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File 137287871865.jpg - (128.58KB , 1038x715 , i happen to be an expert on this subject.jpg )
16356 No. 16356 [Edit]
So this really is gay after all.
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>> No. 16357 [Edit]
File 137288079843.jpg - (49.53KB , 475x316 , omg-torrent-plox.jpg )
i didn't realize the first ep is out yet.
>> No. 16358 [Edit]
I'd recommend waiting a few days or so and see if a real subgroup picks it up before watching the horrible version.
>> No. 16360 [Edit]
>waiting a few days

this is not how i roll. whomever is first is who i watch (unless its commie or hadena - and hadena is never first) because i don't like to wait.
crunchyroll subs are reliably OK.
>> No. 16369 [Edit]
File 137291780052.png - (1.44MB , 1280x720 , realplayer-2013-07-03-22h41m55s38.png )
would you put your penis in this face?
>> No. 16388 [Edit]
File 137295795398.jpg - (50.35KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Free! - 01 [29F0B62D]_mkv_snapshot_03_40_.jpg )

Commie is generally crunchyroll's subs with an extra layer of quality checking and an OP/ED tl.

though they do go full coalguys/gg at times and it does get annoying -- though implying that they are bad in the same way Hadena is bad is just wrong.
>> No. 16408 [Edit]
Free! anime takes place in Iwami cho in Tottori prefecture in Japan.
>> No. 16459 [Edit]
File 137320779767.jpg - (141.88KB , 1000x1500 , 7344867.jpg )
I want Free! with girls only.
>> No. 16460 [Edit]
File 137320794830.jpg - (475.06KB , 800x1044 , 457457456.jpg )
It would be the best.
>> No. 16542 [Edit]
File 137345094471.gif - (1.48MB , 500x281 , chess.gif )
Oh come on.
Let the female fujoshis have their fun. There are plenty of bishoujo anime to choose from..
>> No. 16551 [Edit]
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 16578 [Edit]
Wow the main character is really unlikable. Is this what fujoshi like?

Also who else thinks that the teacher is Yui?
>> No. 16725 [Edit]
File 137419097516.jpg - (155.44KB , 1269x706 , 347344356.jpg )
It is true.
>> No. 16726 [Edit]
no but you can drink one.
>> No. 16729 [Edit]
>female fujoshis

Redundancy error.
>> No. 16739 [Edit]
I have a really vague dislike of Kou, and I realized that this is probably how a lot of female anime fans feel about the male MCs in harem/moe shows. Also, as someone who's guiltily loved the last decade's moe boom, imagining ten years of nothing but shows like this one is almost enough to make me feel remorseful.
>> No. 16745 [Edit]
Free! is a bit peculiar in the sense that it's very manservice centric; a decade of pandering to females with "moe for girls", for lack a better word, would see this on an extreme and stuff like nukoduke and gakuen babysitters on the other, with various otome/straight romance/fujobait in the middle.

Kou herself is there to make fun of the fans who like hot boys, the female version of pervert mc from a harem (even of this isn't a harem and she's not a mc).
>> No. 16767 [Edit]
Do gay otaku watch shows for the guys?
>> No. 17096 [Edit]
File 137699984113.png - (60.51KB , 160x156 , bow.png )
Bow before me!
>> No. 17259 [Edit]
File 137921413319.jpg - (73.43KB , 1280x720 , [WhyNot] Free! - 10 [692693A9]_mkv_snapshot_11_51_.jpg )
it's time to blackmail the teacher.
>> No. 17293 [Edit]
File 13795569457.gif - (0.96MB , 500x243 , tumblr_msmbujXMAB1qhe7aio1_500.gif )
Fujoshi dropping in.
It's more what they like to ship than who they'd like to imagine themselves with. They're all pretty okay but rei's the only one I especially like. He seems like the type I'd go after in real life where he has this certain type of awkwardness that makes him less intimidating and easy to approach.

My biggest problem with harem animes and mangas growing up (They've gotten better lately.) was always that the main character was usually the only one I found likable or relatable. I was 13 when I really started getting into anime and didn't understand the appeal of tsundere. Some of my first mangas were ranma 1/2 and love hina and I'd actually get really upset over how the girls would get mad, slap the mc over a misunderstanding then refuse to let them explain themselves.

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