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File 138921063131.png - (360.14KB , 620x300 , 39862f57792cae2d2b21e63690af315c.png )
10427 No. 10427 [Edit]
Hello. I'm looking for somebody to play Android: Netrunner with. It's actually a LCG (card game) and not a video game but since I plan to play it online (through OCTGN) I think it counts as /vg/ material.

Android: Netrunner is a 2012 re-edition of a much older card game simply called Netrunner (designed by Richard Garfield which some of you probably recognize as Magic: The Gathering's designer). It's a set in a GitS-y sci-fi setting where people can jack-in to computers through mind-uploading. One player plays as a hacker (Runner) and the other party plays as Corporation (who tries to stop the hacker). For more info check out the rulebook (you can find it at FFG's homepage, see next post).

I'm looking for somebody who is as new as I (I haven't played a single game) and who would like to start out by simply playing with decks included in the Core Set. We'd add more cards after we'd feel we explored the possibilities of the Core Set (cards are released in monthly Data Packs, 15 cards each). I don't feel like jumping right into the game as is and I would like to start from the scratch.

It'd be cool to gather a small group of players but I'd be more than happy if even a single person would join me.
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>> No. 10428 [Edit]
File 138921070144.jpg - (199.41KB , 1920x1080 , 9d555037f92eaf2d69cf6063ef180629.jpg )
A step by step guide to play:

• Learning the Game

- Rulebook and FAQ:
- Official FFG tutorial:
- Alternative, fan-made tutorial, rather long and in-depth:

• Setting up for OCTGN (Windows only!)

- Download OCTGN:
- Install, run, and register an account on OCTGN. Then log in.

- If you'd like to see the images on cards (they are cut out to avoid copyright infringement) you can download the complete image pack here:
- To install it...
1. Open OCTGN and log in.
2. Click "Games Manager" then "Add Game Feed".
3. Type in a name and type "" into "Feed URL/Path"
4. Click the directory you just installed on the left and find Android-Netrunner in it. Click and install it.
5. Click "Add Image Packs".
6. Add "ANR_CompletePack111613.o8c".

- How to play on OCTGN:
- OCTGN shortcuts:

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