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File 142414501060.png - (552.33KB , 720x480 , dvd_snapshot_00_11_39_[2014_03_02_19_59_29].png )
19620 No. 19620 [Edit]
Anyone ever been bullied by a teacher or some one like that, I know I have a couple of times, especially in Elementary school... especially in Kindergarten...

I know I've said a lot before about how my teachers constantly shat on me about my hand writing, but in Elementary school, I can remember that they pretty much outright shat on me for being different. None of the kids did that, but it seems like the teachers would. I would cause trouble and the teachers would basically tell everyone to stay away from me, but what really stuck with me was one assistant in my first year of kindergarten (yes, I repeated Kindergarten) would go all out and lock me in the server room if I dare misbehave. I'd just be pounding on the door to be let out, and I'd be in there for a long while. Even lunch was a hassle, since I had it in the class room with the assistant, her way of getting me to try new things if I recall was to pretty much put my lunch up high so I can't reach it, and say "You have to eat this now", and I still refused. It only contributed more to forming a phobia of schools that I had at the time. Also didn't help that I was pretty schizotypical at the time

I know it sounds stupid, but I've been having horrible flashbacks to these events lately. And the picture is sort of unrelated
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>> No. 19622 [Edit]
I can't even remember high school. I made a kid eat some shit in like grade 2, which people didn't seem to be too pleased about. That's the only event of note I can recall from that period.
>> No. 19624 [Edit]
In high school I had a nickname that made my blood boil, I get most people were just friendly teasing me but I couldnt deal with it. The closest to a teacher bullying me were the kitchen staff and entrance police calling me by that, almost daily for my last days in hs, since I never raise my voice or get visibly mad they didnt care.

In a few days and after a 3 year neet break I'll enter college, I pray for nobody knowing me there, and if they do I seriously hope they stop with that shit.
>> No. 19630 [Edit]
Most of my really bad experiences with adults bullying me were when I was even younger. I already chose to be alone, an island unto myself, by Kindergarten. Since I was as unoffensive as possible generally people left me alone.

Post edited on 17th Feb 2015, 1:13pm
>> No. 19662 [Edit]
I also remember one day in middleschool, I had 2 teachers try to desensitize me out of a phobia I had that people bullied me for, and of course it was against my will

It was really horrible, I can't really describe in full detail, but it was bad enough where I was screaming and begging to get out. In fact, I hated those teachers all through out middleschool, they were huge assholes and seemed to always take advantage of me. Kids would be bullying me, I'd be hiding under my hood, and the teachers would try to force me to not do that and threaten to humiliate me. Thanks to middleschool, I pretty much lost all my pride.
>> No. 19666 [Edit]
I tied a kid to the top of a water tower with a skipping rope at around that time. By the time high school came around and I should have been the bullied one, things were pretty chilled out and I was just left alone.
>> No. 19692 [Edit]
I went to a private school for 3 years. By the 3rd year, the entire school was sick of me, and there wasn't a single teacher who didn't harass me daily or abuse their power to make my life miserable. For instance, they'd "lose" my part of a group project a lot, or they'd make fun of my answer in class, they'd send me down to the office with false disciplinary reports, and they'd even go so far as the mark my grade as 3/4 of what it was. At the end of that year, I got the notice that I was expelled. I still miss it because the campus was really nice to explore after school and at least the kids left me alone, as there's only so much that teachers can do without getting caught, whereas kids can beat someone half to death and not get caught.
>> No. 19703 [Edit]
Is that even legal?
>> No. 19704 [Edit]
Not me personally (save for bad handwritting, I don't count that because I didn't care anyways) but I remember episodes from ages 10-13, when I was in music school. Now, this guy was quite bad looking, and talked kinda funny. The teacher was constantly making fun of his wrong answers, and he wasn't even a bad student, more like average-good. Honestly, there were much worse people in there. And he would cowtow to the rest of us, with his eyes inviting us to make fun of him. We didn't realize it at the time but it must have been awful. Actually, as I'm typing I seem to remember that he cried a few times. Well, I was still his friend outside of class, but, again, considering he was actually not a bad student, looking back that was so unfair. I admit I didn't do anything to stop the teacher but outside of class it made me treat him better, he was also very friendly. Wish I could go back in time and give him a big ol hug.
Smug piece of shit teacher, but he taught us well. Surprisingly so, considering it was a small town.
>> No. 19707 [Edit]
Probably not, but:
1. My family isn't rich and we could never afford to fight their dozens of lawyers
2. No way to prove it
3. If I do tell someone, then something a lot worse than getting a wrongful F is going to happen.
>> No. 19708 [Edit]
Curious, what did you do for everyone to hate you so much?
>> No. 19712 [Edit]
Reminds me of the time when I was in 4th grade art, the teacher was a huge bitch and I remember that she gave some nickname to one girl who made one mistake, and after that moment, everyone called her that nickname.

But that wasn't the worst of it, the teacher would always be yelling and pretty much every time that I try to complete a work of assigned art, she'd dismiss it and say "That object is too small" or "It's too large", which would always piss me off. I know that people should take criticism, but god dammit, this is 4th grade math class, not "Gordan Ramsey teaches college art". It got so bad that I actually shit talked her once and I ended up getting in big trouble for that. She had a long talk with me, and I talked about what she did wrong, and if I could remember what happened afterwards, nothing changed.

Just made me feel powerless, apparently it was alright for her to be a menopausal ball of anger, but the second I speak up, I'm pretty much shot down. It's just painful how this whole experience pretty much turned me off of art, and what makes it even worse was the fact that I had a good year in art back in 3rd grade, with probably the nicest teacher ever, and I actually had one of my pieces shown in a library one night (one of those things where you take some plastic grid and put a thread and needle through it to make a pattern). But sadly, thanks to the efforts of one mean teacher, all that potential gets squashed on. And so after that, I don't think I had an art class in 5th grade, and once I got back into art classes in Middleschool, I was that guy just not following directions and making halfassed clay sculptures and doing other assignments halfassed.
>> No. 19760 [Edit]
I don't know.
>> No. 19794 [Edit]
I don't believe you.
>> No. 19815 [Edit]
Don't worry, I've experienced people mysteriously hating me just for existing before
>> No. 19822 [Edit]
80% of instances in which I talk to another human someone within the immediate vicinity or the individual I'm interacting with coughs. Like, right at me in what I must assume is a deprecating manner. It can be something as mundane as ordering coffee where I use the most generic phrases possible. Regardless of what I say or do I will elicit the most lofty, self righteous throat sounds every produced by the human throat.

I've effectively been conditioned to associate coughing with a desire to bludgeon someone to death. Perhaps I'm just utterly delusional at this point.
>> No. 19825 [Edit]
I thought I was the only one! Everyone I've ever known has come to hate me, teachers included, and I've no idea why. Even people I've met online start hating me for no reason after a while.

It's kind of nice to know that I'm not alone in dealing with this bullshit.
>> No. 19903 [Edit]
Where theres smoke theres fire. People are disliking you for a reason find it out

there was a guy at my old highschool and as much as I tried to ignore it I was either gagging, coughing or covering my nose due to his smell whenever I was by him
take a look at your hygiene
>> No. 19904 [Edit]
>Where theres smoke theres fire. People are disliking you for a reason find it out

Oh yes plenty of reasons, you're either too poor, too rich, too ugly, don't like gossip or backbiting, people will hate you no matter what unless you're the same kind of piece of shit as them.
>> No. 19906 [Edit]
Sometimes it's because of something I have no control over...
>> No. 19909 [Edit]
>Where theres smoke theres fire
What if the smoke is actually dry ice produced by someone wishing to foster the impression that there is indeed a fire? Idiotic, high school level social choice heuristics are hardly a compelling basis for forming one's identity. People hate for many reasons but the most common is to foster or reinforce some form of group identity. Being on the receiving end of this can be shitty, but important to realize just how arbitrary and transient these relations typically are.
>> No. 19910 [Edit]
File 142820603037.png - (357.11KB , 792x540 , 1409093132171.png )
if you're the same piece of shit as them then you'll become friends. People will dislike you if you act as though you've been enlightened by your internet knowledge and look down upon everyone else as inferior. Unless the only people you have ever dealt with were children and teens, they don't care that you have spent more time arguing about 2d waifus than with talking to people the last 7 years until you start being an asshole about it like it makes you special. Social interaction are not rocket science. Act nice get treated nice, act like an asshole get treated like one, act like the whole world is against you then it will be.

every person who I met thats used that line has some control of it. You're letting it have control, take it back.

that could be the case but we're talking about a guy who a browses a site that refers to itself as True Otaku Hikki Neet Organization. Not exactly a person who would gather a social circle's attention in the way your euphuistic description would imply. The only way a guy would garner the attention you so describe is if he was a completely retarded disfigured manchild that would purposely piss off everyone he came by during highschool. Not to mention we're talking about a real highschool with real people and all sorts of personalities, likes, dislikes etc.

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