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File 136505761974.png - (812.24KB , 1280x720 , shot-2013-04-03-23h17m42s220.png )
14714 No. 14714 [Edit]
I'd been hoping to see train heroes, but no subs so far so the first show of the season I caught was Crime Blade No Edge. It seemed pretty OK and a bit mysterious and I don't to spoil it for anyone, but I really can't stop wondering what her pussy hair looks like. Anyway, discussion of that topic and Sring 2013 anime season in general, GO GO GO
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>> No. 14717 [Edit]
Wouldn't it be better to keep it in >>13594?
>> No. 14723 [Edit]
i watched part of the 1st ep of karneval, but it was retarded so i dropped it
>> No. 14731 [Edit]
File 136518087498.png - (944.82KB , 1280x720 , needs more lens flare.png )
utw published the first ep of photokano yesterday. its a humorless high school harem show and the girls in it are more annoying than cute. fan service galore, though.

Post edited on 5th Apr 2013, 9:55am
>> No. 14799 [Edit]
File 136533011971.jpg - (75.69KB , 1280x720 , az.jpg )
azazel is still funny
>> No. 14920 [Edit]
File 13657022992.png - (0.97MB , 1280x720 , mushibugyo.png )
I think Dead Milkmen did the OP
>> No. 14924 [Edit]
File 136574842015.png - (511.12KB , 1280x720 , best show of the season so far.png )
i've been collecting these hoping to watch it as a batch in june, but i guess i ran out of patience.
>> No. 14981 [Edit]
File 136601427626.png - (1.22MB , 1280x720 , shot-2013-04-15-01h18m49s224.png )
it delivers at least a few good laughs every ep
>> No. 15294 [Edit]
>now 100% dramashit

I've been burned so many times before by animes that looked like they might be fun then turned into endless relationshit drama that I'd thought I'd developed an increasingly keen sense and quick trigger, but this one caught me a bit off guard.
Thankfully I finally figured out what was going on and only had to watch the first half of ep5.
>> No. 15297 [Edit]
Please do not abuse spoilers.
>> No. 15359 [Edit]
File 136786688913.png - (79.65KB , 640x360 , realplayer-2013-05-06-11h50m54s196.png )
The first ep of the Lucky☆Star spinoff show got subs a few days ago. Its only in 360p, but I'm not sure that the Lucky☆Star art ever merited more than 240p anyway (not complaining, its just a simple style - maybe it has some wabi-sabi appeal?). I'd kind of thought people would be more excited about this, but I guess nobody cares. Maybe the strength of kyoani hate has something to do with that?
Anyway, Miyakawa-ke☆Kuufuku had a couple good moments in it's first ep and hopefully it will continue to deliver.
>> No. 15361 [Edit]

I see they're still using that androgynous VA for all the background characters though.

Oh! Oh! and Akira was in it! Does this mean Konata may make an appearance?!
>> No. 15366 [Edit]
File 136792896674.jpg - (96.40KB , 610x856 , genshikennidaime-image.jpg )
Yoshitake looks so hot here.
>> No. 15367 [Edit]

I can't wait.
>> No. 15368 [Edit]
File 136794411938.jpg - (78.05KB , 1280x720 , [Vivid] Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san - 05 [8D4E961A].jpg )
This is was a really funny joke actually.
>> No. 15441 [Edit]
File 136817172171.jpg - (79.31KB , 712x480 , pic2.jpg )
genshiken really bothers me.
look at what the club looked like at the beginning: 4 dudes and a ford driver with a 2DPD
look at the club now: half a dozen cute girls (all of whom love cosplay) and a couple of zany outgoing males whos purpose seems to getting rejected and belittled by the epic otaku grrrrrlz.
classic bait and switch. it was a good show in the first season (otaku doing otaku things) and now its 100% ford driver tier shit.
>> No. 15455 [Edit]
Having girls in the club doesn't make it automatically "Ford driver club". Half of the Japanese otaku are female. Seems you have misunderstood what being an otaku means.
>> No. 15476 [Edit]
No, its pretty plain what happened with Genshiken.
The author was having trouble thinking up new otaku material to write about, but he didn't want his cash cow to die so he decided to introduce a bunch of romance drama to keep the series going. Genshiken was one of my all time favorites, both the manga and the anime, but I dropped it a long time ago, well before the 2nd season of the anime ended.
>> No. 15491 [Edit]
In my opinion Nidaime is way better than the first generation.
>> No. 15552 [Edit]
i don't think its out yet
>> No. 15559 [Edit]

Nidaime started in 2010.
>> No. 15586 [Edit]
File 136858580077.jpg - (112.34KB , 1440x810 , aku-no-hana-6-33.jpg )
i think we're all pretty well aware that the manga and the anime are two entirely different beasts
>> No. 15593 [Edit]

Then don't say ''i don't think its out yet''.
>> No. 16073 [Edit]
File 137128786716.jpg - (331.44KB , 1497x1800 , 4150c649c87318f160e85d66f3766490.jpg )
Dat reaction...
>> No. 16140 [Edit]
File 137180475090.png - (693.84KB , 1280x720 , macbook-2013-06-21-01h37m31s203.png )
…and thus tennis boy walks out of our lives forever…

cutest character of the season, he will be missed but never forgotten

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