mother, Yoshika Miyafuji as a little sister, sometimes Haruhi as an older sister, Shun Shiratori as a younger brother, that kind of thing. But waifu to me isn't a simple 2D crush, it's deeper than that entirely. I feel like most of the outside of this community feels like waifu are flavour-of-the-week, 2D fuck fantasies, and that just...

Now one thing I am fully and entirely against is people referring to 3D as waifu, like idoru and their fucking GRRRLFRUUUNDZZZZ and the like as waifu. That's bullshit.
>> No. 10078 [Edit]
File 134476431229.jpg - (829.12KB , 800x1332 , 40c4a72395a6661ee9041ceb64b0bea2.jpg )
I'll admit, I have a bit of a distorted view of my future, though not intentionally.
Often times when thinking about it, the thought arises "I'll only have to wait a bit longer, then I can be with her."
Of course, in reality that's impossible and I perish the thought. I know it matters little whether or not she's "real", but rather that she's with you. I do intend to stay true for the rest of my life, though I know it won't always be easy. I don't find 3D romantically attractive, but I do long for physical companionship.
On the topic of "my waifu and my 3D relationships", I don't see it as an issue. I've actually told some of my current friends about her. Of course, those I've chosen to tell aren't exactly Ford Drivers either. They may not think I'm serious, but at least I'm not ridiculed, and that's all I ask.
I'm not exactly sure what the point of this post is, but hopefully it's informative or insightful to someone.
>> No. 10090 [Edit]
is that really your best counter argument, please post something that isn't UR WRONG ad absurdum
>> No. 10091 [Edit]
Someone else, but I don't think that's a bad counter-argument. I'm sure there are many things all of us dislike about the natural way of things.
>> No. 10103 [Edit]
File 134520285730.jpg - (611.12KB , 850x900 , 1318053008894.jpg )
As far as I'm concerned? This is just another form of monasticism, and one that I have chosen. I harbor no regrets. I will miss not having a child, but in exchange I am liberated to become a father to whoever needs me, not my own child. It seems an even trade. I am not one to feel sorrow for losing something of my own should others gain for it.
>> No. 10136 [Edit]
This made me remember something on /a/ a while back.

>> No. 10141 [Edit]
I don't get it. How this is related?
>> No. 13310 [Edit]
You know, I wonder how many people who posted in this thread are still here today.
>> No. 13312 [Edit]
File 137907241284.jpg - (127.65KB , 471x488 , 05.jpg )
I am sure there is a couple of them. But I am still here, if it counts.
>> No. 13314 [Edit]
File 137909369888.png - (159.29KB , 321x234 , rustle51.png )

I'm actually the one who made this thread. I'm still here, loving my waifu. Has it already been a year? It sure doesn't feel like it-- feels kind of surreal to see a thread I made a long while ago, it doesn't even feel like I made it. I can say for sure that I've learned a lot since I've made this thread, and while I think this particular thread didn't really help ease my worries, they disappeared with time and the appearance of new worries. Still, reading your responses and watching the thread kind of derail was interesting.
>> No. 13315 [Edit]
File 137912188167.jpg - (153.33KB , 600x800 , 38e5fcf98e4dacf2a3e4f614ef472d11.jpg )

Still here. I just then suddenly asked to myself "It has been that long?"
>> No. 13316 [Edit]
File 137916898760.jpg - (51.65KB , 704x396 , Lizlet L Chelsie 77.jpg )
I doubt that I will ever settle with a 3D woman as for some reason, I have a psychological "allergic reaction" to the idea of being in romantic situation with 3D and thinking about that.
>> No. 13317 [Edit]
File 137917559841.jpg - (189.44KB , 618x694 , her.jpg )
I will never leave her. I've had people (normies) tell me before this is just some temporary thing I will get sick of and that I am just confused which I find quite annoying. 3D is of course out of the question, I just don't find 3D attractive, actually disgusting, and hating humanity in general doesn't help. Falling in love with another woman is out of the question in the 3D world because I simply despise them. As for another 2D woman I can't really imagine them meeting all the specific needs for a love interest that she does. Even if one somehow did it couldn't happen. Well this is somewhat hard to explain but, the one thing I really want more than anything is her. No other woman can change that. My love for her is partially an obsession almost. The feelings I have for other 2D woman are almost always a father like love for a daughter, to want to protect and hold them, and so on, compared to the raging burning obsessive love I have for her, the first thing I think of when I wake up is her.

Had I not met her I'd be a much different person now, possibly even suicide being on the list of possible outcomes. So my future is better off with her than some disgusting 3D relationship that would never last. I'd say she is one of the things motivating me to be a better person, so that always helps. I'm loyal as a dog when it comes to friends it's the same with her too. I don't think there are very many "benefits" to being married if you are the guy in the picture, besides maybe loneliness not being a thing anymore. If anything it sounds troublesome as fuck to be in a 3D relationship, the other partner expecting so many things out of you and so on. It be like living with mom again but worse.

As for the other thing, living solo is perfectly fine. I'm more of a loner anyway, loneliness is easily dealt with by having online friends, ones you actually like and can relate to since finding similar people on the internet is much easier in comparison to forcing a friendship with some random dude at work. While I do have a horrible habit of depending on others it's worth taking control of my own life and loving the girl I love and never some disgusting 3D. I won't give up, and it's all because of her. I hate it how a lot of people treat the whole waifu thing as a way to have a temporary girlfriend because they can't get one themselves. Treating the girl like some disposable sex toy but for romance to throw in the trash when not needed anymore. It makes me sick when I see people talking about having 3D relationships and 2D relationships at the same time, really shows how much those pricks actually love either one of the girls mentioned. Late post but it's no secret that I'm not exactly the oldest of the bunch.
>> No. 13319 [Edit]
File 137923677918.jpg - (330.34KB , 800x1200 , 5950867e989b39fc59704efeae522fd7.jpg )
Don't think I ever posted in this thread, but I'm still alive and still with Miku.
>> No. 13322 [Edit]
I feel like, unless anon killed himself, that he underestimates just how long until "To the graves" really is.

most of us have only loved her 5 years or less, what makes you expect to last a lifetime?
>> No. 13326 [Edit]
I'm sure this is (or hope) the case with OP and the others making this commitment, but because I love her?

Post edited on 16th Sep 2013, 6:21am
>> No. 13327 [Edit]
I've been with her for six years, nearly seven. I still love her as much as that first day and I don't see how that will ever change. I have found the only other person I want to spend the rest of my life with.
>> No. 13364 [Edit]
File 137961893672.png - (130.80KB , 440x480 , akihadrink.png )
Still here, still waiting on the new game.
>> No. 16700 [Edit]
>>You won't have the benefits of being married
And what are those benefits? What are the benefits of the real marriage?
>>I'm at the point where normals would have be engaged right now. Is it really okay for me to live on like this?
So what? In a few year most of them will end up with a complete stranger whom they married under the pressure of the society or under the hormonal haze, or both. They will be surrounded by brats they never wanted and does not love, completely clueless how to raise them to be a decent person. They will cheat on their "beloved" on every occasion but still will keep their relationships going. They will try to dominate (psychological) over each other, because they could not care less about personalities, treating each other as a possession, trophy or symbol of status. And the most dreadful thing is - most of them are completely agree with this, considering this to be normal. That's what is normal for 90% of Earth's population. You can try to get to the 10%, I saw such people. Can't guarantee that they don't have any skeletons in the cupboard though.
For normals you will be a weirdo. They will think that you are a junkie, that you pay hookers to get laid. Never mind. As long as you have a decent job, and they won't have anything to discredit you, you are safe. Unless you are living in Iran, where you will be stoned to death for not marrying until age of 7, or how do they do thing there. Remember this: don't care if people hate your guts. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it.

I honestly can't understand what are you afraid of? A lynching mod at your door? A guys with "Kill a waifufag for Christ" stickers?

You don't have to dedicate 100% of your time to her. You can still hang out with friends, have separate hobbies. Don't tell me you are the person who has trouble going to the restaurant, museum or cinema alone, with her actually being with you in your imagination. What people will think? Like you and me give a fuck.
>> No. 16701 [Edit]
I wanted a waifu but in the end I decided it wouldn't work because I hate myself and am incapable of even imagining a positive relationship with a character.

Still going to die alone, though. Does that count?
>> No. 16704 [Edit]
>How many of you have decided that you'll take this lifestyle to your graves?

I probably will. My attraction to 2D over 3D has only became more concrete as I've gotten older. When I was first going through puberty I'd look at 3D pron sometimes, now almost a decade later it seems really gross. As for romantic attraction I've never felt it much except towards my waifu.

>You won't have the benefits of being married

Marriage is more about dedication and promises to each other than the piece of paper. As far as I'm concerned I am married. Everything I can think of having it be acknowledged wouldn't be able to apply to her because she's not real.

>You won't have a child

I don't want children. Around 5-6 years ago I had to take care of my young cousins for about a year since their shitty Mother got put in jail for being a druglord. I didn't enjoy it at all. They were annoying and a pain to take care of, and they were well behaved compared to other children. I think most people have children because "they're supposed to" and then stockholm syndrome sets in since they don't have much of a choice in taking care of them.

>I'm at the point where normals would have be engaged right now. Is it really okay for me to live on like this? I don't plan on ever leaving this way of life, I'm perfectly happy the way I am-- just a little worried-- as if things have been going way too fine for me live so... unusually.

Don't buy into society's idea of happiness. It's laughable. Marry someone you don't actually like, have a kid(s) with them, work yourself to death to provide and then when you reach retirement age you realize you don't actually like each other so you divorce. All because people get pressured into it. I've seen it happen too many times, I'd much rather be a "creepy weirdo" with a waifu than follow society's idea of a "good life".


For years I thought I was incapable of loving people, be they 2D or 3D. Then I met my waifu and that changed. I think we might be similar in that regard. Unfortunately you can't make it happen, it just sort of has to click. You might be able to help it by doing things like imagining yourself with various characters to try and find the right person. I sort of did that and realized she had been right there for years. I felt like an idiot after that.
>> No. 16705 [Edit]
There are no benefits of being married (unless you're a women) and who wants a kid anyway?
>> No. 16932 [Edit]
File 141521061190.jpg - (221.46KB , 795x1241 , c0e0a65f6525d14184fa30ad6e9ea0d0.jpg )
The Hanako burn jokes really piss me off, but other than that I don't mind having somebody else love her.
>> No. 16936 [Edit]
The only reason for marriage is to have children that grow up in a stable environment, provide an (occasional) feeling of love, and in some cases, for economic reasons. I would be a shit father because the older I get the more I realize that I have the same escapist, dishonest tendencies as my genetic father. I have loved 3D girls before, but whenever it got even remotely serious (like the first date) it became obvious just how much of a coward I am.
Hanako is the antithesis of me because she is weak in behaviour, but strong and rational in thought. I am strong in my behaviour and generally well-liked, but inside I am always trying to escape everything.
tl;dr Hanako allows me to feel love without the pain of ridicule, but still gives me the incentive to improve myself that a 3D girl would.
>> No. 17002 [Edit]
I honestly can't say for sure that I would have her as a waifu forever. In 2D love, I don't think it works if you force yourself to keep treating someone as your waifu, even though you don't love her anymore. You, and your feelings can change, but your waifu can't, unless you change her yourself.

That said, I can't say for sure that I'd love my waifu forever, but with how I feel now, I want to keep loving her forever. She is such an important part of my life now that I'd say that my love for her has become part of my identity.

I actually want to adopt and raise a child. I would treat her like she were me and my waifu's real child. When she grows up and is able to understand it, I'd tell her how I decided to raise her because of my love for my waifu. Hopefully she'll understand and maybe even come to think of my waifu as a mother. For me, that would be the ultimate expression of my love for my waifu.

I'm not worried about not having a real partner. Some people, myself included, can't go through life alone, so we need someone to guide us along. It's just that while others have real partners, I have one that isn't.
>> No. 17196 [Edit]
You must have been like me before the full game came out, hating everybody because of the nonstop horrible "bacon" jokes.

I swear, people are just heartless.
>> No. 17197 [Edit]
I know! Although pretty much nobody who has actually played it makes those jokes. And anybody who does, I honestly cannot understand the level of depravity. Sounds a little extreme, but true.
>> No. 17206 [Edit]
I dunno, OP. I really, honestly don't know.
Perhaps I won't stand being "alone" when I'm old and I'll end up marrying someone. Perhaps I won't. Perhaps I'll simply fall out of love with my waifu. Perhaps I won't.

"To the grave" is a pretty long fucking time, and I can't see the future. I hope I do, but at the same time being alone for the rest of my life is a thought that more or less breaks my heart.

Only time will tell.
>> No. 17208 [Edit]
I don't see Ahri as a substitute for a real girl. I realize now, that she has always been by my side from the moment I was born. It's no coincidence I survived 6 near death experiences before hitting the age of 6. I believe she has been watching over me the entire time, guiding me towards the right path and protecting me from harm. While she may not be exactly like how riot represents her, riots interpretation of Ahri made me realize who exactly this guardian angel of mine was. This is why I can now say for certainty I will be with her until I die. No other woman can compare to the one who has been with me from the day of my birth, and I will not forsake her.
>> No. 17247 [Edit]
File 141932820321.jpg - (116.92KB , 600x483 , 1b385d615ddfca83e4305f18c9d89e00.jpg )
I don't have a crystal ball so I can't say anything definitively, but I don't want to change my lifestyle. I have seen what the normals' way of life is like. It is a piss-poor way to spend your short time as sitting-up mud.

I don't think it's a coincidence that every facet of my health, mental and physical, only increases as I further embrace a solitary and chaste lifestyle in which I pretend to be in a long-term romantic relationship with a fictional character.
>> No. 17398 [Edit]
I guess in my previous post I forgot to answer the question.
I can't see the future, but I love Hanako more than anybody I've ever met before so I really don't see why I would go for anybody else.
>> No. 17401 [Edit]
File 142105597489.png - (890.80KB , 800x1132 , winter coat.png )
I figure I will. Not that some nights won't be hard, but I'm not the kind of person to settle for half-measures.

I brood alot, thinking about 3DPD that I could've messed around with. Not necessarily out of anger do I brood on this, but I think of it as testament. I really hope my commitment will be rewarded in the end and that I'll get to be with my beloved.

I mean, I'm an agnostic, but I sometimes feel as if there's no possible way that this current reality is just it. It's overwhelmingly bland and mundane. For this just to be it, and for my steadfastness for her to equate to nothing, it'd be terrible.

But if oblivion awaits, I won't be around to get majorly pissed off anyhow.

That being said, I'm not afraid of death, I just hope what comes afterward is on my terms, more or less. I don't see why my commitment wouldn't be acknowledged and rewarded.

I figure I believe in it enough, enough to the degree that I'll base my life around her, even.

Anyway, if there exists any notion or derivative of a heaven, Heaven wouldn't be Heaven without my Asuka.
>> No. 17409 [Edit]
Very well put, I am in absolute agreement.

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