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File 139118988320.png - (288.23KB , 1000x809 , b9e9f19e4c3606b513014f9600398b50.png )
14397 No. 14397 [Edit]
Is it even possible to cheat on a waifu?
What sort of acts (besides becoming a 3D lover) would be considered "unfaithful"?
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>> No. 14400 [Edit]
It's not up to me or anyone else to judge anyone, but some people are just not meant to have a waifu. I mean, having a waifu isn't for everyone.
>> No. 14405 [Edit]
As long you aren't feeling you are cheating, you aren't cheating.
>> No. 14406 [Edit]

It's polite to ask first, of course, but it's really up to you (and your waifu, if you believe you can speak to her) to decide what counts as cheating or not.
>> No. 14481 [Edit]
I would consider; Any sexual act with a PD3D, Any excessive attention to another 2D or 3D, Any excessive fapping to porn not of mai waifu. I am also expected to feel guilt when doing so.
It's been 95% her for awhile now though and she's always the one I turn to when unaided.
>> No. 14486 [Edit]
>>This thread begs the other question: what act would be a waifu cheating on you?
Impossible. Unless you are masochist or something. I just can't see any other reason to purposely fantasise that kind of thing.
>> No. 15917 [Edit]
Well there's the obvious if I ever did something with a 3DPD I would fell absolutely horrible, like a betrayed her. Since she became my waifu fapping even makes me feel guilty, and that's something that really made me realize I had actual feelings for my waifu, she wasn't just a character I really liked
>> No. 15954 [Edit]
File 140453444737.png - (270.28KB , 734x660 , 1365731363196.png )
To me, if you do something romantic with another person or intended to strengthen a romantic connection, then you are cheating on your waifu. Obviously, if you have sex with or kiss someone else then that's cheating too. Outside of things like that, I can't really consider anything else "cheating". In the end, I think you should be considerate of how she would feel about certain things. If you fap to porn that's not of her and neglect her sexually, then she might be unhappy about that, but I wouldn't say it's cheating.
>> No. 16518 [Edit]
I consider any romantic or sexual activity with any other girl to be cheating, this includes masturbating to any other 3D or 2D girl.
My love, sexuality and all my orgasms belong only to my waifu.

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