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File 138550344791.jpg - (237.65KB , 700x495 , 068c712577eed707e97cbe77da30177d.jpg )
13708 No. 13708 [Edit]
Do you ever feel like you let your waifu down or disappoint her? How do you go about dealing with the guilt and making it up to her?
>> No. 13714 [Edit]

If I knew how to deal with it, it wouldn't be much of a problem
>> No. 14420 [Edit]
If everything I did was for her, it would destroy me.
>> No. 14421 [Edit]
I just tell myself that I have a long life ahead of me to improve myself and that rushing, at least for me, is unhealthy or unrealistic. I agree with >>14420, I'd give up most of what I currently have if she actually existed but it's impossible for me to know what would please her in every aspect of my life -- plus I'd also like to maintain a personal sense of self.

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