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File 133839345955.jpg - (158.33KB , 800x600 , FBzCF.jpg )
9250 No. 9250 [Edit]
Recently, I was at a loss as to how to celebrate Konata's birthday. 

There was no sugar or cake mix, no azuki to make sekihan, and nothing I could make to mark the occasion. All that was in the house was processed meat because we were required to be patriotic that day. So I made some mochi rice and considered how I was going to show my love for Konata. 

A couple of glasses of pilfered offertory sake later and I decided to decorate my kamidana with all of my Konata stuff (since this photo I have made some changes to the kamidana, like a black top for the torii). So I may have enshrined her there?

Anyways, what is your take on treating your waifu as a deity or a spirit? Is it retracting from having a relationship with them, or does it strengthen the bond beyond mortal love?
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>> No. 9251 [Edit]
I often catch myself treating her more like a supernatural goddess than a lover. I am pretty religious, or..well i was in the past and i catch onto those kind of thoughts pretty quick. I am fine with it, if she is a goddess or mai waifu, i can´t really reach her either way.
But i know that she dislikes being threated like that, well most of all she dislikes the that i, would i really consider her as some kind of deity, would also admit that she really is unreachable for me.
So, i still treat her sometimes like she is, but i never take the step to actually define her as deity.
Also, i like your kamidana, i actually considered to get one myself.
>> No. 9252 [Edit]
I thought about it before, but with reference to the Roman lar familiaris rather than Shinto. The ritual aspect is broadly interesting. However, like >>9251 mentioned, it seems kind of an imposing on her to make her some kind of tutelary spirit rather than what she is--just a girl in the world.

Beautiful kamidana!
>> No. 9255 [Edit]
This might seem really corny, especially to the non-religious types on the board (not that I'm one to begin with), but I always viewed waifus as angels. They hold true to the stereotypical notion of angels. Except, rather than lead us to heaven, they lead us to the 2-D world. Whenever I thinking really deeply on it, I start theorizing that people made up angels as waifus for religious folk. If you think about it, the Bible and other religious texts, have a lot of elements you'd find in our Chinese animes (or pop-fantasy as a whole, but that's irrelevant).

I don't like treating her that way, though - Like an angel. An entity, I feel like it destroys the notion of equality. The only issue is, one simply can't help it. I feel like waifuism is something way deeper than "the biggest long distance relationship of all time". It's something metaphysical, extremely personal, sort of like religion. It's almost completely different, because there's a difference between worship and romantic, "passionate" love.
>> No. 9256 [Edit]
Waifuism is very spiritual. I mean, after all, you're not only believing in someone who doesn't exist in our world as other people do, but you're loving them. By meditating about our waifuism, we make them more real and we better ourselves.
>> No. 9327 [Edit]
File 133934103814.jpg - (249.78KB , 500x809 , one.jpg )
As deities? I don't know. At least I wouldn't do so. First off, it's hard to treat your waifu as a partner if you revere her as a god. In most cases, depending on how the person view it, worship of deities is usually a one way thing (you love the deity but not them back) and it's a love that is not romantic but instead subordinate. I guess it all really depends on the person. Now I'm a big religionphile, and love to study up on different religions, and their rituals, and for some reason worship of a waifu in that sense seems similar to the worship of idols in Hinduism. Just thought that was an interesting point. Again though, it wouldn't work for me both because I feel it would detract from the relationship as well as it being a very big sin in my religion (Roman Catholicism). We're strictly prohibited from worshiping idols.
>> No. 9328 [Edit]
>It's something metaphysical, extremely personal, sort of like religion.

For me, I think my experience functions in a very similar way that religion would. Namely, feeling an unconditional, untarnishable love and the notion of an afterlife. For a variety of reasons, I can't shake the idea that I'll be joining her after I die, and it's funny how when I share this here I can recognize the idea as ridiculous, but in my day-to-day life it seems perfectly true.

As far as thinking of or treating her like a deity, I don't, but I imagine there are many here that do that haven't spoke up, what with how many times I've seen people describe their waifus as "pure" in the past.
>> No. 9355 [Edit]
File 133973638186.jpg - (522.93KB , 981x1395 , Angel Peach 1.jpg )
I suppose she's like a goddess to me in that she's fills my heart with pure love whenever I see her or think of her, but I recognize that she is human, and I think I appreciate her more for that than if I could if I thought of her as an actual deity.

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