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File 131934896255.jpg - (28.25KB , 600x358 , ohio-state-flag.jpg )
11024 No. 11024 [Edit]
I made an amazing discovery.

Look at the flag of Ohiogozaimasu.

Do you see it?
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>> No. 11025 [Edit]
Boobs, right?
No, honestly I don't know.
>> No. 11028 [Edit]
looks like what would happen if they remade the US flag design to appeal to modern culture, most people can't name more then 17 states anyway, and no one knows what the stripes are supposed to represent anymore.

let me guess, red circle + red lines + Ohio = some sort of Japanese reference?

Post edited on 22nd Oct 2011, 11:10pm
>> No. 11029 [Edit]
File 131935028431.jpg - (191.05KB , 1795x763 , Mitsubishi_Zero-Yasukuni.jpg )
This is too perfect to be a coincidence. The state of Ohio, or should I say PREFECTURE OF OHAYOU, is the Empire of Japan's last overseas territory.

This is not uncommon, for instance, Ernst Thaelmann Island, a "Cuban" island, is the last bastion of the German Democratic Republic.

We are living a conspiracy world...
>> No. 11039 [Edit]
>We are living a conspiracy world...

The word you're looking for is 'coincidence'
>> No. 11041 [Edit]
I see it, rotate it, and it is miku with a tie.
>> No. 11044 [Edit]
I can kind of see it.
>> No. 11045 [Edit]
I want whatever you guys are on.
>> No. 11046 [Edit]
File 131936189694.jpg - (67.28KB , 500x375 , safsf.jpg )
>> No. 11048 [Edit]
I'm starting to see it now.
>> No. 11053 [Edit]
oh now i get it
>> No. 11054 [Edit]
File 13194019533.jpg - (451.22KB , 1600x1200 , bird.jpg )
>> No. 22925 [Edit]
File 13792818862.jpg - (10.68KB , 400x300 , pingu1881341.jpg )
I actually thought you meant the flag looked like Pingu.
>> No. 22930 [Edit]
I didn't even know US states have flags. Are they all red white and blue?
>> No. 22932 [Edit]
A good deal of them are.
>> No. 22933 [Edit]
I thought that this was a new thread for a short while...
>> No. 22936 [Edit]

This time around I realized it's ancient but sometimes when people bump old thread I get that feeling, too. Not only do I forget about the threads themselves, I sometimes read my own posts without even realizing I've written them.
>> No. 22948 [Edit]
>> No. 22952 [Edit]
Holy shit have I really been here for over two years?
>> No. 22953 [Edit]

just search your UID/passwd in the archive.

btw two years and you still haven't made your first worthwhile post

>> No. 22954 [Edit]
File 137999547591.jpg - (119.56KB , 800x450 , be08cd1a51229ef73962a79035de2217.jpg )
That's our Shinden!
>> No. 22959 [Edit]
Because greentext rage makes for much more worthwhile posts.
>> No. 22963 [Edit]
Fuck off Shinden
>> No. 22965 [Edit]
Being an edgy asshole doesn't make you cool on here like it would on some other image-boards by the way.
>> No. 22968 [Edit]
Because everyone that disagrees with you is the same person- Haruhi forbid more than one person calls you out on making shitty posts, right?

I couldn't care less about your grudge with Shinden. I wish you'd keep that shit confined to /fb/ though.
>> No. 22972 [Edit]
File 13801485867.jpg - (469.18KB , 1112x1020 , 2931438.jpg )
Shinden has made one semi-worthwhile post.
>> No. 22973 [Edit]
thats not his trip
>> No. 22975 [Edit]
Guys, if you want to talk about Shinden again take it to /9/.
>> No. 22985 [Edit]
At least he is not a namefag.
>> No. 22995 [Edit]
S/he might as well be. Their shit grammar, early-AOL style abbreviations and overuse of greentext/reaction images/other 4chan memes make their posts stick out like a sore thumb even without a name or a tripcode.

Post edited on 4th Oct 2013, 11:54pm
>> No. 23047 [Edit]
>> No. 23053 [Edit]
File 138194703572.gif - (199.62KB , 1199x1627 , usa-states-flags_1200.gif )
>I didn't even know US states have flags. Are they all red white and blue?
No, the most common pattern is a blue background and some stupid unimaginative emblem that you can't make out unless you're up close.
Arizona's flag is nice, though.
>> No. 23056 [Edit]
File 138195509915.jpg - (247.80KB , 900x859 , Japan-Prefectures.jpg )
Japan also has nice prefecture flags.
>> No. 23058 [Edit]
Haruhi, those emblems are awful. Washington is just so fucking much asking "please yaranaika me".

Those are nice. A bit too streamlined at times, but nice. The lack motifs common to western flags also makes them look like company logos, if I were shown those flags out of context I'd have thought they were car manufacturers or something(and Niigata some subsidiary of General Electric).

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