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File 135638297716.jpg - (1.23MB , 1920x2560 , glass-half-something.jpg )
19557 No. 19557 [Edit]
What do you think?
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>> No. 19558 [Edit]
File 135638338134.gif - (329.68KB , 500x279 , glass.gif )
>> No. 19562 [Edit]
>> No. 19563 [Edit]
>> No. 19564 [Edit]
what a terrible score!
This clearly deserves a 11 out of 10!
>> No. 19568 [Edit]
The best answer I can give is that it's a glass cup with water in it.

I think that Cirno's answer is, like, the best and some junk.
>> No. 19570 [Edit]
I also think that this glass is fuking ugly
>> No. 19571 [Edit]
Oh, come on, you can't just give perfect scores away like that! Clearly, this glass is not flawless! In fact, I believe that nothing should have a perfect score, as nothing is perfect! Even giving it a 9.5 is generous, and the reviewer's bias is clear as day; an 8.5 is the absolute highest it should be getting, and that's being generous. Scores will mean nothing if we keep inflating them!

This is cute.
>> No. 19615 [Edit]
If the glass was filled and then emptied to half way, it is half empty.

If the glass was filled half way then it is half full.

Using circumstantial evidence it's possible to determine the truth. Are there splash marks on the side of the glass? A place where water residue remains due to pouring? unfortunately here there is not enough information to properly answer the question.
>> No. 19617 [Edit]
I can only find that image when I google "half full" so I'm going with that.
>> No. 19620 [Edit]
50% of this container's capacity is squandered.
>> No. 19627 [Edit]
Actually, due to the taper in the glass it is not half anything.
>> No. 19630 [Edit]
Maybe not half anything if you think about volume, but it seems to be half way up the total height of the cup.
>> No. 19634 [Edit]
No, it is actually slight above half-way, ostensibly to compensate for the tapering.
>> No. 19639 [Edit]
Damn, I'm going to have to get up to get more water soon.
>> No. 19646 [Edit]
The amount of height that defines it as above half way is probably far too little an amount to actually count unless we were using of very precise methods. For me, it very well seems to be just the height to be half way up.
>> No. 19647 [Edit]
uh no, becuase of the shape of the glass there's more space left to be filled in the top half of the glass than the bottom, so it would take more water to fill the wider half of the glass, not the other way around.
>> No. 19657 [Edit]
Everytime someone asks me that question in real life, or any question for that matter, I take it as if they're trying to get information out of me to use against me in the future. Someone recently asked me that question and all I said, is "I don't know". Anything else, even trying to avoid the question, gives them the idea that I think this or that, which can be useful information against me.
>> No. 19661 [Edit]
At first sight I would say that it is very close to the happy medium (partially for what I see, partially because I already fear it to be made intentionally ambiguous).

Then, as I attempted to see the problem more closely, the entire picture became way too big (and thus the problem too complicated) for me to grasp and handle acceptably.

So I conclude that it's best to suspend judgment and not to affirm anything, other than there's likely someone out there trying to deceive me with this for his own benefit.

>> No. 19662 [Edit]
I think it's half full of poison!
>> No. 19663 [Edit]
It's obviously a ruse. The "glass" is only made to look like a glass, but it's actually a super light-weight metal found years ago that is stronger than iron yet lighter than glass, while the "liquid" is nothing more than a super flexible weapon that can take the form of various weapons to fit any style of combat that suits the user which also doubles as a storage for various types of ammunition that can work for the the various types of guns that it can morph into; It's transparency is influenced by various chemicals that top scientists from the military have worked for over a decade on デゲソ.
>> No. 19664 [Edit]
As a material scientist, I can testify to the validity of this claim. Only recently there has been attempts to create amorphous metals: metals where the crystalline structure is disordered like glass and hence look clear like glass. While rare, it is not outrageous to think that the government has created this glass as some sort of secret weapon.
>> No. 19677 [Edit]
As an immaterial natural philosopher, I disagree and would readily prove it is a glass of water by drinking from it, if I could.
>> No. 19704 [Edit]
The glass is valuable because it holds water.
>> No. 19799 [Edit]
half full or half empty is still the exact same thing, I don't understand what this is supposed to mean. its 50%, 1/2, half. whatever you call it, half full and half empty are the same thing.
>> No. 19801 [Edit]
It's meant to assess what kind of person you are, an optimist or a pessimist.
But I'm sure I'm just pointing out the obvious and most people in this thread know that already, but they're all too busy trying to make witty and clever replies.
>> No. 21025 [Edit]
Half-full, there are many ways to prove that.
From objective point of view, glasses are not premade with water inside it, so someone had to fill it before observation and happened to pour only so much water in it.
From subjective point of view, if I am thirsty, I will be glad to have at least half of water in the glass rather than nothing. Whether this would be enough for me to quench my thirst or not is another question and it will only be asked when I finish this glass, so it will not be half-full or half-empty anymore. Not to mention that I'm unlikely to finish whole glass full of water at once, kinda too much. Besides, what's the point of having full or empty glass at all? Empty one is useless and full doesn't differ much from half-full until you begin drinking and learn that you want for more - but it will not be full anymore at that moment. The more important question is the glass on the picture HAS water in it.
Finally, if I'm not thirsty, then I don't even care about this glass. Except maybe that full glass will make more mess should it fall from a surface, than half-full.
>> No. 21026 [Edit]
File 136314109212.jpg - (11.75KB , 200x189 , 1344704029356.jpg )
The glass is made of matter.
Matter is hard.
Matter is indestructible.
Matter opposes my will...

Therefore, the glass threatens my freedom.
The glass is insensitive and tyrannical.
The glass is transcendental.
The glass is cruel.
I hate that glass.
>> No. 21027 [Edit]
If I say it's half full am I a pessimist or an optimist?
>> No. 21028 [Edit]
File 136314175781.jpg - (23.65KB , 600x729 , 1356548131887.jpg )
Glasses are not what they seem.
>> No. 21031 [Edit]
I think the glass has some water in it.
>> No. 21036 [Edit]
>> No. 21043 [Edit]
Using that reasoning, I would say it's half empty as I would never fill up such a large glass only half-way. Clearly someone's been drinking from it.
>> No. 21054 [Edit]

Pig disgusting glass.
>> No. 26693 [Edit]
It is half full, half empty, and half full & half empty
>> No. 26707 [Edit]
I think the water in the glass contains deadly fluoride
>> No. 26708 [Edit]
Looking how clear the glass is I guess it's not tap water. I never use glasses anyway.
>> No. 26711 [Edit]
knowing what i know about the volumes of cones and conic sections i can tell you with a high degree of certainty that the glass in OP pic is not entirely half full.
>> No. 26719 [Edit]
Neither verbal description accurately conveys the physical processes that underlie the situation.
>> No. 26725 [Edit]
It's arguable whether the physical processes exist without linguistic cognition of the event, and whether the verbal descriptions are not actually the portrayl of two possible and equally valid dimensions of reality.
>> No. 26726 [Edit]
>It's arguable whether the physical processes exist without linguistic cognition of the event

>the portrayl of two possible and equally valid
Not really.

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