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File 136529492062.jpg - (165.54KB , 1440x810 , ore-no-imouto-2-1-51.jpg )
14786 No. 14786 [Edit]
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

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>> No. 14787 [Edit]
File 136529642347.jpg - (123.95KB , 1920x1080 , oh_____.jpg )
She got prettier.
>> No. 14789 [Edit]
File 136529658463.jpg - (45.76KB , 1440x810 , peroxide.jpg )
Oh my god...
>> No. 14796 [Edit]
this is the anime equivalent of those cute - but quirky - "gamer girls" who totally have friends but still play video games (and spends a ton f money on them) because video games are cool, so you should play and spend, spend, spend too!

look at how cute she is and she is a total buyfag, so buy those figs & games anon and the cute 2D girls will totally love you!

i'm pretty sure there was a legorobot about this, but i forget which one so heres the link to all of them http://www.plasticbrickautomaton.com
>> No. 14800 [Edit]
It is obvious that Kirino isn't being "gamer gurl" because gaming is popular or cool. She was even very embarrassed of her hobbies in the begin. Spending is that modern otaku do in Japan and that's what creators are trying to hilight.

Oreimo is actually actually just Genshiken copy where characters are made more "moeish".

First season of Oreimo was great. I hope this season will be as good as first one and I have no reason to doubt it.
>> No. 14802 [Edit]
File 13653546882.jpg - (140.00KB , 1440x810 , ore-no-imouto-2-1-20.jpg )
Maybe, just maybe, some people buy figures, play games and watch series because they honestly like them and enjoy the experience, and not as a pose to attract real or unreal females.

Anyway: I like that they picked up from the OVA/manga real route ending (the most endearing, imo). I've been reading some spoiler news on the manga and game expansion, and further development has caused even more fired up reactions among fans; in any case: Kirino is shown wearing a bride dress on the cover of volume 9 and Kuroneko is getting her own manga.

Bless all forms of romantic heroines, imouto and not.
>> No. 14805 [Edit]
Exactly this. People love to stick Kirino in the same category as the girls who just got into gaming as it became more integral to mainstream and popular culture when she actually does genuinely enjoy imouto eroge. She'd be the type of girl who was into gaming before gaming was a popular pastime and just kept it to herself.
>> No. 14806 [Edit]
As far as I could tell, She's not keeping it to herself because it's embarrassing, she's keeping it to herself because her parents and friends are intolerant judgmental assholes. if she wasn't surrounded by assholes she'd probably be a lot more open about it.
>> No. 14807 [Edit]
That's fair but that still doesn't make her your stereotypical "gamer girl" (YES! I am a girl and I DO play games, don't hit on me silly boys) and would've still been a general enthusiast no matter when playing games was in or out of fashion. Of course I still don't agree with you 100% about the rest, but oh well.
>> No. 14809 [Edit]
youre mad because she buys things?
>> No. 14811 [Edit]
From what I can tell, he's basically saying that her character is a false one and that her job is to come on screen and show how much of a legitimate gaming enthusiast she is (and therefore how cool she is) as well as to show her love for figs for the sake of otaku-pandering. That the author's intention of her being a character male otaku swoon over destroys any holistic appreciation of her character. What he's overlooking is that, much like books, anime is an artistic medium. Maybe it's not as intellectual as literature but it's a medium in it's own right, and so "author's intention" can be removed on the whole from the work itself and you can still enjoy the characters and plot without being forced to heed attention to how much otaku-pandering there is in a work. Basically, he's just being mad because he wants to be mad.
>> No. 14813 [Edit]
File 136540477962.jpg - (264.36KB , 660x2194 , 1242598010516.jpg )
>i'm pretty sure there was a legorobot about this, but i forget which one

has to be this one*

              *i edited it for this thread
>> No. 14817 [Edit]
>because video games are cool, so you should play and spend, spend, spend too!

video games ARE cool. there is a video game board on this very website.

you SHOULD spend money. thats what being an otaku is all about and its the audience this show is made for. what do you do, just watch fansubs? you think a production committee got together and created this anime just so you could download it for free and watch it?
>> No. 14826 [Edit]
Why do people still try so damn hard to keep the words 'otaku' and 'geek' separately from each other? That is what it means.

Being an otaku/geek means that you like spending a ton of time and/or just overall invests all that they can into what they like. Spending money is a way to get it done, but it isn't all about spending money as an otaku/geek will try to obtain whatever they want through whatever means necessary. Especially if what they want is a very integral part of their 'obsession'.
>> No. 14832 [Edit]
Hey no one shits up your threads on Mindless action anime or whatever it is you're into.
Generic moe anime is a huge part of anime as a whole, if you don't like it watch something else, or go buy enough dvds of the anime you like to make producers create more of it, or just find a new hobby.
I hated the first season of this show, and have no intention of watching the second one. so why not take a lesson from me and just don't watch it?
If I've learned anything in my time here, it's that pointing out how much you hate a show you're not even watching is dumb and pointless and just makes you look like an ass.
>> No. 14835 [Edit]
File 136549521445.jpg - (208.71KB , 1440x810 , ore-no-imouto-2-1-50.jpg )
Thanks for that post. Disregard of the series, genre or even animation studio, I often wonder why in recent times half of /an/ posts consist of people moronically bullying/vandalizing threads of series they dislike. It's really discouraging. It's like this was some other board.

Sorry for meta. Will stop now.

Post edited on 9th Apr 2013, 1:15am
>> No. 14839 [Edit]
Why would you assume it has anything to do with the show's popularity?
>> No. 14840 [Edit]

If there is a thread for a show and you don't like the show, isn't the thread for the show the correct place to post your opinion?
Should there be a separate thread for people who don't like Haganai?
>> No. 14841 [Edit]
If there is place for X and you don't like X, isn't the place for the X the correct place to post your opinion?
>> No. 14844 [Edit]
I hate this show because every single character is unlikeable and a bitch.
>> No. 14846 [Edit]
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 14854 [Edit]
File 136555268113.jpg - (55.30KB , 1280x720 , pic-20-EveTaku-Ore-no-Imouto-ga-Konnani-Kawaii-Wak.jpg )
I like this show because main characters are likeable or a tsundere.

This sure is a fruitful way of discussing.
>> No. 14857 [Edit]
As if the guy he's responding to isn't just as bad. ie: Stop liking things I dislike.
>> No. 14858 [Edit]
How about simply stating your opinion on the show without flinging shit at each other? That is 4chans biggest problem on this matter, they feel the need to turn everything into some shitposting war.
>> No. 14859 [Edit]
There's nothing wrong with saying you hate the show and giving a reason why, or the opposite.
but this "stop (dis)liking things i (don't)like " crap is just stupid. People are entitled to their opinion.
>> No. 14862 [Edit]
I just stated my own honest feelings in the same dry fashion of that post. You, please, avoid misquoting à la 4chan if you do expect us to do better.
>> No. 14864 [Edit]

its actually pronounced "noguso" in romaji
>> No. 14866 [Edit]
File 136556221314.jpg - (32.56KB , 225x350 , 102464.jpg )
Why is this thread so shit.

Can't we just be happy this second season is out? I've been waiting for it for months.

Also more Saori love please.
>> No. 14878 [Edit]
>Why is this thread so shit

People literally posting pictures of shit might have something to do with that.
>> No. 14885 [Edit]
And the people that just *HAVE* to post in this thread and let everyone know that they hate this anime; contributing nothing just to get their insigificant opinions across to people that don't care in the least. Hiding threads just isn't good enough for some people I guess.
>> No. 14887 [Edit]
People are entitled to their opinion.
This really makes me think this show really is crap and it's fans know it if they can't handle the slightest amount of criticism and resort to telling critics to shut up and/or go away, or convincing themselves no one actually dislikes the show but rather only says such becuase the show is popular and they want to be 'edgy'. example of such a person with his head up his ass: >>14838

also I'd like to ask about this
>contributing nothing just to get their insigificant opinions across to people that don't care in the least.
how would someone who says they like the show be any different?
>> No. 14888 [Edit]
File 136564486158.jpg - (56.02KB , 580x315 , oreimo-12-014.jpg )
When their opinion and "criticism" is reduced to:

>I hate the characters so very, very much.
>oh wow another generic moe harem show, how exciting.
>I hate this show because every single character is unlikeable and a bitch.

...they are just shitting a thread.

If I've found that I can't enjoy a series or a genre at all (like, say, traditional mahou shoujo), I simply do not watch it and certainly do not go on their threads to do nothing but bullying and bashing them, let alone claiming that they're pushing their tastes on me merely because thay make threads of the things they like: it's ridiculous. To keep on tracking a show you don't like at all just to to come and remind us followers, again and again, how much you hate it cause it's shit and defend that lame posting as your right to have an opinion... well, it's pathetic; it's damn childish. Those guys are behaving like morons, not because they like this or that show or not, but because of the way they post; it has nothing to do with actually analyzing and offering some interesting critique or contribution, which, ironically, is commonly disregarded here on /an/ as "pseudo-intellectual".
>> No. 14889 [Edit]
If you think the characters in a show all being unlikable bitches isn't a valid reason to dislike a anime and is 'shit' just becuase they didn't write an essay explaining in detail how exactly the characters are all bitches, you're the one being pathetic and childish. This is clearly a double standard, it's obvious you're only calling them shitty becuase you don't agree with them. you wouldn't see this kind of bullshit directed at someone with positive things to say about the show. so why don't you cut the crap?
>> No. 14890 [Edit]
I knew a thread about this show would be a disaster here, which is why I didn't make it myself. It and Madoka are two things you can never discuss positively here because some people just can't handle it.
>> No. 14891 [Edit]
You seem to be forgetting that you're on a thread made for the show. If you don't like it, why are you even in the thread? If you're really so offended that the thread is here that you can't ignore it, you can at least express your dislike of it via civil discussion (see >>14796) rather than /b/tard-tier shitposts.

Not the person you're responding to, but cool "no u" argument. I suggest you evaluate the meaning of the word "double standard" here as well, because you're not using it correctly in the least. If he went into a thread about another anime and started bashing it, then you might have a point...but calling out idiots for doing it in this thread is a completely different thing.

Really though, explain to me why you feel the need to come into threads about topics you dislike in the first place. I honestly can't fathom any reason for it other than stirring up shit or getting angry at people for liking something that you don't. It sounds to me like you're the one here that can't handle a different opinion, not us.
>> No. 14892 [Edit]
Yeah name calling really helps get your post across, while still disregarding their opinion and calling them /b/tard-tier shitposting idiots. without explaining how I or they were wrong, that's just super.

>It sounds to me like you're the one here that can't handle a different opinion, not us.
yeah, cool "no u" argument.
>> No. 14895 [Edit]
Nice ad hominems, but you still didn't explain why you enter threads about anime/topics you hate and rage about them.

And I did explain how you were wrong. I never said you weren't entitled to your opinion, just that announcing that you hate something in a thread dedicated to it is extremely stupid and pointless. There are plenty of threads on /an/ about anime I personally dislike, but you don't see me posting in them just to announce that I hate them. What makes that so difficult for you to understand?
>> No. 14896 [Edit]
It's no more stupid and pointless than saying good things about it. What makes that so difficult for you to understand?
>> No. 14897 [Edit]
In a thread dedicated to the subject in question, yes it is notably more pointless and stupid. If you saw a group of guys standing around a park talking about, say, skateboards, but you didn't like skateboarding, would you walk up to them and tell them that you hate skateboards, and that you're upset because they like skateboards? I doubt it. Doing so wouldn't change their opinions of skateboards at all, and would just serve to (rightfully) make you look like a dick and a dumbass. The same applies here.

And you *still* haven't answered why this thread offends you so much.
>> No. 14898 [Edit]
>If you think the characters in a show all being unlikable bitches isn't a valid reason to dislike a anime
That's pretty much circular reasoning so it's not valid reason.

>and is 'shit' just becuase they didn't write an essay explaining in detail how exactly the characters are all bitches, you're the one being pathetic and childish.
Nobody has said one needs to write an essay. Critique even with single argument would be enough to actually encourage DISCUSSION (like >>14796 did), but still other one decides to hide behind fallacial way. Nobody can argue against statement "characters are unlikable" because it doesn't contain an argument.

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but when someone questions it, you need to be able to provide arguments. If you can't, your post is weightless and you have wasted precious space of internet to show how edgy you are. If you claim, you aren't trying to show your edginess because you hate popular shows, why are you even posting empty statemens which don't encourage any sort of discussion? Aren't we all here for DISCUSSION, right? If anyone here wanted to see people arguiging in childish way, there are better places in internet for that.
>> No. 14899 [Edit]
>Aren't we all here for DISCUSSION, right?
Why I say about cutting the crap? How much 'DISCUSSION' are posts like >>14787 and >>14789 going to generate?

You just don't want to hear people say bad things about anime you like. Would it really make you feel better if people voiced their complaints for this anime in the naruko thread, and used this thread to voice complaints about railgun or some other anime? or maybe you'd like it if people made a second thread for this anime to bad mouth it so you wouldn't have to see it? There's almost rarely much 'DISCUSSION' going on when the only things people only have nice things to say about something. take a look at the other threads on this board, the most active threads are once with people saying both good and bad things. Threads with nothing but positive comments on the other hand tend to die off after the first few ep have aired.
As I stated in a earlier post, if you haven't seen the show then yes I agree it's pointless to hate on it. but if you have seen it, Theres no reason why you shouldin't be allowed to say what you think about it, even if it's not something nice. This isn't /mai/, we shouldn't need to worry about hurting people's feelings. I'm certainly not gonna trow a fit and call people shitposters for saying they don't like something I like, if they've seen it that is.

>And you *still* haven't answered why this thread offends you so much.
Because it doesn't. It's your mentality that offends me, the idea that people shouldn't be allowed to say bad things about a anime.
and yeah I would have told the skaters to fuck off, they're obnoxious dickheads who destroy public/private property and with no regard for anyone safety. You ever have someone hit you with a skateboard? it hurts. I'm not lying when I say I actually have approached skaters at least a dozen times and made them leave the area (with clearly posted no skating signs). They've called me an asshole, made fun of me, flipped me off and so on, but they'd leave all the same.
>> No. 14901 [Edit]
Stopped reading this thread like 3 posts in.

Whoever is bringing up 3D topics, just shut the fuck up. She can't be one of those girls who pretend to be gamers because she is a drawing. She is an idealized cartoon, not even a she since its not a person.

Her depth is what is shown on the show or the manga, it doesn't go beyond that to her pretending to be anyone else. Maybe your subhuman ape nigger brain will be unable to understand that though, this entire site is filled with subhumans.
>> No. 14906 [Edit]
When did I say those posts are good? If you disagree with them, maybe you should start criticizing them? Are you saying you are allowed to make shitty posts(in your opinion?) if others do it too? Also are you not familiar with IMAGEboard concept at all? MAYBE people on IMAGEboards tend to use their IMAGES to encourage discussion.

Did you even read my post? Your bullshit has nothing to do with this. I NEVER said critique is wrong or wanted. Civil mannered and well argumented critique is usually wanted (like >>14800 started discussion) and discussions where people are brining up different kinds of arguments are usually interesting. On other hand "I don't like this" or "I hate this" isn't critique, it is just what people call "shitposting". Actually it might even count as flaming which is against the rules.

And yeah I've never even said I like oreimo, but I ignore you ad hominem arguments. I am just pointing out how fallacious your logic is.
>> No. 14907 [Edit]
Maybe OP should delete/remake this thread, and make a note that only nice things can be said about the anime. that should make everything better.
>> No. 14910 [Edit]
File 136567398838.gif - (431.51KB , 640x360 , bueno.gif )
Nah, do as you may, all of you. On my account, I intend to keep commenting on the show as the following episodes come by.
>> No. 14913 [Edit]
> "I don't like this" or "I hate this" isn't critique
Yeah it's not, it's also not what anyone said. what was said was >I hate this show because every single character is unlikeable and a bitch.
Is it really so hard to just say to yourself 'fair enough' and let it be? Does what he said really bother you so much you feel the need to start such a big shitstorm over it?
someone said they don't like the show and they gave a simple reason why, that should be the end of it. but noooooo we need to call the police on this one because we got a shit poster here! then all of a sudden it's WHY YOU GOTTA RUIN OUR THREAD WITH YOUR STUPID /B/TARD SHIT?! WHY CANT YOU LEAVE OUR THREAD ALONE?! YOU DON'T REALLY DISLIKE THIS SHOW, YOU'RE JUST TRYING TO BE EDGY AND HATE IT BECAUSE IT'S POPULAR! this thread wouldn't have turned out this way if you could just accept that some people aren't going to like what you like. (and by 'you' I don't mean you specifically, I mean everyone)

>MAYBE people on IMAGEboards tend to use their IMAGES to encourage discussion.
Rarely does this ever happen, if you're lucky a screencap might get you one or maybe 2 replies. but images starting a discussion? get real, at best images are use on imageboards to illustrate a person's message. posting a image of a cute girl and calling her cute isn't going to generate more discussion than posting something like "I don't like this show for x reason" if anything this thread and the discussion we're having now should be proof of that.
here take this thread, it's a relatively active thread, and much of what people are posting is negative comments.
yet surprisingly, no one is starting any shit in that thread, calming it's all shitposting when someone says the artstyle is ugly. people are agreeing or disagreeing and posting their opinions freely.
There's just not as much to say about any given topic when you stick to nice things.
>> No. 14919 [Edit]
>what was said was >I hate this show because every single character is unlikeable and a bitch.
>someone said they don't like the show and they gave a simple reason why, that should be the end of it
And again that is just circular reasoning which comes down to "I don't like it" which isn't valid reason. Don't try to make this into sematic wars. Or am I not allowed to question your opinion? Why? Why can't you just say to yourself "my opinion is pretty useless because I can't give any valid reason, maybe I should not post"?

>this thread wouldn't have turned out this way if you could just accept that some people aren't going to like what you like.
No like I've said multiple times, example poster >>14796 didn't ruin the thread even tho he clearly implies he doesn't like the show. Like I've said multiple times, everyone is entitled to have their opinion, but if you can't make an argument for it, then prepare that you will get criticized. Because we are also entitled to have opinions and when my opinion is that your opinion is shit, because you cannot make any valid arguments for it, I am entitled to say it. Like you said
>This isn't /mai/, we shouldn't need to worry about hurting people's feelings.
It's not my fault that you can't make an argument so stop crying about it. Why are you expecting people to be nice and "let it be" when you don't say nice things by yourself?

>get real, at best images are use on imageboards to illustrate a person's message.
Again, if you disagree with post then feel free to criticize it, I don't really care. I am just trying to understand other posters and their reasons.

>here take this thread, it's a relatively active thread, and much of what people are posting is negative comments.
Has anyone said negative comments are wrong or unwanted? No. At quick glance I don't see any negative comments without valid arguments. I don't follow that thread, so please stop bringing up stuff that has nothing to do with this. Even if there were shitty posts, they don't justify your shitty posts.

>There's just not as much to say about any given topic when you stick to nice things.
Thanks for stating the obvious. Like I've said million times, critique is welcome because different kind of arguments grow into interesting discussions.

Post edited on 11th Apr 2013, 5:36am
>> No. 14921 [Edit]
If anyone is starting a shitstorm here, it's you. You keep using the same double standards and strawman arguments no matter how many times they've been refuted, and now you're even raging in caps.

Calm down.
>> No. 14953 [Edit]
so are you guys all watching crunchy roll's horrible subs or is there a superior option thats worth waiting for?
>> No. 14954 [Edit]
File 136588684796.jpg - (72.92KB , 1124x622 , never better.jpg )
This episode was just ridiculous... and I throughout loved it.

I am.
>> No. 14955 [Edit]
File 136588698545.png - (791.00KB , 1122x626 , PLUS.png )
>> No. 14956 [Edit]
File 136588705599.jpg - (111.69KB , 1118x624 , manami.jpg )
That won't work for you, meganeosananajimi. Your hair is too short and you're not even wearing seifuku.
>> No. 14957 [Edit]
File 136588712354.png - (643.83KB , 665x702 , yandere.png )
No shit... there really is one?
>> No. 14960 [Edit]
Her new voice is more fit for a 40 year old maid.
>> No. 14967 [Edit]
This anime is perfect presentation of otaku lifestyle. I can't understand how anyone who considers himself as otaku would dislike this.
>> No. 14979 [Edit]
File 136598129637.png - (407.35KB , 640x960 , clock app.png )
Nah, don't exaggerate. It's just a fair product that manages some tropes well.
>> No. 14982 [Edit]
I am not exaggerating. Let's use the latest episode as an example. I cannot name any other show which shows otaku's obsessive interest to fictional content while still being able recognize difference between fiction and reality. Like how game character was very appealing but real girl who looks very similar and acts in similar way, wasn't appealing at all. It is definitely not just "some tropes". Creator must have done a lot of research about otaku. Most anime shows are just parody about otaku while oreimo is just different thing.

What parts of otaku lifestyle Oreimo isn't showing? It is definitely one of the best presentations of otaku lifestyle.
>> No. 14986 [Edit]
>What parts of otaku lifestyle Oreimo isn't showing
The hikikomori, to end soon. But you made a good point, about otaku's essentially reversed values regarding fiction and actuality: for him, the 2nd is the impostor (the poor shadow) of the 1st. Hideaki Anno talked a bit about that in Shiki-Jitsu.
>> No. 14988 [Edit]
>to end soon

What do you mean?
>> No. 15035 [Edit]
More Kuroneko please
>> No. 15052 [Edit]
File 136649185417.jpg - (176.20KB , 1120x628 , dare.jpg )
>> No. 15053 [Edit]
File 136649189614.jpg - (99.61KB , 1122x628 , 4 leaves.jpg )
I wonder...
>> No. 15054 [Edit]
File 136649198961.jpg - (159.67KB , 1122x628 , cute.jpg )
<--- I'm afraid so, yeah. Good to have known you, anyway.
>> No. 15055 [Edit]
let me guess, you think the 4 leaf clover was invented by 4chan?
>> No. 15056 [Edit]
File 136649205499.jpg - (103.24KB , 556x630 , it's all conected.jpg )
I see.
>> No. 15059 [Edit]
No: I own a couple figures of the 4-Leaves series (Sora and Kyo). I wonder if they're promoting it and/or will release Oreimo material.
>> No. 15065 [Edit]
>> No. 15066 [Edit]

I'm surprised I haven't seen more pics of her on pixiv today. When it's one of the Yuru Yuris birthdays there's usually 2 new pages of stuff overnight
>> No. 15077 [Edit]
this was by far the most boring and least entertaining ep of this show yet.
>> No. 15098 [Edit]
I agree. Specially it wasn't nice, that in episode which aired on Kuroneko's birthday, she didn't get any screentime.
>> No. 15099 [Edit]
File 136669934719.jpg - (476.72KB , 2449x1500 , cosplays2.jpg )

at least we got to see this
>> No. 15117 [Edit]
I rather enjoyed the episode, but I think it would have been better placed later in the season. Several major characters have barely had any screentime yet, Hell even Kirino hasn't had that much...I'd have liked to have seen a few "normal" ensemble episodes before something like this weeks.
>> No. 15119 [Edit]
I was waiting for that omake.

Post edited on 23rd Apr 2013, 5:46pm
>> No. 15171 [Edit]
File 136712050165.jpg - (111.28KB , 1118x624 , service 0.jpg )
Thank you, sun burnt foreigner!...
>> No. 15172 [Edit]
File 136712058030.jpg - (79.09KB , 1120x628 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
...Actually, nevermind.
>> No. 15173 [Edit]
File 136712061028.jpg - (175.37KB , 1117x625 , ero doujin.jpg )
Happens to the best of us.
>> No. 15174 [Edit]
File 136712078151.jpg - (168.98KB , 1115x625 , true0.jpg )
Ok, we know. That was unnecessary...
>> No. 15175 [Edit]
File 136712083892.jpg - (119.63KB , 1119x623 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
... Or wasn't it?
>> No. 15181 [Edit]
Ep 3 was real letdown but now we are back on the tracks. Maybe ep 4 ended up repeating same jokes bit too much but I don't mind!
>> No. 15184 [Edit]
File 136716177758.jpg - (77.46KB , 1280x720 , Wish.jpg )
That was great, lots of funny moments and definitely the best episode of the season so far - there hadn't been nearly enough angry Kirino until now.
>> No. 15185 [Edit]
File 136716433746.png - (738.15KB , 1280x720 , 1367144177322.png )
This little girl was adorable. I wish she'd stay in the show for longer than just one episode.
>> No. 15192 [Edit]
I like where this is going.
>> No. 15309 [Edit]
File 136770281644.jpg - (102.51KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
he looks like a chump
>> No. 15312 [Edit]
At least he has a girlfriend, I guess.
>> No. 15320 [Edit]
Manami's reaction to them was hilarious.
>> No. 15321 [Edit]
WARNING! some from /so/ might harass youse
>> No. 15322 [Edit]
File 136775081660.jpg - (128.27KB , 669x755 , dfkbdbfchjjhbfvjfbvkfbjh.jpg )
Yes you should.
>> No. 15323 [Edit]
fuck me sideways...
>> No. 15324 [Edit]
File 136775091969.jpg - (153.43KB , 1118x624 , cdsvsdvdv.jpg )
oh shi-
>> No. 15325 [Edit]
File 136775100091.jpg - (94.83KB , 1121x623 , please.jpg )
Please, don't leave me...
>> No. 15327 [Edit]
File 136775111929.jpg - (169.59KB , 656x1417 , shiro.jpg )
Please, accept this Shironeko as a proof of my honest intentions.
>> No. 15329 [Edit]
That outfit of hers looks like something you'd wear in bed. It was probably the reason she sold out all her books.
>> No. 15330 [Edit]
File 136778078337.jpg - (309.62KB , 627x885 , ore-no-imouto_5-omake-13.jpg )
Well, Kirino chose it for her after all.
>> No. 15331 [Edit]
File 136778089474.gif - (356.73KB , 480x210 , ore-no-imouto_5-omake-5.gif )
there, there...
>> No. 15332 [Edit]
File 136778094690.gif - (534.56KB , 480x270 , ore-no-imouto_5-omake-4.gif )
and this is what you get.
>> No. 15337 [Edit]
>> No. 15516 [Edit]
File 136835314672.png - (629.96KB , 1280x720 , shot0030.png )
This show is so good. Characters' unique bonding and development is really something.
>> No. 15520 [Edit]
File 136836573330.jpg - (122.33KB , 552x938 , SHIT.jpg )
Good Lord: this is deep...
It's gonna hurt no mater what.
>> No. 15522 [Edit]
File 136836585936.jpg - (245.88KB , 1165x651 , arc.jpg )
>> No. 15525 [Edit]
File 136836789899.jpg - (78.79KB , 1115x627 , Welcome.jpg )
>> No. 15534 [Edit]
It was damned impressive (though incredibly rushed): there wasn't a single major character who didn't lose his shit and spill it all out during this episode; it was humiliating for them and unsettling for one to watch; it seems to be just the beginning...

I´ve tried not to read too many spoilers from the manga and games; so, just like with Haganai, I never expected Oreimo to develop from typical harem comedy, which either takes some easy way out or never solves at all. I'm so glad there might be a little more intensity in this show, even if it's sudden or ridiculous.
>> No. 15535 [Edit]
>typical harem comedy, which either takes some easy way out or never solves at all

I'm still surprised that To Love-Ru is still going on. Although it has gone into an a lot closer to H material, it's still surprising.

Yami is too good for TLR...
>> No. 15693 [Edit]
File 13689447097.jpg - (235.19KB , 1116x1252 , mai imouto.jpg )
She was like his waifu, at that point...
>> No. 15694 [Edit]
File 136894474954.jpg - (137.63KB , 1114x624 , answer.jpg )
All in all, it caught me by surprise.
Rule of Drama, I guess.
>> No. 15695 [Edit]
File 136894479398.jpg - (176.93KB , 1123x631 , quiz.jpg )
Right after you've kissed her. Trust me on this one.
>> No. 15696 [Edit]
File 136894484323.jpg - (176.48KB , 1120x626 , babydoll.jpg )
Awfully specific, aren't we?
>> No. 15697 [Edit]
File 136894488714.jpg - (148.48KB , 1165x1097 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 15698 [Edit]
She lost her right arm in Vietnam or what?
>> No. 15722 [Edit]
File 136905553056.jpg - (98.78KB , 1280x720 , Sena1.jpg )
I was delighted to see Sena finally get some screentime this week, she cracks me up.
>> No. 15828 [Edit]
File 136953967946.jpg - (553.58KB , 770x2194 , Kamineko.jpg )
So she was the freakiest one.
>> No. 15829 [Edit]
File 13695396971.jpg - (155.32KB , 1120x626 , what.jpg )
>> No. 15917 [Edit]
File 137016220344.jpg - (138.74KB , 665x1121 , decision.jpg )
This was too much...
They're toying us fans a little too much.
>> No. 16003 [Edit]
File 137076444690.jpg - (203.55KB , 674x1503 , look (2).jpg )
Now, now: what's going on inside that messy head of yours, pretty one?...
>> No. 16084 [Edit]
File 13713441783.jpg - (401.41KB , 666x2266 , parenting.jpg )
Poor move indeed, otousan.
>> No. 16085 [Edit]
File 137134421038.jpg - (241.31KB , 477x1662 , a want of feeling.jpg )
>> No. 16094 [Edit]
Best episode this season.
>> No. 16162 [Edit]
File 137194881030.jpg - (334.15KB , 782x1323 , saori.jpg )
Out of the blue, Saori claimed her route.
>> No. 16164 [Edit]
File 137194892463.jpg - (125.89KB , 1121x629 , ayase.jpg )
<--- me neither, to be honest. He keeps rising flags at random; even if for the sake of comedy it's too much at this point. I'm really worried about the story right now...
>> No. 16165 [Edit]
File 137194898591.jpg - (170.91KB , 1121x631 , NO.jpg )
...or maybe not. That was heroic, Kyousuke. I can't wait for the outcome (thought they might delay it again into an OVA, those greedy bastards).
>> No. 16199 [Edit]
kyousuke turned into such a toyota driver.
he was cool when the series started.
i guess i'll probably have to drop this show after this season ends.
>> No. 16220 [Edit]
What do you mean? all harem heroes are pretty normal and dull (not at all honorific brohnos, in any case), until they somehow become insanely popular for the conflict to rise and the story to ever work. Kyousuke actually developed into quite a strong guy to have done what he did; he's no longer some loser or jerk following his dick, ready to take any chance he can (and with such pretty and tender girls around him); he settled down his head and is ready now to face hard stuff -like hurting others girls' feelings and deprive himself from their affection- in order to remain honest and protect his authentic love, as he acknowledged it himself.

Post edited on 24th Jun 2013, 6:27pm
>> No. 16304 [Edit]
File 137254522691.jpg - (356.88KB , 664x1895 , Welcome_.jpg )
Oh my god. This entire episode...

What a ride this has been. Bittersweet enough, we're sure to get at least one more OVA, if not a 3rd season; I so hope we get some young and dark haired Kirino figures as well. Anyway, right now, I feel fully satisfied. I'm happy.
>> No. 17072 [Edit]
File 137685419962.jpg - (121.15KB , 1113x609 , never forget.jpg )
My life is brilliant (and she's not even mai waifu)...
>> No. 17078 [Edit]
File 137686692380.jpg - (99.12KB , 1113x618 , I regret nothing.jpg )
So this was it.

This wrapped up way faster than I thought (at this rate I might be able to die happily by next year or sooner). I didn't quite like D.C.'s ending and Koi Kaze is still the very best, but I liked this one alright.

Good series.
>> No. 17080 [Edit]
File 137687061081.jpg - (182.82KB , 1273x645 , bam.jpg )
>> No. 17082 [Edit]
File 137687278233.jpg - (200.04KB , 1123x627 , the timeless battle.jpg )
The final boss. I fucking loved that part.
>> No. 17083 [Edit]
File 137687288172.jpg - (367.84KB , 651x1881 , oreimo aesop.jpg )
AESOP. Siscon is just like 2D love or any kind of authentic love: a purely aesthetic experience. And a true siscon, just like a true 2D lover, is ready to lose everything and ruin his life, irreparably, only for the chance to experience the aesthetic pleasure of his one and only love at its fullest. All under the firm conviction that doomed love is the only true kind of love; that just like Tomihiko Morim said: "Noting else is as boring to tell than a story of successful love" or like Rodrigo Fresan said: "The only interesting love story is the dead love story". The actual impossibility of doomed love makes it the only one capable to reach the heights of the very concept which is, by construction, unreachable.

Great ending. Good story.
>> No. 17088 [Edit]
I feel like that effect was kind of subverted by the fact that he turned down girls that he had feelings for and generally warped his social status for something that turned out to be temporary. I still really enjoyed the anime series, but I couldn't help but be disappointed by all of the build up to the ending just to find out that they returned to being normal siblings after all that had happened.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2013, 10:55pm
>> No. 17101 [Edit]
It is argued by some that they might not really turn back to normal, with Kyousuke somewhat breaking the promise with that final kiss that the LN author left opened to interpretation but he imagined as in the lips (confirmed in a thread somewhere else), and Kirino also asking for a new ring right there in Akiba, present in the LN but left out from the anime.
>> No. 17103 [Edit]
Ah, I wasn't aware of those open-ended factors. I think the anime ending would have been more satisfying if they had included those small scenes, but that's just me.

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