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File 132720560552.jpg - (568.99KB , 1134x1600 , 1325658735145.jpg )
12500 No. 12500 [Edit]
Whats better for edging -- idle, consistent stroking, or stop and go? I can never edge for more than five or ten minutes. I either get impatient or just cum by accident.
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>> No. 12501 [Edit]
Stop and go mixed with short cool off periods.
>> No. 12502 [Edit]
Sometimes I go furiously for a while and stop just before orgasm, wait ten seconds, and start again.
>> No. 12504 [Edit]
File 132721139833.gif - (900.76KB , 640x360 , Sayonara_Zetsubou_Sensei_gif.gif )
In the middle of it, divert youself by thinking about conceptual/formal/philosophical/moronic problems: has done wonders for me. Only, at some point, you'll might enjoy that better than faping or getting sexually aroused at all (at least by the means of physical stimuli); you can become functionally impotent and live the happy life of an eunuch you never had the chance to taste.

Best of luck.
>> No. 12508 [Edit]
I often get too distracted by trying to find porn of specific character/fetish/artist and belong it unintentionally. Sometimes it takes like an hour just because of finding a specific picture/doujin that's lost from major sites.
>> No. 12519 [Edit]
>What if the dildo doesn't exist, and this random, bestial act of carnal gratification that I am using to stimulate the glands in my male reproductive organ is really a visual metaphor for the on-going struggle between the working class and the bourgeoisie that take every opportunity they can to fuck them over? In this case this is represented in a visual-literal way, but how many obscure, subtle references to the great struggle have I missed while caught up in the high that my nerves provide upon physical stimulation? Oh, flesh! Thou hast blinded me so to the deeper meaning trying to be imprinted upon my fledgling subconscious!

>What, am I to go on like this? Where is the hope that shall free my spiritual self from the chains of this world!? Why must I - Oh hell yes, look at her face as he dumps all his hot cum inside her!
I bet your early days of doing that were a wild ride.
>> No. 12520 [Edit]
My gott, this.
Every time I'm in the middle of something I think to myself "I need to find something worthy of this load, not just lowly day to day doujins"
I spend hours tabbing back to the okay ones to keep up the erection, and continue searching until I find a mini grail to blow it over.

As I am very fickle, my tastes vary wildly every day, and even sometimes more than twice during the same day. Just now I was lucky the mood called for pregnant loli and was able to find some easily.
>> No. 12659 [Edit]
Cool tip: Instead of fapping normally just rub the spot under your dickhead (the part where there's a string of skin where the shaft meets the head) with the tip of your finger. Only do that, and it will drive you crazy. Not quite edging, but it probably has the same buildup feel
>> No. 12667 [Edit]
I don't get how people can cum just by humping their blanket or pillow. I tried it once and couldn't get enough stimulation, all I got was a chafed dick.
>> No. 12672 [Edit]
did you do it fresh out of the dryer with softener?
>> No. 12683 [Edit]
No but I'm pretty sure everyone who does it doesn't always do it fresh out of the dryer with softener.
>> No. 12731 [Edit]
I tried this once a long, long time ago and I ended up pissing uncondouchebagably, all over myself. I think I was twelve at the time. I don't do that anymore because of it.

I don't even know why I'm posting this under my name, it's so embarrassing. Hopefully I don't get this read off on one of those videos with the text-to-speech thing.
>> No. 12733 [Edit]

Uncondouchebagably? A wordfilter?

Post edited on 30th Jan 2012, 8:19pm
>> No. 12734 [Edit]
yes, and seems it was a bad idea at that.
>> No. 12735 [Edit]
what wordfilters to that?

Post edited on 30th Jan 2012, 8:09pm
>> No. 12736 [Edit]
>> No. 12737 [Edit]
>> No. 12738 [Edit]
troll, but I've removed it now.

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