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File 132759928576.jpg - (337.74KB , 1800x1200 , apollon.jpg )
8306 No. 8306 [Edit]

>'60s setting
>Shinichiro Watanabe
>Yoko Kanno


Aww yeah. I don't even care if the story turns out to be utter shit (which I highly doubt), this show's going to be a blast to watch.
>> No. 8307 [Edit]
I liked Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo back when I was first getting into anime (the days where I only watched what was on TV), but I only care about cute girls these days. I'm sure it's soundtrack will be worth checking out though
>> No. 8314 [Edit]
Good thing I'm the opposite of the guy above me and only liked cute girls when I was getting into anime.

3, 2, 1, lets jam.
>> No. 8315 [Edit]
I don't really care either way. I'd still be just as stoked if it were about cute girls doing jazz.
>> No. 8320 [Edit]
That dude reeks of bro.
I will have to check it out for that purpose.

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