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File 134059365774.png - (81.84KB , 597x289 , DayZ.png )
6877 No. 6877 [Edit]
Day Z is a post-apocalyptic zombie horror game with perma deaths, open-world sandbox, realtime daytime, food/water/temperature/blood meeters, breakable limbs, in-game shock and infections, PvP (players vs players) and PvN (players vs NPC zombies) action. It builds upon Arma2 which aims to be an ultra realistic military shooter.

Anyone interested in this game/mod? It's a mod for Arma2 + its expansion Operation Arrowhead. You can get the 2 games newly bundled on Steam for 25€/$, the mod itself is of course free, and currently in alpha state. Don't let the developement status put you off, as the game is recieving frequent updates. Furthermore, as of May 2012 - upon my first discovery - this mod has been getting a lot of positive attention.

You can check it out at..
its HP:
wiki page -
and some playthroughs of your choise on YT or what have you. Personal recommendations:
SpockBlocker, ThePhaseZero & NateXYZ - +
SideStrafe -

You can see for youself if you already haven't. Each of the 2 playthrough series showcast different aspects of the game. Just be careful to note when the respective videos are posted, as you will see/hear that the game changes quite alot over time. Differential servers with different rules will also play a factor. The norm lately has been no global chat, no floating nameplates unless aimed at, no in-game map with player location unless equipped with a map + gps, etc.

Reasons to find interest in this game:
1) It's extremely challenging, 2) you can play it however you like, 3) it's rewarding to play together, 4) it's new, fresh and ever-changing, 5) it doesn't play like CoD or WoW, and 6) tactical approach will determine your longevity.

Reasons to find disinterest in it:
1) It's extremely challenging, 2) people can play it ways you don't like, 3) it's unrewarding to play solo, 4) glitchy gameplay and quasi-gamebreaking updates, 5) it doesn't play like CoD or WoW, and 6) loot and mates will be just as important for your longevity.

What does these pros and cons mean? You won't get far on your own, players are more deadly than the zombies, glitches can ruin your run(s), it's as intense as it's unfair and unrewarding.

The reason I made this thread is not only to raise awareness, but also possibly create opportunities to find play mates should there be shared interest in this game/mod. I don't own this game, and I'm still on the fence as to whether I should get into it. I definitely would not play it solo, I just don't see myself having a lot of fun dying over and over because of being out-gunned, over-run and the like. I'm not a multiplayer guy, not by a longshot, but this game still intrigues me very much. Share your thoughts/experiences/whatever.

TL;DR Day Z aka STALKER:Online/general
>> No. 6878 [Edit]
This mod is awesome. I hang out around Pobeda Dam and pretend I'm in the Night's Watch or something.
>> No. 6879 [Edit]
I've heard a lot of buzz about this and it sounds cool, but I've been on the fence as well because I heard voice chat is a must and I don't do that.
>> No. 6880 [Edit]
All I wanna know is if I can pirate it.
>> No. 6881 [Edit]
Which leads us to the roleplaying potential..

This is exactly my situation. If a few of us could muster the courage to get along with it then maybe it could work out? I don't personally think it's that scary, you just need someone you can trust.

You can, but your copy of the mod will apparantly "degrade", whatever that means. I'm not into that sort of thing so.. glhf.
>> No. 6882 [Edit]
Is it really that necessary? If there's no in-game text can't we just use an irc server or something?
It's scary no matter who it is for me.
>> No. 6883 [Edit]
Don't worry, you can still use group chat. This is honestly neither a point that should discourage you from trying it out, the most important aspect is really to just have friends in-game that you can trust your life and loot with, and most importantly - have fun with.

If you say that you wanna try it out I'll get the game and be ready for you.
>> No. 6884 [Edit]
This looks interesting but it looks so "clunky". When you see the models running around they look awkward. Also voice chat...too scary/no one would want to hear each other.

Post edited on 25th Jun 2012, 7:41am
>> No. 6885 [Edit]
yeah, i like the game idea, but when i've seen people fighting zombies or each other it looks incredibly clunky so i probably wont try it
>> No. 6886 [Edit]
The mod is probably going to come as a mode in Arma 3 so if it's the clunkiness you don't like you could wait for that.
>> No. 6887 [Edit]

I'd wait for 3 then, I hear it's supposed to be a more refined engine.

I played Arma 2 a bit, and while it's a real cool game with all the freedom, the character movements are just awful.
>> No. 6968 [Edit]
Surprisingly people on the pirated servers are a lot friendlier/non-aggressive than people on real servers, but there's also a greater incidence of hacking.

It's not really necessary, you can always type in direct chat with people you're around. Downside is you can't say anything if you're being attacked and running, but usually you can find some method to buy you time and type (ie, going indoors, up a slope, on a dock.) anyway it's not critical that you use a mic.

I'd like to play sometime; I'll join the steam group one day soon after I finish a Touhou game to feel more in-group. All the claimed complaints in this thread about DayZ are true, but this game is still the most fun I've had in a video game in a long time.
>> No. 6969 [Edit]
I think I'll check this game out, it sounds fun enough.
>> No. 6974 [Edit]
I'll take that as a yes, and as such, if people here are gonna play it, I'll be sure to hop on.
>> No. 6978 [Edit]
>> No. 6979 [Edit]

I'll wait for this myself, since I don't have Arma II.
>> No. 6980 [Edit]
>Of course going free-to-play is always a choice, however Dean feels that doing so would ”destroy the experiment,” which we assume is the Minecraft model.

Is "destroy the experiment" some-sort of code phase for "fuck you guys, I want money!"
>> No. 6985 [Edit]
>> No. 6990 [Edit]
Wait till OA is at least 75% off, that'll probably be when they fix all the bugs and polish the game.
>> No. 7009 [Edit]
I played a bit of it with friends, didn't really enjoy it. I had a little more fun soloing around the large city on the coast (petrosomething?) and killing other players, but that gets you killed pretty quick. Just felt like a lot of downtime in between bursts of fun.

If the concept is something that intrigues you then definitely give it a try (assuming $25-30 or whatever isn't too much for you to invest in something you might not like).

Keep in mind arma 2 is just really clunky and hard to navigate compared to most any modern FPS game, and the dayz server itself takes a while to connect to. I chalk this up to developer laziness, because they've been making essentially the same game since Operation Flashpoint and their small core market eats it up. Maybe with all the dayz-fueled sales, they'll try to make Arma 3 a little more accessible. I really doubt it though.

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