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File 131845850182.jpg - (85.18KB , 600x615 , 1318423002105.jpg )
10888 No. 10888 [Edit]
Otaku/NEET Health General

Anything related to your health is welcome here.

Anyone else get shoulder pains from sitting in front of the computer for a while? Is my posture bad? Or should I invest in a new chair?

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>> No. 10889 [Edit]
I only get shoulder pain from sitting up in bed with my laptop for hours on end. It's never hurt from sitting in a chair.
>> No. 10890 [Edit]
Up until my insurance ran out a couple months ago, I was fucking fantastic.

Now my ass is bleeding, my weight is dropping, and I came down with my first cold since becoming NEET and it fucking sucks.
>> No. 10892 [Edit]
I hear sitting all day causes heart disease, and even exercise doesn't counter act it, you gotta stand all day if you want to be healthy. Though I lie down all day not sure if that is good or bad...

[citiation needed]

also I hurt my toe.
>> No. 10893 [Edit]
What kind of sleeping pills you guys use? I need something, don't recommend homeopathic shit though. I used to take this Tylenol PM stuff.
>> No. 10894 [Edit]
>> No. 10895 [Edit]
I've found 2 Tylenol PM caps to work fine for me. There are tons of products on the market with 25 mg of diphenhydramine HCI, though, so just get whatever's cheapest. Otherwise there's stuff like melatonin, tryptophan, doxylamine succinct, etc. that are also used as sleep aids.
>> No. 10897 [Edit]
masturbating always puts me to sleep very effectively
>> No. 10898 [Edit]
This morning I rolled over and I hurt my neck, then I spent the morning thinking I was going to die.
>> No. 10900 [Edit]
I've been more or less standing all day in front of my computer. Time goes a lot slower.
>> No. 10904 [Edit]
I have a lump in my breast, probably cancer
>> No. 10908 [Edit]
File 131857666585.png - (70.63KB , 380x442 , 035703851a28f7cab33e5aab9e4944c6ec09b183.png )
My eye is killing me today, happens now and then.
usealy the left.
I think it's light related, wonder if it's becuase of the bright light above my desk to my left.. hmmm...
Seems to be okay if I cover it, typing while trying to keep it closed can be annoying.
Think I might buy an eye patch.
Tryed making one a long time ago, but it didin't work to well.
might have something to do with my mom bitching at me about leaving my room's main light on after dark, I'd ignore it but it's too hot to leave my door closed, which is my way to vent warm air from this room, and the light coming from my room keeps her up at night.

She's recently been buying me a ton of protein shakes, loaded full of proteins and junk.
Not bad stuff, but she's been bugging me a lot, asking me if they're making me feel better, or if I feel different.
Kind of makes me want to stop taking them...
>> No. 10909 [Edit]
protein shakes are for bulking up if you're a bodybuilder or something, unless you're a vegetarian I don't think you need protein supplements
>> No. 10911 [Edit]
A multivitamin would probably be a good idea though.
>> No. 10917 [Edit]
Have you tried something like probiotics, peppermint oil, or fiber supplements with both soluble and insoluble fiber?
>> No. 10918 [Edit]
I have asthma, and I do my inhaler like 5x more than I am supposed to.
>> No. 10919 [Edit]
Why? I remember when I had some more intense asthma attacks and had to use that thing, damn it was boring, noisy and uncomfortable.
>> No. 10920 [Edit]

Because my breathing gets worse and I feel like I'm suffocating if I don't.
>> No. 10923 [Edit]
Oh, so you do it more because in your judgement you need it.
I first thought you actually enjoyed using that crap.
>> No. 10935 [Edit]
File 131879244579.jpg - (61.62KB , 800x600 , 1317257510642.jpg )
After passing compacted stools for a while your butt will eventually stretch to accommodate. I've been dealing with consistent constipation, as in not pooping for periods sometimes extending to nearly two weeks, for close to two years now and have long since reached the point where shitting is no longer physically painful. If things are ever looking bleak be sure to lube up with vaseline and squat, you'll be fine.

Bowel regularity, as with other body consistencies are ceded when one chooses to adopt the sedentary lifestyle of a NEET.
>> No. 10946 [Edit]
I know I should get a new chair for my desktop, but that isn't out of health issues per se. I keep breaking the wooden chairs due to me sitting and changing posture and shit fucking them up.
>> No. 11713 [Edit]
Hemorrhoids keep making my asshole hurt. Going through experiencing this pain, I can't fathom why anyone would want to stick anything up there voluntarily.
>> No. 11815 [Edit]
Lately when I've been waking up and am still in the half-awake stage, I shake. Not like a "brr im cold" shake, but a slow kind of shake like I'm in an earthquake or something. I also have a problem where if I do something like bend my ring finger down, it causes my hand to shake. I'm starting to wonder if I have some neurological disorder or something
>> No. 11816 [Edit]
When I move my legs, even slightly, it feels like something is ripping inside. I bet I'm going to die soon from vein thrombosis.
>> No. 11817 [Edit]
The suggestions by >>10894 and >>10897 are basically the best and safest alternatives, as melatonin is merely a sleep hormone, and masturbation climax results in a natural release of chemicals and hormones in the brain that induces sleepiness. Each alternative can be used in about any pharmacologic case without notable hazards. Trying out either should be mandatory before jumping onto the big guns. "Trying out masturbation" may sound weird, but in the context of inducing sleep it's obviously more about calming your body rather than fulfilling sexual appetite.

>I can't fathom why anyone would want to stick anything up there voluntarily.
I know, right? Ironically, anal is a fetish of mine (in doujinshi, mind you).
>> No. 11818 [Edit]
>> No. 11828 [Edit]
I've been waking up with an weird bloody-metal-like taste in my mouth. Seems it comes about as a lack of iron...
>> No. 11831 [Edit]
I have this weird twitch/spasm in my left thumb lately. Webmd's symptom checker says it's Lou Gehrig Disease. ;_;
>> No. 11842 [Edit]
I made a comprehensive list of all of my "bodily issues" the other day in notepad after seeing this thread. Had to fix it up a bit, elaborate a lot more and such. I think that this would be a nice list of generalizations in terms of health problems when it comes to NEETs. That sentence doesn't look right at all. Whatever...Here it is:

My eyesight is going. I know it is. I've been seeing a color invert of the scene I'm looking at whenever I close my eyes. Sometimes I'll have double vision...

Everytime I'm at the computer and move to my bed, I end up feeling an ache in some way. Mostly my tailbone. That's been really hurting since last week. Then I've got the issue of finding a comfortable position to lay in while playing the vidya or watching TV when I'm at bed. Usually just end up piling my pillows and resting my head on them. This almost always results in a neck pain, but I never learn...

I've been getting major headrushes whenever I stand up. And whenever I leave my room, I'm attacked by a mild headache that comes out of nowhere. I think these two are connected...

My teeth really hurt sometimes. Other times, they're okay. I brush every few days - It's not regularly, but it's enough, I'd say.

Definitely have poor blood circulation. I've no idea where this comes from. It's quite unpleasant. This makes my extremities fall asleep if I put pressure on them for even five minutes. This affects how comfortable I can get in bed...

I also feel a lot slower lately. Duller. I tried to put "comfortability" up above, before I realized it wasn't a word. Same goes for "unfunctions" (replaced with "issues") in the opening sentence. I don't want to be stupid. ;_;

Sleeping is such an issue. Somedays, I sleep perfectly, others, it takes me the entire night to get to sleep. The worst part of all being the pickiness - Last night, I fell asleep around like, 11:30, and it was perfect. The night before it took me until 1:30. It doesn't really matter for someone like me, but I just really hate not being able to sleep when I want to, or when I feel tired. Shiki was right, it really is like torture.

Sometimes I get chest pains. I think it's my disease-ridden lungs, though. Or maybe heartburn?

On the bright side, my nose has a tendency to get horribly congested at night, preventing me from sleeping. This hasn't been happening as much, lately. But I've had a nagging cough for a couple of days. The "deep lung" kind. Oh, well, nothing a few cough drops won't fix.
>> No. 11845 [Edit]
You know when you vomit and you get that burning sensation? That is heart burn, but it doesn't make it out our throat. So if it doesn't feel like that you've got another problem. Also heart burn is defeated by drinking water.

>I know it is. I've been seeing a color invert of the scene I'm looking at whenever I close my eyes

you;ve got a case of screen burn.
>> No. 11850 [Edit]
My neck and shoulders hurt, but only when Im sitting on this chair. I dont know what about the chair is making it hurt.
>> No. 11851 [Edit]
I try to sit up as much as I can but I hunch over... I think that's why I have back pain.
>> No. 11855 [Edit]
Same thing for me. Maybe we just need to work out our backs more...
>> No. 11871 [Edit]
File 132377968786.jpg - (15.46KB , 210x240 , loli robot maid.jpg )
^an update on this post. my chest isnt swollen anymore so I guess im OK.

now I'm having problems with my teeth, even though I always brush twice a day and chew gum after eating. guess I'd better make an appointment...
>> No. 11916 [Edit]
Is St. Johns's Wort really good for depression? I'm taking 2 pills a day and I'm not feeling any happier (bottle says to take 3 a day but my parents won't let me because "it's too much")
>> No. 11917 [Edit]
there's no way you can overdose on it, but i used to take it and it didnt make a inch of a difference to anything
>> No. 11924 [Edit]
St. John's Wort is a form of complementary therapy; it won't suffice as a treatment alone. Other complementary therapies of recognition can be consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids or inositol, consumption of SAMe, and exercise. Either of the given therapies' preventive properties will be dependant on the individual case.

Have you had your condition professionally diagnosed to any extent? Otherwise you're throwing dice upon swallowing a pill. More so than ideal. Say if you suffer from dysthymia (1 of the 3 major categories of depression), given medication won't do you much of any good. In the case you don't want to or can't go to a psychiatrist, practical preventive methods may serve you well, e.g. active presence, metacognitive method, socratic questioning, etc. For best effect, any manner of cognitive therapy will obviously be most effective under supervision of a professional psychotherapist. As a guideline, your goal would be to alter dysfunctional attitudes by investigating personal schema. If successive you'll be better able to uncover the depressive feelings in your habitual thinking, and theme your depression so to better avoid it altogether. Easier said than done. Bibliotherapy is also an alternative, if you find appealing material. Other, supervised psychosocial treatments will be dependant on the local wellfare services available. Online therapy is also an option.
>> No. 11925 [Edit]
I've told my parents that I should probably see a doctor but they don't seem to believe me. They would be the ones to drive me there and it's their insurance, so it can't be helped
>> No. 11927 [Edit]
Yep, kind of what I expected. It's sad to see prejudice in parents trumph their child's health.

When it comes to generic cases of depression, I personally believe cognitive therapy to be most effective all-around. Dysfunctional attitudes can really be a killer, even for those hardly suffering from any specific mental illness. As mentioned: dysfunctional attitudes are based on schema. A schema is sort of a set of parqadigms specific to the individual. E.g. a schema of low self-worth can result in an attitude that makes the individual deny itself to fail on anything, to an extent where he/she will refuse him- or herself a challenge. Another schema can result in an attitude where the individual fears bad emotions/thoughts to an extent where anything associated with given emotions/thoughts gets equally scary to the individual. The list goes on. There are ways to counter dysfunctional attitudes, as already mentioned. The metacognitive method focuses on enabling the individual to view any bad train of thought or feeling from a distance, rather than residing in them, thus letting the trains pass. Socratic questioning can be used to highlight the irrational properties of prominent, dysfunctional attitudes, so to reveal the advocated attitudes as untruthful and unnecessary. If you try some things out, and find anything you do to be unsuccessive, that could solidify your suspicion of suffering from a mental illness. , and such is not to be undermined.
>> No. 11969 [Edit]
I run everyday.
And I eat healthy.

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