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File 13782905507.jpg - (48.28KB , 500x470 , 1221172542871.jpg )
15894 No. 15894 [Edit]
I've had many people in my life who I was dragged around by, some of them for over a decade, and yet I cannot come to call any of them friends. I know that it's tied to nobody understanding me and not being the people that I wanted them to be. Maybe my idea of friends is warped, and it's something that cannot be attained, because I often imagined them being incredible, almost dream-like bonds.

I'm wondering if anyone else has found themselves in a similar predicament. I identify a lot with the people who never even had these types of "friends" to begin with, as I honestly feel like I was alone my whole life.
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>> No. 15902 [Edit]
File 137834829667.jpg - (34.98KB , 500x380 , drink it all up.jpg )
I'm exactly the same. I just feel like anyone I ever had, although they've all left me now, we're just people I hung out with out of convenience other than some real bond.

At least booze will always be there for me.

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