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File 13057678428.gif - (15.53KB , 610x200 , roundhouse_kick_tutorial.gif )
7136 No. 7136 [Edit]
Let's have a martial arts thread, tohno-chan.

Have you practiced any? Do you watch any competitions (MMA/K-1/boxing/etc)? Do you just think they're really cool and have a favorite style, or favorite moves?
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>> No. 7138 [Edit]
What do you guys think about Aikido?
>> No. 7145 [Edit]
I intend to take kickboxing at uni next semester.

I strongly believe people cannot begin to approximate preparing for fighting just by practising martial arts without sparring or improving their strength. Just training your techniques off your instructor aren't enough. Only training technique would only bring marginal improvements.
>> No. 7146 [Edit]
I enjoy watching such sports on television from time to time. I'd love to try and take up MMA or kickboxing someday.
>> No. 7148 [Edit]
Arguably the most powerful martial arts in Japan.
>> No. 7149 [Edit]
I took taekwondo for a year when I was younger since there was a dojo right next to my house. Not the best martial that's for sure but it's a very fun sport to do. It also gave me pretty good agility and flexibility although I've been losing all of it, sitting for hours in front of the computer. I haven't exercised in about a year now.
>> No. 7153 [Edit]
I did beginners Karate LOOONG AGO and I forgot most of it. Honestly I'd just get a stun baton or a gun and shoot the nigga who fucked w/me. Knife fights are too close in for me and I aint good with knives.

also include random factors in your sparring, to more accurately simulate "real" fighting. E.g. foam swords or sticks to approximate someone bringing a knife or picking something off the street.

Honestly the closest thing to a 'martial art' I do now is LARP-ish sparring with an acquaintance of mine at his house. Glorified hitting with swords, but apparently he also took Kendo so he's better at that.

I probably should take up either a martial art of classic American-style boxing (taking after my grandfather who did heavyweight boxing in the 1950s) so I'd feel uh, stronger? I dont get intimidated all the time but I'd like to have that feeling whenever some shithead pisses me off and I know I can get right into that faggot and fuck him up
>> No. 7154 [Edit]
err I didnt specify too well

Re the stun baton or some sort of stick, I might see if theres stuff sold there tomorrow I have seen weapons dealers at this anime con I am going to tomorrow. Just an extendable baton/

I meant "martial art or classic American style boxing" not "of" and my example of fighting people mainly extend to aggressive douchebags in whatever situation comes up, not me provoking fights. Just not giving any ground at all and counterthreatening or whatever.
>> No. 9036 [Edit]
File 131044691297.jpg - (247.32KB , 536x800 , ayumi3.jpg )
I've been training since childhood.
Was forced into it by my father.
Now that I am on my own, now I train for peace of mind. It's like a universal medicine of sorts.

I've done a bit of everything, but my favorite styles are Jujitsu and boxing. If I had to rank fighting styles on a tier list, these two would likely be at the top.
>> No. 9045 [Edit]
SO why do you like jiujitsu and boxing the best?
>> No. 9150 [Edit]
Dude, he said "aikido", not "ninjutsu"
It happens to everyone.
>> No. 9231 [Edit]
File 131092539739.jpg - (509.77KB , 1388x1600 , cute75.jpg )

They're the most efficient, for most situations.

While I also like aikido, judo, and karate/taekwondo, they're not so useful by themselves unless you have a lot of experience with them. These arts tend to have a higher learning curve, especially if you didn't start as a child. Whereas, with boxing and jujitsu, you can defend yourself pretty well after about a month or so (against normal people that don't train).

Imho one should familiarize themselves with the basics of all the styles, so take that as you will.
>> No. 9232 [Edit]
Really? BJJ seems pretty complicated to me. I only learned a little bit of ground grappling in a "self-defense" class from an instructor that knew BJJ, but everything aside from pulling guard seems like it would be hard to learn and put into practice. Then again, I don't really have any experience.

Judo does ground work too, right? Is it very different from BJJ?
>> No. 9234 [Edit]
File 131092671040.jpg - (100.81KB , 1280x720 , KoihimeMusou24.jpg )

You have a point.

My view may be a bit biased because I also did wrestling for 4 years before I did jujitsu.

BJJ is more joint-lock oriented than Judo. If you're having a rough time with BJJ, I would suggest taking up Judo and/or wrestling first. You'll learn the fundamentals of leverage/weight-control that BJJ consists of.
Knowing how to defend against grapples is a bit more important than knowing all of them imo. You only need like one or two (for the most part), but you want to know how to avoid all of them.

Wrestling is similar. You only need like two (maybe three) moves, but you definitely want to know how to switch and sprawl.
>> No. 9564 [Edit]
Just had my third lesson of kickboxing. Anyone have some tips?
>> No. 9567 [Edit]
File 131210694785.jpg - (571.93KB , 827x1169 , 138252.jpg )
I dont think there are tips for you if you enjoy it. It might feel hard in some point, but dont give up.

I've practiced kickboxing 2 years now. On this summer I had to take break because I was working in small town where my parents live. When I'll move back to my own place I will start working out again. I really like kickboxing. I usually dont like sports(specially I hate team sports) at all, but somehow I like this one. It is great way to handle stress, keeps me in shape and it is really fun too. Specially sparring is the best thing ever.

I also want to mention. If someone of you have problems with overweight, martial arts are great way to lose weight(atleast kickboxing was for me).
>> No. 9569 [Edit]
I like it a lot. In recent days its the thing that gives me the most happiness. After the training, nothing was solved, but nothing mattered.

Sadly my problem is not being overweight, but underweight. I've been 55kg and 176cm tall for three years. I'm trying to pack on the mass as quickly as I can so I can take the blows of the other people in the gym on an equal level, but I don't even think this is possible.
>> No. 9573 [Edit]
I dont think your weight is problem. Most lightweight professional's are really skinny guys. For example in our kickboxing club there is one guy who is 180cm and competes in less than 60kg series. Just try eat normally and healthy and you'll be fine.

Btw how many times you have your practices/lessons per week?
>> No. 9582 [Edit]
Even if there are weight divisions for my current build, I don't want to stay like this. I'm the weakest guy there and i'll get injured when I hold the pads because everyone else is so much stronger.

There is practice three times a week, but since one of those days I don't go to uni due to having no classes, I only go to two of them. They go for two hours.

I did sometihng really stupid yesterday. I was practising, and uppercutted my punching bag barehanded and ended up scratching the skin off both of my knucles. I also kicked a pole and hit a ligament, the one which controls the big toe. I hope my fist heals in time for the next training but I doubt it will. I guess I'm way too overeager to improve, I should just take it slowly and not do stuff I don't have the skills or equipment to do safely.
>> No. 9820 [Edit]
Theres going to be a in-house tournament at my kickboxing club. I'm pumped as fuck! Sadly I don't have a mouthguard or groin guard though..

Apparently I'm a bamtamweight(im 55kg). There are even lower weight classes, fancy that. A flyweight is 50-52kg, whoa I never knew that! If I saw a person who weighed that much on the street, I probably wouldn't guess that he'd be a deadly fighter.
>> No. 9844 [Edit]
That sucks. Take it easy, all bodybuilders improve by slowly gaining weight and muscle. I hope that you'll heal quickly.
>> No. 9881 [Edit]
I have made a blog about my kickboxing exploits. Read it and weep at how much of a Ford Driver I have become: supersaiyansinophile.wordpress.com
>> No. 10928 [Edit]
File 131871480349.jpg - (297.44KB , 728x1045 , holyland_v08_p092.jpg )
Is there a "best of Asian kickboxing matches" dvd or torrent or something out there somewhere?
>> No. 10930 [Edit]
File 131874533370.jpg - (64.88KB , 769x576 , sexycommando.jpg )

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