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File 13075755012.jpg - (297.12KB , 1792x1344 , desk.jpg )
8074 No. 8074 [Edit]
We've seen battlestations, but what about desks?
Is yours neat? What you do on it?

Post edited on 8th Jun 2011, 4:26pm
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>> No. 8075 [Edit]
all i have on it is a computer and dirty paper towels
>> No. 8076 [Edit]
File 130757762399.jpg - (1.15MB , 1600x1200 , DSCF1126.jpg )
My desk is basically the left half of my battlestation. I just unplug the laptop and set it off to the side when I need the deskspace.

The paper is taped to the desk and serves as a mousepad cause my mouse for some reason will spazz out all the time, not sure why but the paper fixes it. Should probably get a lazer mouse cause the opticals can be funky like that sometimes.

Also that is the messiest desk I have ever seOHHaruhi IS THAT A HUGE BUTTERFLY TAPED TO 2 BLOCKS OF WOOD?
>> No. 8077 [Edit]
The only thing it has on it is my old computer.
>> No. 8079 [Edit]
File 13075788693.jpg - (382.26KB , 960x1280 , battlestation.jpg )
You mean you don't have a piece of plywood resting on top of two ammo cans?

Maybe I should skip a couple figs and buy a desk. But where would I put it?
>> No. 8086 [Edit]
the following is on my desk:

two dusty, dirty monitors
keyboard with who knows what lurking beneath it
various pens and pencils
spindle of blank dvds
box of tissues

i also have some shelves that are covered in dusty computer parts and cables
>> No. 8090 [Edit]
File 130758775741.jpg - (190.56KB , 1280x960 , DSC00338.jpg )
I'm not poor, just a minimalist
>> No. 8097 [Edit]
File 130760835419.jpg - (237.96KB , 1036x777 , My Studio 2 small.jpg )
I just use my laptop in whatever room I feel like, but I have a music studio, if you count that. This picture is pretty old, and now I have a much better laptop and an extra pair of generic speakers just in case I need them for something, but otherwise everything is the same.
>> No. 8102 [Edit]
File 130764943676.jpg - (514.02KB , 1333x1000 , station.jpg )
Must clean desk when new figure arrives. (´・ω・)
>> No. 8104 [Edit]
File 130765478320.jpg - (538.80KB , 1600x1200 , Kuva0354.jpg )
This is me...
>> No. 8105 [Edit]
Dude, where's the rest of your laptop?
>> No. 8106 [Edit]
File 130765844548.jpg - (504.04KB , 1600x1200 , Kuva0351.jpg )
The heatsink is busted, so I took it apart... decreased idle temperature by about 10 celsius, but it's still too damn high. Overheats if I try to play/process anything heavy, too.
>> No. 8107 [Edit]
I just have a desk with speakers, monitor, and a bunch of books. Hardly worth a picture unless you like classical literature, science fiction, or politics and sociological stuff.
>> No. 8108 [Edit]

You realize how simple it would be to static shock that thing, kill it all, and not even know it? I'd tape some paper over it or something.
>> No. 8109 [Edit]
No, I don't actually... care to elaborate? What would set of the static shock? Dust?
>> No. 8110 [Edit]
Busted how? And if that's the case, why not order a replacement heatsink and change it out yourself?

But it's much more interesting to see a picture instead of reading a description.

You could build up a static charge on yourself all sorts of ways, like walking around on carpet with socks or shuffeling around in your chair or pretty much anything, touch your laptop, and the static shock fries your motherboard.

Post edited on 9th Jun 2011, 4:05pm
>> No. 8111 [Edit]
Well, from what I gathered, there's a hole in the heatsink (heatsinks are hollow and have a vacuum inside, or something?). I'm planning on fixing it, just haven't gotten around to it yet... and I haven't researched what kind of a heatsink it is, etc.. There's also the chance that everything is integrated to each other, since it's a laptop, so I'm not even sure if it can be changed.

>touch your laptop, and the static shock fries your motherboard.
Ah, that's what I thought. I wouldn't ever touch the insides of the laptop while it's on, so unless it can get fried from dust or something, I doubt I need to worry...
>> No. 8113 [Edit]
I dunno who said heatsinks are hollow, but I'm pretty sure they're solid, since solid copper is very good at transferring heat, and it needs to be solid to be able to stay in shape with the force that the screws/clamps hold it down onto the chip. Not 100% sure about it, though I've held notebook heatsinks in my hand before, and if anything they don't really have much thickness to them at all.

If I'm right though, it's a good possibility that you either just weren't getting enough air over the vents, either because of clogged vents or bad fan, there could be a crack in the heatpipe, or the plate itself just ain't firmly against the chip.

Also laptop heatsinks can very much so be changed (though it has to be for that specific model or it don't fit), they're just a bitch to get out and put back in and can have complex mounts sometimes.
>> No. 8115 [Edit]
I just heard some random comment that they have a vacuum inside, so they can rupture if they heat too much, or something. I really don't know jack shit about them either.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the heatsink that's broken. The laptop used to idle safely around 40-50 celsius, but one night after intensive gaming for hours the laptop overheated, and after letting it cool down it started idling around 70 celsius... I removed the top, as seen on the picture, and it's now idling around 55-65.
>> No. 8117 [Edit]
Hey you've got MUSCLE figurines thats awesome!
>> No. 8118 [Edit]
>> No. 8119 [Edit]
Well if it happened that suddenly, then it has to be a crack, Though I don't think that information will change your decision to replace it. Also, get some heatsink compound cause usually it don't come with any.
>> No. 8120 [Edit]
Heatpipes are hollow, they have liquid inside that helps transfer heat by vaporizing and solidifying inside the pipe.

Have you tried undervolting your cpu? My laptop now idles at low 40's and tops out at 55 (even though my heatpipe broke ages ago), and theres plenty of decent software for undervolting.
>> No. 8121 [Edit]
Really? I always thought they were solid. Learn something new every day.
>> No. 8123 [Edit]
Ah, I haven't really mentioned anything about it, but it's not my CPU that's giving me trouble. It's idling just little under 45 celsius (though that's with the cover removed). It's the GPU that has unusual heat... I don't know if it's possible, but could it be that they have separate heatsinks?
>> No. 8125 [Edit]
File 13077093403.jpg - (17.92KB , 480x360 , picture_050[1].jpg )
Open it up and have a look?
>> No. 8126 [Edit]
Ah, yeah your GPU is on a different chip usually a bit further away from your fan and heatsink, though it's usually connected to the main heatsink by a heatpipe, which could be either cracked or just came loose.
>> No. 8167 [Edit]
File 130785143875.jpg - (254.74KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00013-20110612-0100.jpg )
This was mainly to describe my mess.. But yeah

I do clean once every two weeks or so when I get figs in, but after that it quickly turns out like this
>> No. 8185 [Edit]
>theres plenty of decent software for undervolting.
Can you name some? The only one I was able to find was NHC and that's severely outdated
>> No. 8189 [Edit]
K10stat or RM Clock works well for acer, although I use crystal CPUID myself. If you have a newer generation cpu, just google it + undervolt and go from there. Your cpu and gpu are probably on the same heatpipe, so lower temps will help, but it won't cure the overheating issue, eventually you're going to have to replace that broken part.
>> No. 8325 [Edit]
File 130803804348.jpg - (4.25MB , 3872x2592 , IMGP2998.jpg )
my dildo and lube and pet urine bottle (2 years old!) in the first draw
>> No. 8338 [Edit]
Are you a boy or a girl
>> No. 8340 [Edit]
Who cares what it is. More importantly, what book is that on the desk?
>> No. 8341 [Edit]
Thats my personal diary.
>> No. 8342 [Edit]

Look, Giascle. In asking what the book was, we have divined the answer to your question simultaneously.
>> No. 8343 [Edit]
>> No. 8344 [Edit]
Don't "wat" like you don't know what we mean.
>> No. 8345 [Edit]
i thought it was obvious that everyone here is a little girl
>> No. 8346 [Edit]
My chest hair seems to disagree. ;_;
>> No. 8347 [Edit]
Don't worry, thats just the puberty.
>> No. 8350 [Edit]
If you aren't a cute tea-sipping 2D girl then you need to get out of tohno-chan
>> No. 8359 [Edit]
Furry bear reporting in. I'm sorry guys, but this looks like it might be the last post for me. I'll turn in my dakimakura at the door.
>> No. 8420 [Edit]
Don't let little red scare you away.

Signed, big bad
>> No. 8844 [Edit]
File 130998530461.jpg - (972.70KB , 2048x1536 , un4.jpg )
My desk(s). The upper part of the one on the right doubles as a pan- and dish-drying area because I don't have any room elsewhere. And the bottle of whiskey and the box of cereal have nothing to do with each other.
>> No. 8857 [Edit]
My "desk" is best described as 2.5x2 ft peice of wood on my bed. I can put it on my lap or leave on it on my bed and lye/lie/? down, sometimes I even put it on top of my night stand, then sit on the end of my bed and it's like a small desk.

It works good.
>> No. 8861 [Edit]
File 131001204588.jpg - (1.59MB , 2816x2112 , IMGP1079.jpg )
>> No. 9511 [Edit]
File 13118677948.jpg - (487.88KB , 1600x1200 , Kuva0485.jpg )
It's >>8104 here again... I, uh... my new setup. I had to move.
>> No. 9527 [Edit]
holly monkeys... yeah: I've seen FAR worst, and slept there; but still: holly monkeys...
>> No. 9528 [Edit]
What happened, did you get kicked out or something?
>> No. 9529 [Edit]
File 131193330370.jpg - (177.47KB , 800x592 , Awesome Room.jpg )
At least it's not as bad as this.
>> No. 9537 [Edit]
Not that guy, but i'd love to live in a place like that
>> No. 10165 [Edit]
File 13153621261.jpg - (275.44KB , 1280x1024 , 110906_0012.jpg )
Someone wanted to see my room, so i figured since i already have these uploaded to my computer why not share my autism on Tohno-chan? Here i go!~
>> No. 10166 [Edit]
File 131536216889.jpg - (386.88KB , 1280x1024 , 110906_0013.jpg )
taken with the camera from my phone so not really good quality
>> No. 10167 [Edit]
File 131536221473.jpg - (299.99KB , 1280x1024 , 110906_0009.jpg )
I bet someone from IRC will figure out who i am just with this one
>> No. 10168 [Edit]
well, it's kind of obvious since you left your msn thing open with your screen name showing.
>> No. 10169 [Edit]
nope, that isn't my screenname. that's the person i'm talking to. Geez, i wouldn't be that obvious.
>> No. 10170 [Edit]
Sorry, my mistake then.
>> No. 10172 [Edit]
Surtic Stalwart?
>> No. 10173 [Edit]
Oh yeah, it is Stalwart, I should have noticed that figure of his waifu.
>> No. 10174 [Edit]
I don't think thats his waifu.
>> No. 10175 [Edit]
File 131536765725.jpg - (284.64KB , 1000x800 , waifu highlight.jpg )
That's gotta be her, I'm sure of it.


Post edited on 6th Sep 2011, 8:55pm
>> No. 10176 [Edit]
Oh that one.
>> No. 10304 [Edit]
File 131580081583.jpg - (314.97KB , 1600x1200 , 9WEee.jpg )
pretty messy, but I've promised Kuroneko to clean it up bit by bit
>> No. 10313 [Edit]
File 131586981873.jpg - (649.00KB , 1500x1125 , desk.jpg )
I really should repaint this desk..
>> No. 10316 [Edit]
File 131589722228.jpg - (506.68KB , 2048x1536 , IMG_2255.jpg )
Inside the drawer is my failed attempts at drawing.

There are a lot less beer cans than usual in this pic.
>> No. 10317 [Edit]
File 131592483122.png - (883.09KB , 1000x648 , bs.png )
My desk is my battlestation.
>> No. 11751 [Edit]
I don't think I've ever done this.
>> No. 11752 [Edit]

I love the christmas lights on the back, they give a nice feeling.
>> No. 11753 [Edit]
>> No. 11754 [Edit]
my bed is my desk
>> No. 11755 [Edit]
I take it you're a musician.
>> No. 11757 [Edit]

What headphones are they? Look like MDR-V6
>> No. 11769 [Edit]




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