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File 134461283940.jpg - (121.00KB , 850x584 , zombie nurse.jpg )
11320 No. 11320 [Edit]
I have impression that most neets/social outcasts are in bad health state so I made this thread because I am curious.

How is your general health TC? Do you think you are healthy? Do you eat properly? Do you exercise? Is your mental health okay? Do you have some sort disease? Are you sick often? Etc.

General health discussion. Do you think you could try to live your life healthier?

Post edited on 10th Aug 2012, 8:35am
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>> No. 11323 [Edit]
My mind's a wreck, but I'd reckon that I'm quite healthy.
>> No. 11324 [Edit]
Despite my ashtma, I think I have good physical health. I have more or less good nutrition and I workout regularly when I'm not going through bouts of depression, and I rarely get sick. I've always liked martial arts and admired feats of physical fitness and stuff like that, so it's something that comes naturally to me.

As for mental health, no. I fried my brains through years of computer overuse so my attention span is ruined, I have problems with anxiety which results in unpleasant panic attacks and I'm depressed, along with some nice little "quirks" of my personality which are considered unhealty by other people, if that counts.
I started going to a therapist an year ago to see if I could solve anything, but so far it has been a huge waste of time and money.
>> No. 11325 [Edit]
I'm increasingly obese and probably have diabetes. Due to my sleep patterns, my diet is horribly unbalanced and I usually eat only dinner and whatever food I can find as a snack when no one else is in the house. I have large rashes on the inside of my arms from poor hygiene. I've neglected brushing my teeth for the better part of the last decade and it's amazing that they're in as good shape as they are. I have poor posture from being hunched over a computer my whole life. I have hemorrhoids because I sit in a hard chair all day every day. I never exercise and when I've tried, I felt like dying after 100 jumping jacks.
>> No. 11326 [Edit]
>Do you think you are healthy?

Probably not

>Do you eat properly?

I don't really eat much at all

>Do you exercise?


>Is your mental health okay?


>Do you have some sort disease?

Asthma. I also cough a lot but I don't know if that's related or something else

>Are you sick often?

The last time I was sick was around 6 months ago
>> No. 11327 [Edit]
I think I'm pretty healthy.
I don't eat any vegetables but I eat one-three meals a day depending on what I do.
I cycle almost daily, 4 days a week minimum.
I aim to do 50 miles within 2 weeks time. Then another 5 weeks after that I'll be aiming for 100.
My mental health goes up and down.
My 'disease'is that I am lovestruck with my waifu.
Sick as in ill or vomiting? Neither have happened for a few months now.
I wish I could eat healthier, but that's about it.

I swear toothpaste is the biggest con. I have bad mouth hygiene which it helps, but when it comes to clean and whit teeth toothpaste does pretty much nothing at all.

(Edited to remove > because the thread will just devolve to no discussion and people filling the 'form' out)

Post edited on 10th Aug 2012, 10:52am
>> No. 11328 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure I'm not healthy. My weight's about average and I rarely get sick, but my teeth are a trainwreck and I'm nowhere near physically active.
>> No. 11329 [Edit]
Mentally I'm fucked with schizophrenia, anxiety, Asperger syndrome, depression and a lot of other stuff. Physically I think I'm sort of healthy (I walk and stuff) but my doctor says I'm anorexic so I imagine in reality I'm in terrible shape.

Post edited on 10th Aug 2012, 11:10am
>> No. 11330 [Edit]
Mentally, I'm depressed and have problems with anxiety. I've only been professionally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, but I don't feel it's a "real" condition. I have some symptoms of schizophrenia, so lately I've been wondering if I could have that. And like everyone here, I'm a bit agoraphobic.

As far as physical health goes, I eat poorly, but I manage my (type one) diabetes mellitus very well. I forget to eat, sleep, and drink fluids, and I've actually been hospitalized for dehydration several times before.
>> No. 11331 [Edit]
I'm not that healthy, but I guess I'm not dying. I've always had digestion issues, but it seems that I can't do anything about them (and I've tried.)

I've found that fasting helps me feel better. I plan on changing my diet permanently, though. Might cut out all red meat, that's probably a good idea. I've also been trying to drink tea instead of coffee (but it's so fucking hard to not drink coffee, you know.)

I'm out of shape. I'm still thin, but I used to be able to run a six-minute mile back in high school, and now I get winded going up the stairs. I plan on getting to the gym soon on a regular basis. I think that will also help me get rid of the shitty mood I'm in most of the time. I'm worthless and shit, but at least I can try to have a strong body and a strong mind.
>> No. 11332 [Edit]
Mentally I suffer from anxiety and depression. Pretty typical for a shut-in.

Physically, I'm pretty weak. When I stand up I get dizzy enough that I fall right back down. I'm often light-headed and my muscles have very little strength. I haven't had things like a cold or flu in a long time. But when I get coughs they usually last long periods of time. Last time I had a cough it lasted about 3 years. I'd exercise, but I don't have the energy for it.

On the subject of mental health, does anyone else ever feel like they're going insane? You know, kind of having your thoughts spinning out of control and you feel like you'll snap any minute now. Or am I just some kind of drama queen?
>> No. 11333 [Edit]
I've been steadily losing weight. I believe about 20 kilos over the past couple of years. Bad sleeping patterns, too many other things on my head and way too much time on the computer. To the point where the image of myself sitting here sickens me.
And hemorrhoids are a pain in the ass.
Riding my bicycle is a form of escapism to me, therefore I do get some exercise. I ride as if I'm trying to kill myself, though. I'm not sure whether this is intentional or not, but it can't be good for my health if I do manage it.

Depressed along with some other symptoms I avoid knowing more about, but I believe I'm in a better state than many people.
>> No. 11357 [Edit]
I believe that's not an uncommon symptom of anxiety/depression. As a hypochondriac, OCD teenager I used to have pretty bad disorganized thinking after waking up, just meaningless run-on word salad, and it scared the crap out of me.
Other than a fucked sleeping schedule, my physical health's mostly fine and my diet's pretty reasonable. No exercise.
As for my mental health: anxiety, OCD with intrusive thoughts, retreatism. I'm a shut-in. Possibly some comorbid depression/dysphoria. And I'll take the risk of sounding like an angsty teenager and say that I'm afraid I'm becoming more evil - more misanthropic, spiteful and unconcerned with others.
>> No. 11359 [Edit]
I don't give a a fuck about my health in detail.

I just couldn't care enough as simple as that.
>> No. 11364 [Edit]
I've gotten really fat in the last couple of months (since I don't work out), but aside from that I'm more or less "healthy" physically.

Mentally, I'm a mess in many ways, but I can act "normal" enough to not be stick out too much. I can't really control my illogical fear of other people. I start sweating and get really nervous around other people (even "family"). I try to watch everybody around me to make sure that they won't do something to sneak up on me or have an advantage of me if they decide to fight me. I experience both high and low points of my emotions when I get depressed, so it's not all that bad. It still isn't enough to motivate me to do anything, though.
>> No. 11368 [Edit]
Besides eating shit food depression/anxiety I'm pretty healthy. Can't even remember the last time I was sick.

Also if you count pacing around a room for hours at times as exercise then I'm good on that.
>> No. 11371 [Edit]
I've always been quite chubby, so I decided to try and lose weight. I'm down to 67kg by limiting my calories to about 1200 a day for the last few months. This is still way too heavy for someone my height (165cm), so I'm staying at it. My belly is completely gone, but my fat thighs are seemingly unchanged. My nutrition is probably horrid and the most exercise I get is walking up the stairs. I tried to do some push ups, but I felt like I was going to die after just eight.

I'm spoilering this next part. It's not for pure eyes.
I only poop about once every five days. I'm beginning to wonder if it's limiting my weight loss somehow. I understand that the norm is once a day, but I've been close to once a week for my whole life. Does anyone else do the same?

As for my mental health, everything feels like effort. I've gone for weeks without showering out of sheer laziness. I've lost all interest in games and anime. Just the thought of getting dressed, turning on my computer, and checking all those websites has me laying in bed for hours, wondering if it's worth it. I only look forward to eating tasty food and falling asleep.

I've not talked to anyone outside my family in nearly a year, but even that is too much. My dad has just started trying to talk to me after many months, so now the phone ringing is like a bomb going off. I wish I could just be left alone.
>> No. 11374 [Edit]
You should try doing some intermitent fasting, it works pretty well and I find it to be easier than limiting calories.
>> No. 11376 [Edit]
You should take medication that makes you have to go to the restroom more often. Get electrolyte solution (like Pedialyte), too, so you won't end up dehydrated.

I think the best thing you can honestly do to stay thin is by eating one small meal every day. Just eat half a cup of rice or a piece or two of bread.
>> No. 11377 [Edit]
I only poop every several days, unless I eat a large amount of certain foods, for example, grapes. My weight is normal.
>> No. 11378 [Edit]
I think I am fairly healthy. My parents feed me home cooked meals, and I tend to stay from fast food and soda more often than not. I do push ups (3 x 25 a day) and do cardio whenever I feel like it (usually every other day). My mental health is a lot better than it used to be; I think it's the best it has ever been. I still have social anxiety and am still dealing with depression, but yeah it's a lot better than it was. I rarely get sick, no diseases. I do have flat feet and damaged hearing though. Oh well.
>> No. 11379 [Edit]
I'm pretty physically healthy, though my mental issues are pretty bad. But something else which is bad is that I'm horribly addicted to benzodiazepines, which have withdrawal symptoms which can lead to seizures or even death. Also SSRIs can lead to SSRI discontinutaion syndrome which makes you feel crazy and panicky and overall really shitty. So if I lose my meds for a long period of time I could get fucked up.

If I could just purge my body and have a brain chemistry reset button I'd be doing alright. Not perfect, but much better.
>> No. 11391 [Edit]
I'm unfit, but not incredibly unhealthy. Physically, that is.

The latest anti-depressants I've been on have helped quite a bit, I think. I'm not sure if I'm still improving or not, though. I'm still unable to shake that feeling of dread (like a lead weight in the bottom of my stomach) and have to constantly think to tell if I'm having fun or not. The anhedonia was the worst part, and I'm still afraid of it. It's definitely left a scar, and I'm not sure if it'll ever go away. The worst of it still hits me early in the mornings. Late at night, my brain actually begins to deny me any pleasure from anything as if it's saying "Go the fuck to sleep." I feel like a bunch of wires are tangled up inside of me.
>> No. 11397 [Edit]
File 13452620644.gif - (221.89KB , 200x200 , yutaka headbob.gif )
> Do you think you are healthy?
It could be better, despite my weight (63kg) and my height (175cm) i'm totally disgusting. Thin arms, fat thighs and abdomen. Imagine me like a tyrannosaur in human form.

>Do you eat properly?
I only eat once per day and when i'm hungry i usually drink tea with a piece of bread.

>Do you exercise?
Running the bus count as exercise?

>Is your mental health okay? Do you have some sort disease? Are you sick often?
Well, the fact that i'm here define my mental condition damn well; i don't have diseases and i only get sick in winter (flu).
>> No. 11399 [Edit]
Not really no, I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack any day now.
pains in my chest and left arm being numb is a a common occurrence.
I've been trying to eat more fruit and stuff, much of it being the canned variety, but I dislike vegetables for the most part, and still eat lots of junk food, although it's not as bad as it used to be, I lived off nothing but junk food before, never drank water, only soda.
It's a miracle I'm not dead from that alone.
I'm really lazy about exercise, I try to do it every now and then, but just kinda... just... whatever, and glue myself to the PC.
mental health is... I dunno, but it was pretty bad at one point, I thought my figs were planing on killing me, and could have sworn I saw one watching me once, only to turn back as I noticed.
Don't have any disease that I know of, and don't get sick very often at all.
>> No. 11404 [Edit]
I'm 97kg and 175cm, which is basically one step from obese, but I do eat vegetables etc regularly. Exercise can go fuck itself, however I'm concerned about my posture. When I start visiting school again next year I hope to remedy this a bit.
I have light to medium headaches everyday which probably is from being at the computer almost every waking hour. At least I hope so, would be horrible if its something physical or chronic.
I never get sick however. I had maybe one cold in the last two years.
Now, in the genetic lottery, I have minor defects, like a lazy eye (I have to "manually" realign my eyes every time I talk to someone or need to focus)and light psoriasis.
>> No. 11408 [Edit]
Most of my health problems stem ultimately from having aspergers.
>> No. 11412 [Edit]
If I ever went to psychologist which I'll probably be forced to do so soon since my ability to live is severely cut off by how messed up my mind is, I'll probably be diagnosed with that and schizophrenia. But what are those really anyways? They seem to be like a blanket term for "You're so fucked up we don't know what's wrong with you." I just hope I'm thrown into some living space alone that I can live in without much effort or interaction with people because I can't do much. I'm at society's and my parents mercy here. Just want to live at home for as long as possible, I'm not comfortable anywhere else.
>> No. 11430 [Edit]
Physical: Haven't been sick for a few years. Diet's not great and I sit in front of the computer 24-7. Worryingly underweight. Might have a complicated congenital disorder, not outright diagnosed but referenced by a doctor before. Sometimes I have weird episodes where in certain positions I experience chest and left arm pain. Occisional pain and trouble supporting weight with my right wrist, I'm a little worried about RSI.
Mental: I actually don't think I have any pathological mental health problems. Granted I've never been to a psychologist and self-diagnosis is notoriously problematic.

I want to start running soon.

Post edited on 20th Aug 2012, 2:24am
>> No. 11448 [Edit]
It wouldn't be too surprising if I suffered a heart attack in my late 30s.
>> No. 11467 [Edit]
So recently I went to masturbate and noticed a painful lump on the shaft of my dick. I'm sure it wasn't there an hour earlier when I used the bathroom. Touching it hurt, but I managed to masturbate anyway. I thought it might go away since it appeared so suddenly. That was two days ago, and it's the same.

This is fucking ridiculous. My life is shit enough without me having to worry about my dick. Now I can't even masturbate (technically I can but it isn't pleasurable and I'm not going to anymore). You know your life is shit when you can't even masturbate anymore. One of the few joys in my life has been taken from me and I don't even know why.
>> No. 11468 [Edit]
Does it look like a boil or a pimple?

If so, then you'll have to wait a while until it gets really big, then just try to pop it and keep it sterilized for a while after that and it'll be back to normal (if it's anything like the one that I had).
>> No. 11470 [Edit]
Yeah it's probably a deep zit. I've gotten one right on the base, on top before
>> No. 11478 [Edit]
>>I only poop about once every five days. I'm beginning to wonder if it's limiting my weight loss somehow. I understand that the norm is once a day, but I've been close to once a week for my whole life. Does anyone else do the same?

Get a "colon cleanser". It literally cleans out all the shit in your colon and can help you lose some weight. IT increases the efficiency of your colon too,
>> No. 11479 [Edit]
how is Asperger's a 'health problem'. I'm autistic BTW.
>> No. 11482 [Edit]
Besides being 10lb underweight I think I am relatively healthy. My whole family is predisposed to be athletic and healthy, so I guess I lucked out health-wise.
>> No. 11547 [Edit]
Aren't those the bullshit pills with polymers that expand to look like a huge organic mass and make you think that all that crap was in your colon?

Post edited on 27th Aug 2012, 7:23pm
>> No. 11564 [Edit]
Not that guy, but you can just take some Magnesium Citrate. Though I'd rather eat foods with a lot of fiber like Amaranth or avocados.
>> No. 11613 [Edit]
I'm apparently underweight yet I have a bit of a fat stomach, it's more puffed out than fat fat though.
I don't exercise at all, I just lie in bed all day. This is supposedly better than sitting in a chair though.
I don't eat very much at all, I drink a lot of soda.
I haven't been sick for a year or two.
I have no mental disorders whatsoever. I believe my mind is in absolutely perfect condition.

I do believe I could be healthier, I just need a bigger room first so I'll be like this for a year or so.
>> No. 11614 [Edit]
For about a week now, I've been feeling a sort of loss of appetite. I pretty sure that it might just be my depression acting a little worse since I'm starting to lose interest in things a little easier and am trying to sleep as much as I can, even if I'm not tired.

Maybe my body wants to lose weight or wants me to die. I want to die.
>> No. 11615 [Edit]
I've started exercising. There's an exercise room in the area my family lives, and I can use it freely. It's especially nice because I can go there when no one else will be around.

I've also started to change my diet. I've been feeling a lot better since I made these changes. I still hate myself, but at least I can pride myself on having a life of serious austerity and self-punishment.
>> No. 11616 [Edit]
The puffiness comes from the soda, no doubt.
>> No. 11617 [Edit]
I do sit ups every morning and bike in the forest every now and then. Exercise really helps with keeping you more positive and being in nature makes me feel more relaxed too. My legs don't hurt as much anymore so that's good. My diet is generally fine, but it could be better.

I'm trying to be more outgoing, but it's kind of hard for me to start conversations with people I don't feel comfortable with yet. Strangely enough I can dance, sing or whatever without feeling at unease. All these years of pretty much spending most of my free time all by myself really took its toll on me.

I still have to keep on improving, I can't rely on my family having to support me indefinitely. I used to despise people somewhat, but not everyone is terrible and it's a pleasant feeling to be around nice people.
>> No. 11618 [Edit]
I believe some aspects of health are subjective, and if you simply feel healthy you will in fact be projecting a healthier life upon yourself. So just eating something non-horrible, showering, activity, etc.. Sometimes I feel healthy as I pretty much am sometimes I don't, my diet is okay, but cheap fried/sweet snacks and fastfood is addicting... I drink and smoke sometimes even though I hardly ever enjoy it, especially cigarettes, but they must be satisfying some kind of stress in my mind at least. I feel that drinking and smoking is terrible for me, most health people would agree, many other would disagree especially when I'm not even consuming that much. The other thing are the food/boredom induced naps which only seem to sap my energy, at least in the short term. Oh and I'm working on posture, whoever said lying in bed is healthier than sitting, I'd love to agree, at least in terms of posture. I have my monitor at the foot of my bed and reclined back on blankets, my back thanks me for this. I can't go to work though, combined with the mental energy a full work day just totally exhausts me, I could never over a 30 hour a week with any hope of significant residual energy carried over, unless I can find an entry level job where I can just sit all day, and no I'll never work at a call center.
>> No. 11662 [Edit]
I wonder if intense aerobic exercise gives me brain damage from oxygen deprivation?
>> No. 11715 [Edit]
>Do you think you are healthy?
Probably not.
>Do you eat properly?
I've been trying recently. I'm about 5 feet, 11 inches. Two and a half weeks ago, I was 230 pounds, and as of today I'm 221.
>Do you exercise?
A little.
>Is your mental health okay?
Dear Haruhi, no. Why else would I be here?
>Do you have some sort disease? Are you sick often?
Waifuism, 38-inch penis, the list could go on!
But really, I have chronic lower back pain (probably from carrying my weight around) if that counts. I get minor illnesses such as colds very frequently, but only about once a year will I ever get anything big.
>> No. 11734 [Edit]
My body might be in even worse shape than my mind. I have moderate asthma, high blood pressure, a physically damaged heart, severe sinus problems, and a weak immune system to boot. Despite barely eating, I'm overweight too- though not obese.
>> No. 11736 [Edit]
Doubt it very much. I suppose that you just pass out from exhaustion long before that.
>> No. 11737 [Edit]
I've felt some acute changes to my mental health in the past few months.

I feel as if I've changed into a bona fide madman. Occasionally, there will be moments where I simply blank out. It's like I'm watching myself, in a sense. I'm aware (it's not complete blackness - my sight is still there, and I'll respond to questions and such), but not aware - I take in information, process it, and that's all. In a sense, it's like I become the information itself. Fuck, that sounds batshit. Eh. And I'm seeing everything differently, as well. Like it's in HD, somehow. Or a completely familiar place will seem to me to be something strange (such as my room).

It's either enlightenment or derealization. Either way, it doesn't matter much to me. I just think it's a mild annoyance in one way or the other. Prevents me from enjoying my moe.
>> No. 11739 [Edit]
Sounds like good old derealization to me. I went through a phase a couple years back where it haunted me constantly for a few months. It was hell, but I somehow ended up back to "normal". At the time I was 100% sure that I was going to go insane, though.
>> No. 11740 [Edit]
Sounds a bit more like depersonalization to me, though the two are very related.
>> No. 11745 [Edit]
True enough. Whenever I had one, I had the other too.
>> No. 11753 [Edit]
i cant hear from my left ear after being with the earbuds so time, need to go to the doctor what a bummer
>> No. 11760 [Edit]
Did everything turnout okay? ;_;
>> No. 11763 [Edit]
I know exactly what your talking about, I become disconnected from my body to an extent very often. I can describe it as being like someone controlling a puppet that I also am myself but physical sensations are numbed and I feel nothing mentally. On my more extreme cases, the world becomes slowed down to me while still moving at normal speed time and everything is blurred and dark, sound is normal though usually. I even feel like I have four arms sometimes in that state. I do not know what that is and I never heard of it before. In that state I also feel static energy flowing through me, like I'm feeling the world around me as vibrating energy.
>> No. 11881 [Edit]
I'm in piss-poor health. At 24, I think I'm somewhere between 5'10 and 5'11 and weigh around 255lbs or so of fat. I do not exercise and am more or less sedentary most of the time. Most of my meals consist of fast food. My drive to do even the things I enjoy is very low, so my average day over the past year and ~4mos has consisted of wasting time on the internet and playing videogames. Fortunately, though, I very rarely get sick and have a surprising amount of strength and flexibility for a fat slob.
>> No. 11882 [Edit]
I've started to stop drinking soda. I now have water and pure fruit juice.

I wonder how this will affect my health after having drunk at least a litre of soda every day.
>> No. 11883 [Edit]
I recently stopped driknking so much soda. Now I just have a a couple cans at most a day on Fridays and Saturdays since all I do besides that on those days is eat and chain drink mug after mug of coffee. During the week I hardly ever drink any soda. I also don't eat much and exercise an hour a day Monday-Thursday and stretch at night. Ever since cutting down on the soda I haven't noticed much of a difference at all (It was already only Diet Pepsi anyways). I don't plan on changing even though I mostly eat for dinner every normal night besides Wednesday where I don't at all is either instant packaged noodles or some other various heat and eat item.
>> No. 11884 [Edit]
Ah, well I've cut it out completely for now. It's only an eventuality that I will have a can at least some time in the future.

I'm expecting some changes because the soda is the only unhealthy thing I consume. My mother cooks a single meal for me every day and that's usually the only thing I eat each day. I'm 174cm and 124lbs right now.

Along with dropping the soda I've started to brush my teeth, they're slightly yellow after years of negligence and I'm wondering if I should go to the dentist. I live in the UK so there is no cost.
>> No. 11885 [Edit]
fruit juice isnt necessarily any better than soda
>> No. 11886 [Edit]
hows that?
>> No. 11887 [Edit]
Still have loads of sugar
>> No. 11908 [Edit]
>Do you think you are healthy?

Most likely, haven't had any major problems in months.

>Do you eat properly? Do you exercise?

I've been eating only 1200 calories for the past year, mostly just stuff my mom made for me and fruits. I've gotten myself down from 280 to 190 pounds, it feels pretty awesome. Only 20 left til I reach my goal. Probably don't count as fat anymore! As for exercise, yes, I do an hour of cardio at least 3-4 times a week.

>Is your mental health okay?

Been having tons of intrusive thoughts, general anxiety, but nothing too bad I suppose.

Overall, I guess I'm not doing that horribly, safe to say i've been at my best recently.

Post edited on 21st Sep 2012, 9:15am
>> No. 11909 [Edit]
>from 280 to 190 pounds
Congratulations, that certainly is an amazing feat.
>> No. 11947 [Edit]
Last time I posted in this thread I said I hadn't been sick in a long time.

Then shortly after my post I got sick.

Now I've been horrible ill for weeks and my weight is dropping for no reason and I feel like I'm dying. If it doesn't kill me, I'm definitely going to end up anorexic at the very least.

Take better care of your health, tc, being weak and ill is the worst. Especially when you're a shut-in too afraid to leave the house and see a doctor.
>> No. 11956 [Edit]
I am sick right now also. I wish I could be anorexic, it didn't feel good sometimes but it made me happy with the only thing left I care about, my body. But I would just be forced to eat by my mother can't mind her own business when I don't want to. I hate my body, I can't look at myself in a mirror. I'm dying to kill myself to be happy.
>> No. 12000 [Edit]
I was like that before I was diagnosed with diabetes. Go see a doctor and get checked out right away or you may die! What if you have a life-threatening condition like I do?
>> No. 12001 [Edit]
But I've been sick for like a month. If it was a life-threatening condition, wouldn't I be dead already or something?

To be honest I just don't want to see a doctor. You'd have to drag my unconscious corpse there. Now, if we had robot doctors that weren't people, that I could do.
>> No. 12003 [Edit]

You really don't want anorexia, it just makes you feel like shit, then you're fainting at random times or losing needed minerals and feeling even worse.
>> No. 12004 [Edit]
Don't forget all the horrible things that can happen to your body when you're low on nutrients and deficient in minerals. You start losing hair, swelling body parts, horrible pain, etc. It's definitely not just about being thin.
>> No. 12033 [Edit]
>being weak and ill is the worst. Especially when you're a shut-in too afraid to leave the house and see a doctor.

This x1000.

My health took a turn for the worst and now it's like I can't even leave the house even if i wanted to. I look back at all those years of hiki when I could have done stuff, but didn't. My health was OK then, I could have done anything I wanted, the only problem was mental, but now I'm physically damaged and just getting worse. How could I have been so stupid for so long? Thing is, maybe I'm still being stupid and just over reacting, or wanting a new excuse not to leave the house. Maybe I'm secretly sabotaging myself somehow. Just wish I could go back in time to when I was younger and in good health and no hiki shame and I was practically normal apart from a bit of anxiety.
>> No. 12036 [Edit]
My health has also took a extreme turn for the worse just the same. I've finally accepted the fact that I actually am dieing. I don't think I even have to kill myself at this rate, the world is doing that for me whether I'm inside or out. Right now I'm just waiting to see what tragedy strikes next in my life. Maybe my house will get destroyed and I'll be homeless. Maybe my parents will die and my pets will just randomly drop dead. Maybe I'll catch some rare fatal disease that no human has ever gotten in over a million years and be in a hospital bed till I painfully die. The possibilities are endless!
>> No. 12038 [Edit]
I don't want to accept the fact that I'm dying because it's like I've never lived. I spent what should have been my best years as a hikikomori. If only I had lived and seen a girl naked in real life, felt the touch of a girls skin and fingered a vagina, then maybe I'd be more willing to embrace death, knowing that I had at least experienced what life has to offer. But I haven't. If I die without even experiencing life then it will just be awful.
>> No. 12039 [Edit]
True, I have never felt any sex at all either and I sometimes get very depressed that I never will. And what if when and if I ever do, it just isn't satisfying at all? My perverted fetishes are extremely out there to put it simply. Just seeing someone naked doesn't always turn me on unless they are the absolute definition of cute in my eyes, most normal people especially around my age as I get older are disgusting to me. The only people I can still find a little bit attractive are some guys but only if they meet my insanely high standards. I feel I missed my chance altogether and I couldn't anyways because when I was younger I was even more autistic and retarded than I am now, I couldn't be with anyone if I tried and I still had the same fetishes my entire life so not much would have made me happy in the first place. I often find myself looking at very strange and specific Japanese fetish porn aimed at people like me. I am getting older but my mind has stayed the same, never maturing and lost in desires of things that can't be had anymore as well as never could have and so I have no attraction to anything or very little in normal standards. I hope that after death I can find some sort of peace because it certainly doesn't exist here. I've given up, I can never win. My sexuality is broken, my brain is broken, my body is broken, and my life is impossible.
>> No. 12041 [Edit]
Holy shit.

About two weeks ago, I began actively trying to lose weight. For a scale of reference, I'm 180cm (5 foot 11).

Started out at 105.2kg (232 pounds), right?
Well, after about a week of simply cutting calories, I weighed myself again.
97.5kg (215).

And I thought that was pretty cool, right? So, then, like 4 days ago, I switch to the Keto diet plan; less than 20 carbs per day, so your body switches to burning fat reserves for energy instead of glucose created by the liver.

Weighed myself last night. My weight?
86kg (190 pounds).

At this rate, I'll reach my target weight of 68kg (150 pounds) very soon.

I'm absolutely ecstatic about this. This is really the first time I've been happy in a long while. If anyone is trying to lose weight, I heavily, heavily (no pun intended) recommend using Keto. It's just about the most effective way to lose weight.

Pardon LE REDDIT, but:
http://www.reddit.com/r/keto is extremely useful, even if you don't want to actively participate in the community.

Here's a more basic list for those of you not interested in LE MEMES ECKS-DEE

But, for real... jesus christ. It's great. If you want to lose weight, do it.
>> No. 12042 [Edit]
Why do you post the shitty, unfunny memes?
>> No. 12044 [Edit]
Assuming this is referring to:
>...those of you not interested in LE MEMES ECKS-DEE

I posted the Reddit link because some of the things people post there are very good, and there's a link there to a "Keto Recipies" section, as well, which can be useful for those of us who are interested in cooking.

(yes I know reddit is generally a clusterfuck of stupidity and normalcy)
>> No. 12045 [Edit]
It's very easy to be thin if you want to be.

Just drink plenty of water and stop eating. If your stomach really hurts, just eat enough bread or rice to make it shut up.
>> No. 12064 [Edit]
I've stopped taking Vyvanse for the past few days. I was amazed at how much it was suppressing my appetite. I'm actually sleeping a little bit better, too. It's a shame I don't really have any bursts of energy, but maybe my brain just needs to readjust itself.
When I found out firsthand how many side effects these really medications have, it just seems completely unnatural for me to have been taking them.
>> No. 12066 [Edit]
You, you're getting upset over nothing.

You, you're too desperate to please. Cut it out, it's disgusting.
>> No. 12080 [Edit]
No I'm not!
>> No. 12163 [Edit]
It's not, if you want to maintain atleast some of your physical strenght. Rice, bread and other carbs are basically just junk food, their nutrition values are basically useless and they won't even stop hunger.

Post edited on 8th Oct 2012, 9:55am
>> No. 12164 [Edit]
I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure carbohydrates are our primary energy source.
>> No. 12165 [Edit]
If your body isn't burning it's own fat reserves, carbs are your main source of energy, but when you have such a huge mass of fat, your body isn't going to touch it if it has enough carbs to keep it going otherwise.
>> No. 12166 [Edit]
Yes, and if one is dieting by eating only carbs, he just loses all his muscles and fat stays untouched.
>> No. 12168 [Edit]
I have just been diagnosed as bipolar.

Feels weird. I don't have the feel good need to do things episodes. Just bounce from feeling bad to feeling REALLY bad.

Hope the new meds help out. The regular SSRI's made things worse for me.

I will be back on speed man. I have the add and they put me back on them. Good thing as I cant concentrate at all, and have been unable to do so for years.

I pray things are going to get better. The police about hauled me away today. Going back to the damn doctor is all that saved me from that.
>> No. 12169 [Edit]
File 134986511884.jpg - (31.59KB , 672x352 , 1344750027567.jpg )
I've got this feeling that's been building up in me recently. I've had clinical depression along with anxiety and paranoia problems for quite awhile, but this is something entirely new to me.

As soon as I start thinking about anything in detail, I'm overwhelmed with feelings of dread and fear. It can be from something as normal as thinking about my future to something as abstract as seeing a piece of meat (like a rib) on a stand in a supermarket and imagining myself being cut open and pulled apart. Even when I don't think, if I'm not concentrating on something, I start to be overwhelmed by these feelings of dread and fear in the pit of my stomach. I only get any peace in my dreams. This is really weird, and I hope it doesn't continue to get worse. My waifu is the only thing keeping me together at this point, she can make the feelings subside for awhile.

I always remember reading posts here and thinking "Holy shit that's weird, I can't imagine ever going through that" and then it happens to me. I wonder just how much further I can fall?
>> No. 12194 [Edit]
Since taking anti-depressants for a few weeks, I just noticed yesterday that it was extraordinarily difficult to cum, despite the fact that I hadn't fapped for a few days. I had to try so hard I was worried that I might get a heart attack. I don't mind being forced to fap less, and it did feel like a bit of an achievement when I was successful, but hopefully it isn't going to be that difficult every time.
>> No. 12195 [Edit]
paxil did that to me.

see about getting on wellbutrion. it won't break your dick.
>> No. 12198 [Edit]
Wellbutrin actually made me cum a lot harder. Too bad it tripled my appetite too.

Post edited on 13th Oct 2012, 2:08pm
>> No. 12216 [Edit]
I think the reason I've been feeling so sleepy and apathetic throughout the day, these past years, is because of my deviated septum, which renders my right nostril almost useless. Recently I've been having episodes of sleep apnea (waking up at night with lack of air) and I think ever since I broke my nose (4 years ago), the situation has just been getting worse due to that. Lack of oxygen would explain my trouble focusing, staying motivated, increasing heartrate, nightmares, even lucid dreaming. I always dismissed it as depression from being shut-in, despite it being a lifestyle I've loved. I thought that regardless of loving it or not, it might have negative effects, but right now I'm increasingly convinced that sleep apnea caused by my deviated septum is really the root of all this stuff.

Now, to wait an eternity until I can schedule surgery for this stupid nose. What angers me the most is that I broke it at the beach when I was practically forced to hang out with family (I was carried away by a wave and hit the sand hard facefirst). I would've never gone to beach that day if it was up to me. Fuck this damn rotten luck.

Post edited on 17th Oct 2012, 1:38pm
>> No. 12246 [Edit]
Recently developed many floaters / spots in my left eye. Did some reading online and learned it will never be back to normal. My one fear is losing my sight, so this is worrying. I hope it doesn't lead to anything more serious.
>> No. 12247 [Edit]
only can hear from my right ear now

Post edited on 20th Oct 2012, 6:58am
>> No. 12250 [Edit]
File 135078585858.jpg - (68.31KB , 1280x720 , yasuna face.jpg )
better than hearing from the wrong one I suppose
>> No. 12251 [Edit]
>> No. 12272 [Edit]
>Do you think you are healthy?
According to my bloodworks I'm in all the perfect areas

>Do you eat properly?
I learned how to cook (may as well given how much I'm at home)
That's not to say I eat all too often though

>Do you exercise?
In my house yes, same reason as above

>Is your mental health okay?
It's been on a decline ever since I left grade school

>Do you have some sort disease?
Not that I know of. Unless you count the Telogen Effluvium I was recently diagnosed with, sure isn't helping me mentally

>Are you sick often? Etc.
Headaches/migraines a lot; as a kid I suffered from cluster headaches but thankfully that disappeared
>> No. 12328 [Edit]
I've had gingivitis for a week now. Really fucking annoying, takes the fun out of eating, and it wouldn't have happened if didn't frequently avoid brushing my teeth due to being too lazy to get out of bed and brush my teeth.
>> No. 12330 [Edit]
Carpaltunnel Syndrom

Self-diagnosed, but really easy to diagnose.

When not stressed i feel pain, otherwise my right hand becomes numb and i lose control of it.
>> No. 12331 [Edit]
I have liver cancer, and it is causing my current isolation. I am often sick in some form or another. When I get motivated, new medicine will make me ill again. You don't realize how precious your health is until it is truly gone. There is an unnerving difference between not wanting to go outside, and actually being unable. I just want to feel like a person again.
>> No. 12355 [Edit]

Oh my Haruhi dude. I'm genuinely sorry about that. Please hang in there <3
>> No. 12356 [Edit]
Hang in there, friend. You'll always have tohno-chan to help pass the time.
>> No. 12357 [Edit]

Good luck, truly.
>> No. 12359 [Edit]
>new medicine will make me ill again

if you have the time, make sure to read up on what the hell they are trying to get you to take.

when half your medications are there to "prevent" the side effects of the other half of the medication you take, the only ones who win are the people who sell all that shit to you.

I've often found that "toughing it out" in most situations is the lesser of the shitty options, and any pain-reliever that isn't value-brand ibuprofen isn't worth paying for, even if you wouldn't be the one paying for it (they simply don't work to a useful degree unless they leave me in a state where I am physically unable to even stand on my own).

Then again, I've never had cancer or any "you will die if you don't take this medicine" sort of stuff so I might be completely full of shit as far as helpful advice for your situation, but definitely take some time to look up what is in all the pills you take and what they are meant to do, as well as researching the "new stuff" that is suggested before agreeing to take it, if you aren't already, that is.
>> No. 12362 [Edit]
Instead of taking NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, you might want to try curcumin extract or even Turmeric. it only inhibits COX-2 so you don't have to worry about ulcers or heart issues.
>> No. 12364 [Edit]
I've been worrying bout my legs lately, they feel kinda stiff and tingly, not necessarily numb.
>> No. 12370 [Edit]
Damn man, stay strong.
>> No. 12381 [Edit]
I've experienced something like that three days ago. I guess that the choice is to either give your legs a rest or give them a little excercise by walking a little, maybe even hop on one foot and try to hop on the other while balancing yourself. Maybe 5-10 hops should help.
>> No. 12389 [Edit]
My left eye has been twitching on and off for the last week, it's annoying!
>> No. 12392 [Edit]
I also experience that. It must mean that we are the chosen and we will be the ones to defeat The Holders. We will fix this twisted world and make it beautiful once more!

I call dibs on being the red or white ranger.
>> No. 12503 [Edit]
My health isn't as great as I want it to be. I'm slowly gaining weight since I haven't been watching what I eat. I want to exercise but I'm too scared of the general public to go to any gym. I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing about this. I've cut down on sodas completely, and I eat what I should be eating, nothing more, most of the time less. Another problem is that I haven't been checked up by a doctor in nearly a decade. I don't think there is anything majorly wrong with my health... just the weight thing that I need to watch.
>> No. 12900 [Edit]
My throat really hurts.
>> No. 13220 [Edit]
I have a red gross rash on my big toe and the surrounding area. I don't think it's athlete's foot since I've been spraying medicine for that on it and it does nothing. I'm worried I may have to go to the doctor since it's been there for a month now
>> No. 13243 [Edit]
no, i mean its a bunch of fluids you drink. Well there are cleansers which you drink
>> No. 13289 [Edit]
Overweight. 6"2 with 250lb on me. Got an excercise bike, making use of it near constantly while watching animu. Lost a pound so far. ;_;

Trying not to eat junk food and drink soda all the damn time, got some kind of home gym in my basement I'll be using soon once I clear the basement of other shit.

Practicing pushups since I can't do a single one yet.

Mentally I'm fucked, probably. No intention in ever speaking with other humans.
>> No. 13290 [Edit]
Start tracking the calories of everything you eat. Don't eat more than 1500 a day or something and the fat will just drop off you. I went from 80kg to 50kg over several months by doing that without any exercise. It'll probably still leave you with a totally fucked nutrition and no muscle, but at least you won't be a fat fuck any more.

And now is a good time to learn metric units (# `₎へ₍´)
>> No. 13291 [Edit]
Then he'll become a miserable little pile of stretchmarks and skinnyfat.
>> No. 13292 [Edit]
File 136216149168.png - (567.47KB , 600x800 , d1a1a911b80669d3835be6f4feec9767.png )
Don't get discouraged, keep working at it! Good luck to you, friend.

Hard work and guts!
>> No. 13295 [Edit]
I'm tardy as fuck when it comes to nutrition already, I previously lived off junkfood. Now, I'm just trying to not eat a little better and that ends with significantly less calories. Already got very little muscle, trying to do some pushups so I can eventually do some ACTUAL pushups.

Ballin, this post made me want to do more.
>> No. 13296 [Edit]
Start cutting back on carbohydrates (including non-fibrous fruit). Eat more meat and cheese if possible, but definitely stop eating breads, crackers, etc.
>> No. 13297 [Edit]
Could you tell me what my cheapest options are? Just read online that hot dogs and shit are higher in carbs 'cuz fillers. I'm mostly retarded, so I don't know any of this shit. I assume I'm going low-carb and high-protein? Is chicken good if it's not breaded? There's just too much shit that I don't know.

I intend to make these permanent changes in my diet.
This probably belongs on /fit/ actually... Sorry about this.
>> No. 13298 [Edit]
Chicken is great as long as it isn't breaded or coated in sugary sauce.

You could literally eat McDonalds every day and lose weight by getting a bacon double cheeseburger without the bun, a side salad (no tomatoes), and water, diet coke, or coffee.
If you drank coffee, though, it'd be recommended to buy some stevia (dunno about the price on this) for sweetening, as splenda has a lot of maltodextrin.

Any seafood, meat (except some brands of hot dogs), cheese, spice, etc. is perfectly fine.
Most vegetables (except peas, carrots and corn) are great.
Fruits are a bit pickier; try to stick to fibrous berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries), and not in mass amounts.
Stay completely away from breads and grains.

Sugar is basically your only enemy here.

The cheapest you could probably get away with is either eat that one meal like I said at McDonalds or something every day, or to buy meat when it's on sale and stockpile it.

Also, rice, and beans, should be eaten rarely but should generally be alright if you don't eat it every day. Treat it like a "cheat".

Post edited on 1st Mar 2013, 6:57pm
>> No. 13303 [Edit]
Not eating carbohydrates seems silly to me.
>> No. 13306 [Edit]
There are mainly 2 problems with low carbo diet as far as I'm concerned:
1) Expenseive if varied
2) You can't go back without gaining weight

The success stories are mainly people who make a lifestyle out of it. The most important aspect of nutrition is varied meals with lots of color on the plate. I don't see how you can accomplish that with a low carbo diet if you're on a budget.

Good luck, anyway.
>> No. 13311 [Edit]
It's still generally good advice to at least reduce the amount of carbs you take in, while trying to lose weight, regardless of if you go full low-carb or not.
Like, either way, eating bread all the time simply isn't healthy and meat is better for you than most people realize.
>> No. 13320 [Edit]
People in the past did not eat much meat. For most of the 20th century, meat was a rare treat. Medieval farmers very rarely ate it, even hunter-gatherers subsisted mostly on forage as hunting large mammals was dangerous.
>> No. 13321 [Edit]
and life expectancy is now twice what it was back then.
>> No. 13322 [Edit]
Correlation rarely implies causation.
>> No. 13323 [Edit]
Yeah I'd like to know in what respect eating bread is generally unhealthy. Remember that the argument can't be specific to scenarios where the subject lacks variation in his/her meals because of eating too much bread, as that point applies to any type of food.
>> No. 13324 [Edit]
no meat no life

>> No. 13364 [Edit]
oh of course it's okay to eat bread
It's just that the recommended amount of carbs per day (300g) is way too high.
>> No. 13414 [Edit]
File 136301371696.jpg - (37.84KB , 500x449 , kim.jpg )
Do you think you are healthy?
No. in any way shape or form.

>Do you eat properly?
No. I have been eating one meal a day for the past 6 months and have had eating disorders in the past, anti-depressants made me less hungry even due to nauseam being a side effect of it.

>Do you exercise?
No. tried in the past,depression got in the way and stopped doing it altogether.

>Is your mental health okay?
professionally diagnosed OCD with severe intrusive thoughts which led me to depressions, also I have some phobias.

>Do you have some sort disease?
Not a physical disease if that's what you were referring to, but my overall health isn't good due to poor eating habits and self-harm.

>Are you sick often?

Reading the thread I'm curious about how many of us are suffering from mental disorders such as GAD,OCD,anxiety disorders of any sort,major depression,schizophrenia and the like, I've been considering on doing a /so/ Mental Health General for some time,we could share our experiences,vent,talk about meds and coping technics or anything that would suit the topic of mental health.

My sincere and best wishes for all of you and thanks for making this chan a thing, it's very difficult to find a place like this and knowing that one can relate to other people struggling with the same problems makes you feel at least a little better.
>> No. 13423 [Edit]
When I was a kid, I used to get really sick of weird diseases and spent a few months in bed each and every year (I was allegedly near to die at least once). Also, I was rather fat. At 13 I became really thin, I started doing sports and my health improved a lot. At my early 20's I did classical dance so I looked very athletic but I was always injured. After quitting, I stopped doing pretty much any sort of physical activity (my feet are done for) and now I'm just skinny fat. Due to kidney problems, I can't stand any alcohol anymore (not a problem, really) and 15 years of smoking have made their work on me. My teeth feel ok, but they look fairly yellow now. I keep growing old...

Do I worry about it? Well, I certainly wouldn't like to die at the gates of the technological singularity; but that might not be the case after all.
>> No. 13426 [Edit]
When I was a kid I was such a fat ass, my mother gave me fast food all the time and was terrible at cooking anything. At one point later I started exercising a bit and walking as well as going my own way in eating which got me a lot of shit from parents because I didn't want to end up as fat and ugly as them. It got too much to fight constantly so at some point I gave in a little and ate a little more but I'm still not exactly fat so I'm ok. I hate myself or at least my body anyways but I'm ok. I also hardly ever get sick anymore.

As for my mental health I'm totally fucked. Can't do much of shit for myself, I get very angry/depressed sometimes, my emotions sometimes get out of control, and other things I can't explain because there's more wrong with me than I can comprehend. All I know is I'm not going anywhere else in life.
>> No. 13431 [Edit]
>I've been considering on doing a /so/ Mental Health General for some time
Sounds like a nice idea.
>> No. 13432 [Edit]
Physically I'm pretty healthy. I bought a barbell and weights and train four days a week in my bedroom. I watch my diet and eat (reasonably) well. I never get sick.

Mental health is a different thing though. Been depressed for a decade and some other personality disorders. Medication doesn't work. Social anxiety too big to talk to a therapist, so eh. Taking it easy.
>> No. 13440 [Edit]
File 13632249367.gif - (1.55MB , 400x250 , 76AUa7dr0s4IjH128wyu.gif )
me 65kg, 178cm 11%bf

Bench: 75kg
Squat: 130kg
ohp: 52kg
DL: 138kg

Mile run, <7m

uberNEET, just save up for a power rack and some weights.
>> No. 13611 [Edit]
I eat pretty well, primarily because I live at home and eat my mother's cooking. I think my overall health is pretty good; I don't get sick very often. I don't get enough exercise, though. It's not that I mind exerting myself, but something about the prospect of doing so in public by going for a walk or a bike ride is just unpleasant. I'll do it if I need to in order to get somewhere, but when it's simply for the sake of exercise it's hard to find the motivation. I wish there was just somewhere I could go to be alone...
>> No. 13618 [Edit]
There is somewhere you can go to be alone - your room. You don't need to leave the house to exercise, just get on the floor and bust out some moves during breaks.
>> No. 13619 [Edit]
I run in place for an hour in my basement with some music, I actually enjoy doing it because it feels good, kills an hour, gives me time to think, and I always listen to the same internet radio station so I like to keep up with that as well as discover new music through it. It's always so rewarding hearing something I like while I'm exercising and going upstairs after to find it online. Later at night I do some stretching and then my usual meditation session which helps my state of mind greatly.
>> No. 13623 [Edit]
Do you think I live in a sound-proofed basement or something? I wish. All the bedrooms in this house are clustered together so there's always someone around, and either the walls are thin or it's just all the tile on the floors because sound carries very clearly.
>> No. 13696 [Edit]
File 136408166730.jpg - (599.10KB , 1616x1080 , 1358640005968.jpg )
I have liver cancer :V
It is generally why I have given up on a lot of things. I eat a lot healthier than I used to, but still not as well as I could. As for exercise, it is difficult. I would like to, but I am often fatigued and anemic. I also have a picc line in my arm, so I cannot put too much stress on it or something will go wrong.
Mentally, I always was depressed, but it wasn't something I considered unusual. After being sick for five years, living a NEET life, I've supplemented positive thinking with escapism. I take some pills now I guess.

Geez, I'm kinda getting depressed thinking about all of it.
I hope everyone else does okay and that we can all survive to a point where things can become enjoyable again.
>> No. 13697 [Edit]
Shit. Did you catch it early at least? Good luck with your treatment/recovery..
>> No. 13700 [Edit]
If background noise is a problem, try earbuds or focus on your training hard enough to ignore it.

If you've managed to sleep in there for years without getting robbed or chopped up, you're probably safe enough to be able to get on the floor even if the place's not empty.
>> No. 13704 [Edit]
It's not about background noise or safety. It's about feeling perpetually uncomfortable whenever I am within anyone's awareness.
>> No. 13709 [Edit]
If you feel perpetually uncomfortable in the presence of people, it happens both when exercising and doing other things, right? If the discomfort is always there regardless of what you're doing, you might as well exercise while you're at it.
>> No. 13711 [Edit]
It's not as bad when I sit there like a sack of potatoes.
>> No. 13717 [Edit]
I was born to NEET. I always had scary low iron levels (apparently it's more common in women but no, I'm a man) which probably explains why I sleep around 14 hours a day easy.

I realize I can probably start take supplements again but I can't be bothered.
>> No. 13723 [Edit]
I'm having real trouble focusing my eyes after being awake for more than around eight hours. I don't know how I'd even search for such a condition. My eyes are perfectly fine for most of the day, but then they just go to shit until I go to bed. The problem persists even if I close one eye.

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