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File 143276614498.jpg - (67.36KB , 468x318 , 1217968929946.jpg )
20168 No. 20168 [Edit]
Is anyone here growing bored with the internet? I am, and I don't think it is because I'm depressed, because I still find joy and interest in other things.

I'm going to move somewhere in a month, and I'm thinking about not getting internet there. Of course, I still need the internet to pay bills, check up on my accounts, and follow this place and a few other sites on occasion, but I can just use the wi-fi at the local university for that. Maybe if it gets too bad, I will have to invest in some internet service, but that won't make me like it any more than I already do.

I just see the internet as a waste of time. And I'm not even on it a whole lot. My computer, sure, but I usually do stuff on my computer, like write non-fiction and poetry. The internet is a wonderful thing to obtain free porn and such, but that stuff isn't good for you. There is also music from bandcamp, neat pictures, as well as the occasional interesting discussion and the ability to share your works with the world, but that is really about it.

I don't know. Something started happening around 2009, I guess. I started becoming more alienated around others as people online became far more caustic in order to be "cool". And these were usually on sites where people had an identity. What made it worse, though, was how the whole SJW thing took off in 2011 and now everyone is a pathetic cuckhold who gets offended by everything (well, outside of the 8chan people and to a lesser extent the 420chan people, but both groups kind of suck). Out of everyone I know online, I can think of maybe five or so people who I at least consider interesting. It used to be that I could find a lot more people like that, but maybe that was because I was much younger, the internet was not dominated by social media, and people were more free to be their true selves rather than hiding under an anonymous entity.

The whole groupthink thing about the current trends of the internet fascinate me, but at the same time they depress me as well. I hate the people on /baph/ just as much as I hate SJWs; I see them as a bunch of try-too-hards. I just can't relate to anyone now, because everyone is so polarized and even here, the standards of what and how you should be are so rigid. Don't get me wrong, I love this place, but we're like some backwater ghost-town in comparison to the rest of the internet.

Just...I don't know. I'm 31 now, and I feel like I've been alienated from others for too long that I just don't care about anyone online, with maybe one or two exceptions. I stopped believing that you can have genuine friendships with people online a long fucking time ago, and they are hard enough to obtain in real life as is. You never know who or how the person you are talking to online actually is, and yet the internet just defines and molds so many things in real life these days.

I've had enough. The internet is a valuable tool to share things with, but that is about it. I just wonder if I really can live without it.
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>> No. 20169 [Edit]
File 143276731959.png - (260.79KB , 500x573 , tumblr_li7rwydSlE1qbzzgco1_500.png )
But what are you going to replace it with? I can't possibly imagine giving up the internet, I've already quit 4chan and don't go to many other similar places anymore.
The only thing that could reduce my usage would be if I had money with which to do other things, or supplant those things the internet provides for free.
But that doesn't come out of nowhere and I have no intention of applying for any jobs.

Seriously, all recovery plans need to fill in the void with something realistic. Never expect to enjoy something you aren't already doing.
>> No. 20170 [Edit]
File 143276843389.jpg - (341.04KB , 1000x1000 , 1628724.jpg )

Good point. I guess that I'm more frustrated with the people online and the current trends rather than the internet itself. I suppose that I should just limit myself to how I use the internet, rather than completely cutting it out of my life. It is sort of an infantile thing to do.

But I do notice something, and it is that the more successful people in real life don't really go on the internet very much, or least, they don't base their success on the internet. I mean, sure, you've got some bloggers and youtube faggots, but the vast majority of those people are going to be forgotten in a decade or less. I don't need the internet to define who and what I am; rather, I simply need it as a medium. And while it is wonderful for that, there are just too many fucking distractions. By distractions, I mean elements that try to shape how and what you think and feel, as well as several annoying people that are trying to get you to support their cause, and will demonize you if you do not.

Such things can be avoided. But nonetheless, they are what is common now, and this makes me sad and depressed. Even fucking video games has a lot of leftist political agendas behind them, now. And even if it was the other way around, it would be just as bad. Everyone is trying to be something else and stand up for a belief system that very likely would never work in real life, and I'm getting sick of it.
>> No. 20174 [Edit]
I'm not as disenchanted as you, specially about this place. I guess I just have a thick skin. Or maybe it's that I'm 9 years younger than you and haven't been in the world long enough to experience your fatigue, so pardon my inexperience.

You were talking about polarization, take the example of Shit Tumblr Says (I just found this the other day), and of 'course, that which it's polarizing from. A page on Facebook, mind you. Get a load of that shit.

But then again, maybe I'm the problem. So here's another trope for you. Enlightened person observing humanity from the sidelines has an introspective moment. Sorry, this stuff makes me cynical against everyone involved, including myself.

Despite being cynical about SJWs, the counter-current and basically every single person, I'm actually pretty cool with it most of the time. Just chalk it off to humanity running its course.

This wasn't a good post, I'm not even sure it reflects my actual thoughts, but I tried. Carry on.
>> No. 20177 [Edit]
>Is anyone here growing bored with the internet?
For some time now. I don't browse chans anywhere near as much as I used to and I when I do, I can't shake off the feeling I'm too old to be using them (despite just turning 20). Sites like wizchan and magicchan seem like a joke taken too far and I always feel like I'm browsing a board with angsty teenagers. I also occasionally check up on sites I formerly spent so much time on, but that rarely turns out to be a good idea. Nowadays, I mostly limit internet usage for looking for more media and brushing up on my math.
End rant.
>> No. 20180 [Edit]
Give it a go. Worst case you'll end up appreciating the internet more.
>> No. 20285 [Edit]
File 143559766310.png - (4.72KB , 512x448 , 5511031.png )
OP here.

Well, I moved five days ago, and I don't have internet at my place.

So far, I'm a lot less jaded right now. I think that it is because the public wi-fi that I use blocks a lot of the garbage sites like 420chan that I used to go to. The younger generation just acts so different, and to not be around them so much anymore makes me feel like there is less dissonance in my life.

I only spend about an hour online now. It is nice. I probably spend more time writing poems now. All you need is a constructive hobby. I recommend that everyone tries to limit their internet usage at least for a while.
>> No. 20286 [Edit]

Thanks for giving us an update.
While it's sound advice I doubt I'll ever actually adhere to it, I'm borderline addicted myself.
>> No. 20446 [Edit]
File 143949006850.jpg - (2.10MB , 3624x2996 , image.jpg )
>something started happening around 2009
Smartphone use grew and social network use grew. Tablet sales passed sales of proper computers.

I think the signal-to-noise ratio is getting worse and will continue to do so indefinitely.

I couldn't quit the internet, but I feel like the internet is quitting me. That people I can have meaningful conversations with are getting rarer and rarer, even on *chans.
>> No. 20450 [Edit]
>Tablet sales passed sales of proper computers.

And of normal laptops, I learned this last year shopping for a new one. Nobody wants them anymore. It's all about iPads, social media machines, CHROMEBOOKS™. The laptops that -do- look standard end up having fucking touch-screens and all other kinds of nonsense. If all you're looking for is the standard "screen with a keyboard at the bottom" it's amazingly difficult.
>> No. 20453 [Edit]
I wouldnt even bother anymore with laptops, they stick in so much hardware these days it overheats before it can boot up.
>> No. 20455 [Edit]
File 143958243399.jpg - (1.29MB , 1200x862 , 4688102.jpg )
OP here.

I have noticed that tablets and all of that other nonsense has become more prominent than usual computers, which is a shame because is a hell of a lot more that you can do on the standard computer. I guess that it just goes to show that people just use technology to be a part of the hive these days.

My dead mother had a tablet. When I went to check out a place to live, the potential landlord was a woman in her 70s who had a smartphone and wrote like someone who was about my age or younger. Even my father has a smartphone, which is strange because he is very paranoid.

Everyone wants to be hooked in these days, or at least doesn't care to be. I only know of two people who don't have a smartphone: my former roommate who was about to leave me homeless, and a woman twenty years older than me.

When you have a smartphone, you've just lost the game. Hell, even if you have a dumbphone, things are still against you, but having a dumbphone really is a necessary evil.

I know full well about laptops becoming like tablets. I'm writing on one right now, that I got just a year ago. For basic stuff, it does the job, but for anything else, it is a piece of shit. I still use my older laptop sometimes because unlike this one, that one actually has decent processing power. It seems that some things about computer technology are becoming very advanced, whereas other things are going completely down the drain. This isn't new, either.

People just want to talk to people online that they already know in real life these days. It used to be that people sought out interesting folk from hundreds or thousands of miles away, and appreciated the diversity of various personalities. Now people don't give a shit, and want everyone to be the same.
>> No. 20456 [Edit]
Youre mostly right about this however i view this differently.

I dont think that smartphones and tablets are bad, actually theyre pretty neat devices, or atleast would be if the operating systems and services werent such shit, then again this isnt a problem only there as say windows is crap too nowdays and linux is a clusterfuck mostly.

As for people who only use computers for social media bullshit: fuck em!
Idiots like those dont deserve computers, but hell they get what they deserve soon enough.
These kinds of people always just wanted to be identical, its nothing new whats going, just in electronic form.
>> No. 20469 [Edit]
I don't "need" the internet, and that means that when I do use it, it's because I want to use it.

Try writing on the Internet, or making art or programs or whatever. The net's more fun when you try to get involved with it in some way. Make friends.

And spend the time you're not on it in better ways, too. If you're sitting in front of the computer and you have nothing to do, well... it's probably more true that you just have nothing you want to do online. So take that as a cue to get up and continue living life.
>> No. 20487 [Edit]
>Make friends.
Thanks for unintentionally articulating the tripfag perspective in a single post.
>> No. 20489 [Edit]
>The net's more fun when you try to get involved with it in some way. Make friends
teach me o great one
>> No. 20492 [Edit]
He does that in every post. He can't help being a shitter like that. You probably won't see him for another year so it's not too bad.
>> No. 20493 [Edit]

>Everyone wants to be hooked in these days, or at least doesn't care to be.

I think it's honestly simply a 'everybody does it [so it must be 'good']' mentality. People really don't put much more thought into it besides that. I think a good chunk of people participating in those 'rituals' (it's honestly become something like that) don't really enjoy it. It's more of a daily routine.

>I only know of two people who don't have a smartphone

If you wanna count me in that makes three!

>People just want to talk to people online that they already know in real life these days.

Or, to put it another way, internet is just an extension of daily life for 'normal' people. Back in the day internet was a whole new, uncharted world which we treated as something completely separate from the real world.
Well, for all it's worth I still do that.
>> No. 20498 [Edit]
Same. Internet addiction ruined my life.
>> No. 20504 [Edit]
I miss how the internet was back in the last decade. The internet these days seems more a copy of daytime television or at least it's heading in that direction.

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