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14287 No. 14287 [Edit]
This is very unfair, but:

Describe your waifu without saying what they look like, what kind of costume she wears or what kind of profession/role she has. That also means without using their name, physical description, job or her series. Also, please keep it anonymous and don't post any images of your waifu nor refer to her by her name or nicknames in this thread. Please keep your descriptions as unique as possible.

Basically, explain your waifu as if doing so to someone who's never seen your waifu's show or your waifu's series/franchise before without making a reference to their name, appearance, profession, race, or rank or even the series that she comes from.

Picture is not of my waifu, but I am indeed curious to guess other anons' waifus on /mai/.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2014, 11:05am
>> No. 14289 [Edit]
Well, first of all she's what people call a prodigy child: a genius, in terms of IQ and such. But she's nothing like those numb and clumsy savants: she's loud, fun, passionate and deadly sharp in judging others' emotions and intentions towards her; she can see just right through you and won't take shit from anybody, also setting insanely high standards for herself. She takes great pride in all this, acting blunt all the time; but the thing is, she went through really hard stuff while being very little and ever since she's kept these facade of being all grown up, not needing anyone and not giving a shit about others; so amidst all that she always seems melancholic and I'm certain that, secretly, she feels very lonely. She's very young but sometimes she reminds me of something that Wittgenstein said near the end of his life: that his tragedy was to always have been admired when what he wanted was to be loved.
>> No. 14290 [Edit]
She's like a mass of sexual and destructive energy, feeds on the humiliation of her victims, desires dominance over others. She's known to be legitimately crazy, not in a playful way, but a scary and unpredictable sense. Goes out of her way to completely destroy her competitions pride and confidence for her own pleasure. She seems to have no shame in her activities or actions, doing amoral things constantly without regret, speaks her mind, and leaves no skeletons in the closet. She has poor sportsmanship, even cheats. For her, an opportunity to insult someone or cause them discomfort is never wasted, nobody is safe from it besides her (once) best friend, who she acts very kind and and professional towards.
>> No. 14301 [Edit]
My love is unassuming at first glance but a really incredible person once you get close. While outsiders probably wouldn't know it as my darling is a bit of a shrinking violet, there are many wonderful traits hiding underneath the shyness: idealism, compassion, patience, a curious stubbornness, extreme loyalty, and utter romanticism... as well as shame, incredible self-loathing, and an inferiority complex to the point where self-worth is zero at the lowest point. Sometimes this preference for inward emoting gets in the way of concrete thought, although with character development this changes a little. Dreams are often haunted by past demons (both caused by others and self-inflicted) and a full night's sleep is rare. Some call my loved one a coward, but I disagree; what needed to be done got done, in the end. Also, there is a later boost in confidence which reveals my dearest's true nature: endlessly gentle and caring and slightly teasing in a loving way. Also, when not bogged down by heavy emotions and thoughts, is revealed to be a very fast learner and very skilled at work. There is also no interest in extravagant things - as long as it nourishes and keeps loved ones close, it's good enough. Some might find all of this too boring, but not me. My beloved is plain and earnest and honest, even if sometimes it's too scary to say things with words, we both know that actions speak louder. That's what I fell in love with in the first place.

...OP, is it kosher to guess other people's waifus, or are we just writing our own paragraphs? (edited to fix a minor but silly typo)

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2014, 6:58pm
>> No. 14302 [Edit]
>...OP, is it kosher to guess other people's waifus, or are we just writing our own paragraphs?
On the one hand, you could guess about them in this thread but on the other hand, that just defeats the purpose of this thread because posts on this thread could lose anonymity. I'd like if anything for the thread to be entirely anonymous.

So basically, just write away!
>> No. 14308 [Edit]
"Lemme see.

She's the type of woman you can't restrain inside a house to be a stereotypical wife. Besides, the very reason why she decided to live by herself in her own house is to have the freedom to explore things she never tried, go to places she never went, face people she never knew and do things she never did. More so, she ain't that much of a feminine woman. She's like a stereotypical bachelor with the habit of collecting crap she finds interesting but doesn't need and it's just clogging up her house, but she finds ways to fix herself, for convenience's sake. And oh, despite her house being so secluded, she has a fair amount of friends. How couldn't she? She visits them often and her friends usually have something in common with her. Her first impressions could annoy the people who don't know her, but I guarantee that she's just a fun-loving woman. She could be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but she never goes too far from that. And oh, she loves power and explosions. That's all"
>> No. 14322 [Edit]
A magnificent beauty she is. A woman that is from a rising sun, who radiates herself from everyone. Her reckless arrogance that lets her do whatever she wants, her selfishness that would make anyone close go away and her stubborn pride that she would fight everyone to the teeth for it. But that is the woman who I fell in love with. The characteristics that I would hate with a passion all packed in the woman I truly love. I cannot help it but she is the only woman that could do it.

She is precious yet fragile diamond. Diamonds are unbreakable but the type of diamond she is is a rare type that can be broken. A strong woman who could do anything, so perfect but the truth is, she can be emotionally broken. She needs someone to comfort her, be her side and support her at all times. Without it, everything she works hard for up until now is gone.

That is why those who are kind to her or understand her are truly the kindest people on Earth. They are ones that can lit the candle and make her shine upon everyone. Once my beloved lady has all her emotional gaps covered, she is an indestructible weapon with no signs of weaknesses. A hard talented worker who would by means can achieve anything she wants because she will and definitely set her mind into what she really wants and make it reality.
>> No. 14325 [Edit]
Alluring and destructive, she is an epitome of a double-edged sword. Honest but deceptive, she is no one's ally but her allegiances are her own. But she will side with those who could assist her, temporarily. With a harsh sense of retributive justice, those who cross her do not live long. Years of countless atrocities that she had to commit have taken a toll on her fragile sanity, as she grows ever more determined to complete her ambitions. Those who get in the way of her ambitions are seen as dangerous threats and must be eliminated. Despite her penchant for committing atrocities, she at least has a sense of personal honor and dignity that keeps her from committing truly heinous and despicable acts. She appreciates honesty and always keeps her word, even though she can and will withhold information. She has a sense of order that keeps her disciplined and determined to attain her objectives at all costs. But within the fa├žade of a noble demeanor coupled with layers upon layers of fanatical insanity and malice, lies a deeply, surprisingly gentle person. Zealous and determined, she intends to see that her obsessive, destructive ambitions, albeit noble-intentioned, reach completion. However, she kindly bides her time, as she seeks redemption even if she herself is forgotten for her supposedly heroic deeds. As her aspirations are misguided at best, her possible true desire is to be loved like no other. As she slowly receives the kindness she receives from others, perhaps she can shed her violent tendencies and become a paragon of virtue, abandoning her ambitions once and for all. She is a deeply-faceted character, with layers upon layers of complex emotions. Some would say she is a demon within a body of an angel, or a demon with the heart of an angel. Despite all this, she still remains an enigma to many as of now, as no one is remotely close to ever knowing the true her.

Post edited on 25th Jan 2014, 7:22am

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