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File 142657101228.jpg - (428.29KB , 720x1215 , [Impatience] Hentai! - 01 [720p][CC98A7C0]_mkv_sna.jpg )
22484 No. 22484 [Edit]
Anyone seen this? It's one of those small time pseudo anime made in MMD.
Seems like a parody of the typical four cute girls talking about random stuff type of anime and is probably aiming to illustrate what they'd really talk about.
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>> No. 22487 [Edit]
I saw the first and the second episode. Horrible voice acting from the one is OP's post. And why does the yellow one have an open mouth all the time? It's so annoying.
>> No. 22493 [Edit]
Is this the thread where we talk about whose pee we'd drink?
>> No. 22494 [Edit]
She has given out so many blow jobs it got stuck like that.
>> No. 22495 [Edit]
Knock yourself out.
>> No. 22496 [Edit]
Uh, excuse me?
>> No. 22497 [Edit]
He meant that in the sense of "go ahead", I believe.
>> No. 22506 [Edit]
I watched ep 1 of this and thought it was kind of lame, but now I'm downloading the rest of them out of boredom.
Thanks for the anime suggestion OP and also fuck you if I don't end up enjoying eps 2-6
>> No. 22507 [Edit]
File 142666043166.jpg - (74.70KB , 1280x720 , [Impatience] Hentai! - 02 [720p][FDC7286C]_mkv_sna.jpg )
>why does the yellow one have an open mouth all the time?
What stuck out to me more was how the characters always have their arms out.
Another thing is the blue haired one, I dunno how to put it exactly but something about how she's drawn makes her look retarded.
>> No. 22537 [Edit]
I've seen about half of it so far. The voice acting kinda sucks, the animation is horrible, the art is garbage, and the subject matter is a bit cringeworthy.
Still, there's something endearing about it, like it has some sort of charm that's hard to pin point. ...Even if the mc does sound like she has a cold whenever she says anything and the character animations look like they came out of parappa the rapper.

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