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File 13408875324.jpg - (531.02KB , 1280x720 , e32b8848e92dcb9c500c05d90e25716c.jpg )
9529 No. 9529 [Edit]
I was just thinking.

If you were named a suspect in a crime, how would your waifu react?

But if you actually did it, what do you think she would say or do?

In my case, I'm pretty sure Marisa will want a share if I stole money or something, since she's a "borrower" herself, but I have no idea what she will actually do if I actually killed somebody.
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>> No. 9530 [Edit]
File 134088900828.png - (874.99KB , 650x857 , 6ffe7f0f8c32297c3d617320f232a3f7.png )
Well, this is an interesting topic.

I think that if I was just named a suspect in a crime, Letty wouldn't pay much attention to it, especially if it would be a not-so-serious crime like stealing or such. But if I would be suspected for murder or something serious like that, I have no idea how she would react. Perhaps she just wouldn't care, but would still scold me or such, telling me not to do or get involved in such things.
>> No. 9534 [Edit]
File 134089345312.jpg - (371.91KB , 600x800 , 18767933 - いおりん.jpg )
Suspect of a crime? Provided that I am really innocent she will probably do everything to protect me and she would actually pay top lawyers to argue that I am actually innocent and that I didn't do anything in the first place.

If I actually did the crime? Really depends on the crime. If it was a crime to actually voice your thoughts against your government, I would hope she would support me all the way. If I had actually murdered or sexually harassed someone? She would probably hate me and never forgive me for breaking her trust and her reputation.
>> No. 9535 [Edit]
File 134089376162.png - (137.03KB , 300x561 , 098.png )
We both have quite high morale, so I think she would feel bad if I had done something bad.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2012, 9:49pm
>> No. 9536 [Edit]
Tough question.
If i was just a suspect she would most likely protect me from this accusation. But if i really was guilty of a crime she´d probably be horribly dissapointed in me, at least. I really fear what she´d do when she gets angry because of the crimes i did.
Its kinda hard to guess since she is causing a lot of trouble in her series, and i am not really sure what she would consider a "serious" and what a "minor" crime.
>> No. 9537 [Edit]
File 134091833035.jpg - (336.10KB , 1280x800 , 014.jpg )
She'd probably be unhappy, but I don't think she'd want to leave me... She'd be an accomplice, if anything.
>> No. 9538 [Edit]
File 134092817138.jpg - (290.66KB , 768x1024 , 1785412.jpg )
Everything would continue as usual, she wouldn't care.
>> No. 9542 [Edit]
If I was just a suspect, she would stay by my side to prove my innocence.

If I was really guilty, she would be very disappointed, and would rightfully scold me.
Since I'm not a "good citizen" as she, I can see this kind of thing happening a few times.Sorry!
>> No. 9544 [Edit]
I would like to think shd'd have enough faith in me to trust when I say I didin't do it.

and I believe she would be disappointed in me and saddened were it to be true.
I wouldn't be able to face her.
>> No. 9545 [Edit]
File 134093361976.jpg - (496.41KB , 617x700 , 24298958.jpg )
I think that even if I'm a suspect or the culprit she would ask me if I really did it if it were a normal crime, so I would worry more for the proper authorities.
However if I were the culprit of a "crime" that she considers unforgivable it could be the end of our relationship and maybe my own life.
It depends on which crime is it.
Well, since I'm not an evildoer I don't have to worry much for that matter, I just want to live a "peaceful" life with her.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2012, 6:35pm
>> No. 9549 [Edit]
File 134099817485.jpg - (192.20KB , 480x800 , Yuyuko 128.jpg )
Come to think of it, there's a good chance she wouldn't even mind if I killed somebody.
>> No. 9553 [Edit]
File 134101801579.jpg - (197.47KB , 678x900 , 409481.jpg )
It would really depend on how I went about it.
>> No. 9573 [Edit]
File 134104431134.jpg - (654.38KB , 637x900 , 5c17e1b6d9f81e8a7d62c663b9556133.jpg )
Either way, she would believe in my innocence. She'd tell me that I'm not capable of doing something so vile.

If I was in fact guilty of it though, I would tell her straight up. She'd feel disappointed but would want to share the blame somehow, as if it was also her fault. She'd be mad, but she'd be with me the entire way. Of course, I wouldn't let her do something like that.

If anything, she'd just run away with me.

Of course, these are just petty crimes. If it were something real serious like mass murder or rape or something, she'd leave me or go crazy with me.
>> No. 9576 [Edit]
File 134104530014.jpg - (71.13KB , 620x376 , asuka mad.jpg )
If anything (I mean, if she cared about me at all), I think she would yell the most outrageous things at me, kick me and push me away, as she delivers me to the authorities to rot in jail.
>> No. 9623 [Edit]
File 134120593796.png - (158.93KB , 1084x1200 , 127441.png )
I´m pretty sure she would be very angry about it, wouldn´t even support me until i prove myself innocent, and probably she would kick my ass afterwards.
>> No. 9631 [Edit]
File 134128466996.jpg - (82.20KB , 585x780 , da65eb88d15418170146d3b9151466c8.jpg )
If I were innocent, she would stand by me.

If I were guilty:
Minor crime - She would laugh at me for getting caught.
Medium crime - She would be irritated. I'd just get a look of mixed disappointment and confusion which would make me wither away in shame.
Major crime - The nicest word I'd have hurled at me would be "hypocrite". Relationship over.
>> No. 9754 [Edit]
File 134230070013.jpg - (218.07KB , 994x666 , IMG_1003.jpg )
This is an interesting question!

Jumping straight to a crime like murder: My Remi, I like to think, wouldn't hesitate to kill, she is a vampire after all. So if I murdered someone, I don't think it would bother her unless it was somebody like one of my family members who I care about (and I really don't see myself ever harming my family). Even then, if I had a good enough reason for doing it I think she'd let it slide.

I like to imagine sometimes the two of us going out at night and getting drunk on blood together.

For other crimes such as stealing or whatever, again, she isn't human, she doesn't even live in this world, she feeds on the blood of the living to sustain her undeath, I don't think it would bother her.

I think the key is that if it doesn't bother me, it wouldn't bother her.

It's not like my vision of Remilia is all dark. Normally she isn't like that. But I do think that a vampire fundamentally is a creature of evil, so she has that side to her.
>> No. 9755 [Edit]
Since she's such an angel, she would have confidence in my innocence to the very end. If I actually DID do it, I'd have to confess to her, because I couldn't have her trusting that I'm innocent when I'm actually not.

Depending on where I allegedly committed the crime, she might be able to pardon me.
>> No. 9756 [Edit]
File 134233076421.png - (144.72KB , 383x408 , Dorothy5.png )
She'd think I was a fool. But she'd probably remain neutral on the matter.
>> No. 9817 [Edit]
File 13430230356.png - (315.34KB , 704x396 , 5.png )
Depends on the severity of the crime, really.

Like, petty crime like, say, speeding, or something? I doubt she'd care much.

Something more serious, like, maybe stealing? She'd probably be vaguely disappointed and slightly embarrassed for my sake.

A more major offense like murder?
She'd start to hate me, though I don't think she'd turn me in to the authorities unless it was mass, senseless, random killing.


Post edited on 22nd Jul 2012, 11:05pm
>> No. 9818 [Edit]
File 13430235856.jpg - (188.40KB , 952x897 , 25568489_m.jpg )
I would be executed.

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