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File 137448195178.png - (174.91KB , 1024x691 , contra-st.png )
15535 No. 15535 [Edit]
im ronery and i seek sumboodey to play a gem with
if u want to play old console vidya, like NES, sega, ps1, any would do, thru hamachi
we have chat, i can hug u, leave messages when ure assleep, the wall of text in ur steam chat wall all annoying, anything, just ask
if u're interested we can chat thru steam /profiles/76561198058321451/ if u want sakupe it's shaler12
happy gems
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>> No. 15536 [Edit]
sorry i don't have a backstory or anything it is just me posting here in a hope i get someone really nice a-and make love play games with him u know old games like contra, metal slug x, crash bash, battle city, mortal combat u know
>> No. 15537 [Edit]
File 137448260624.png - (1.27MB , 1440x900 , happy warcraft.png )
last time i dont remember times i had good friends I remember times when it was just me and offline world like Warcraft 3 and i used to play and i didn't have a consciousness of "friendship" u know i was so young i didn't really had it in pshycology
when i was growing things didnt change either for me I still don't have any contacts in social but whatever if you read this im gonna cuddle you to death no you know what im gonna actually give u a cookie hm i think i'll be going now i'll return later
>> No. 15538 [Edit]
uu last time we've had so much fun with Contra, we were having this problem in emulator where controller wasnt always working with other games and every time when we hitted contra GUD DAMN MUH CUNTRA ALWAYS WORKS then i realised emulator was changing pad from 1 to 2 so later it worked with every game aye.
>> No. 15539 [Edit]
File 137448339057.png - (1.54MB , 1440x900 , 1250_2013-07-18_00001.png )
i was in chat the other day, it's random chat and the person i met he was going to play a nes game with me, i've never met one before but i said something and he disconnected, i felt like assleep what happened? he basically said: "u know what, actually, nvm, i changed my mind" and the second after it he disconnected. i felt like my soul was torn appart, that chat you can't add ppl there is no friendlist its just naked chat we were going to add each other somewhere else but he just disconnected with those words man why? why me
>> No. 15540 [Edit]
File 137448376168.png - (909.62KB , 1440x900 , 1250_2013-07-10_00009.png )
OI so i have this guy Omni I call him omik for funsies and-a i remember the game what wasn't a usual game because we we're just standing in the corner like that and not killing any creep and they were just passing by because other players were agroing them, we were laughing so hard that day he i think i still look up for my sides in the sky it was so much fun but then it all changed because omik stoped playing with me he turned into depressed meg i dont know what happened to him i would offer all the eternal light for him but he just won't accept it from me so i really miss him
that's what i won't to say u guys dont let depression get a best of u just be happy for what u have
>> No. 15541 [Edit]
File 137448437080.png - (528.45KB , 1440x900 , 1250_2013-07-10_00014.png )
i think i'm gonna go now not sure tho so anyway everyone who played killing floor this summer must have been angried by the situation which occured on "free weekends", basically they just made it free games for the couple of days and every gud damn mudafucka rushed towards it. im ok with newplayers i love everyone not in the gay way[spoiler]maybe a bit[/spoiler] but U JUST HAVE TO ENDURE THE ETERNAL PAIN IMAGINE WHEN 0lVL PERK ALWAYS CARRIES NONPERKED WEAPON AND ASKS FOR MONEY, i think i've seen everything, berserk with a commando weapon, ss asking for money for a katana, hell why? why again.
my ass was gud that day because we've managed to turn it into advantage, basically me and omik were just screwing freebies right in the ass i remember him saying: "This would be the end for these little feeshies" so that that we were walking from the church on WestLondon as usual but it wasnt an ordinary day. it was the day when Haruhi gave us the holy crusade, basically we've locked all of them in the church, i was welding one door and omik was pounding another one. when shop time was over we just ran into tunnel and we were hearing their screams how clots and creeps were tearing doors apart and no one escaped that day and i remember saying "gosh i wanna see them struggling pls lets go and see the church" oh Haruhi that was so much fun that day
>> No. 15542 [Edit]
File 137448510348.gif - (616.97KB , 318x216 , tumblr_m9zgk37cjn1ruch5jo7_r2_400.gif )
sorry mods i think i need to talk about it some more jeez why i'm talking so damn much shut me up with a tounge or a deck i miss Hokuto no Ken i remember days when it was just me and Ken and we would emrace the evil and find new friends in out enemies i personally loved how it made me feel when every boss in every arc was brought to a point where he had to show his good side, especially good side, gosh my eyes became wet everytime i miss all my brochachos from Hokuto and Nanto, u know the other day i finally got my hands on Hokuto manga and i've insta realised anime is just one in one copy of it and it just made me love it more and more and i've rewatched first episode and oh Haruhi those memories i feeld every bit of those villans
>> No. 15543 [Edit]
File 137448551882.gif - (487.66KB , 200x135 , tumblr_m90xm1gx771qgl47u (1).gif )
i've recently returned to my favourite anime and guessed i could expand my hokuto world by watching more, i mean, there were first series with 100 episodes, then second season lets call it a second season with 40 episodes and those 150 episodes are basically all i love so much, between two seasons there was ova basically an Ova it was ok but not so good as episodes and then in 2003 year there were 3 ovas called Shin Hokuto no Ken i really really enjoyed them all of them i feeld them well i mean i was so happy when it wasnt edgy for me and i really felt it. but then the downfall, there is this movie in 2006 called Fist of the North Star: Raoh Side Story Junai Arc i hate this pissa shit it was edgy as fuck there was this bitch leina i swer on me mums life i wud rek that bitchpussy into ashes i swer m8. i didnt like this movie. u know, the director of that movie was same guy who made Digimons, i personally loved digimons in my childhood and still think it's great stuff but eh this new hokuto is not for me, basically they just made a remake with Shou. eh
>> No. 15544 [Edit]
thats all i wanted to say i'll be going now
promise me
one thing
be happy, anon
>> No. 15547 [Edit]
File 137448791499.jpg - (330.16KB , 1152x768 , 1374279719175.jpg )
u know what actually nvm i was in search the other day and i found this group on steam which was playing my fave game wc3 so it was going so well we've been into parties like u know famous Uther Partybringer we've really had fun and guys would just come in chat and say "vidya?" "now?" that was really good
i was in Mac the other day i dont usually go to Macs but hell once a year i want to feel like what was it back then i want to feel the mcfood and actually taste all the chisburgers and potatoesfree. so as i was already leaving i've noticed a girl from the staff walking with a pack of baloons. and i asked for one. nigga i was walking with that baloon like a complete faggot trust me when i met my old pal from school to which i dont speak anymore it was awkward but i still have this baloon with me i thought if it's summer maybe i'll keep something to remind me what i used to be not a baloon, a kid and no one really understood me in steam they said what the hell mac is crap u got a baloon are u a kid or something why?
btw one night i was browsing web as usual and i've heard this song again Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Overand it just fell into my heart not that i didnt like it before but that night just made me love it like a mudafuka i wish i had someone to dance with this music in the background
meow, meow, don't dreeem its ooveer meow, meow
>> No. 15549 [Edit]
File 137448937450.gif - (833.64KB , 480x270 , 1340397883312.gif )
OI i remember when i first watched these great series Avatar the Last Airbender on Nick and at that time i was just rewatching episodes from the first season and it was really great when I met the internet and dl'ed the second season it just made me love this cartoon more and more u know and the third season is just so bloody epic i cant describe it, i think it's literally the masterpiece, these whole series, it got humour, friendship, battles, grand battles, a bit of magic, elements! dis Soka guy s pretty gud and the rest of team avatar
but when Korra arrived.. i was waiting for her and i gotta say.. she's a fucking teenage whore with a complete moronic imbisile pusscrotched asswheepd shituped retarded piece of cumwaste in a dick on a butthole stick with only 12 episodes and a piece of pussyvommit ending which is no good i don't always swear like this in fact this is the only time i've raged so hard about something like this i can swear i hate her with every bit of my soul korra series are such a disgrace for aang man why did they do that? gosh u hate me dont ya. the main problem is that the episodes are really small like not in terms of each episodes time, 20 minutes is pretty gud but in terms of story telling. hell, what were they trying to tell in those 12 crotchs? i didnt understand a shit nigga, this is too much for me, korra series are a complete failure
i see i wrote this text wall im deeply sorry but i can do pretty much nothing about it
>> No. 15550 [Edit]
i've written so many posts just out of boredom i'll let them fade into dust though
>> No. 15551 [Edit]
just me talking to myself
i gtg
>> No. 15557 [Edit]
Best troll thread in a while
>> No. 15562 [Edit]
nigger i've written all this stuff from the bottom of my heart and that's all i get? why all chans are like the piss out of a monkey ass Haruhi damn it i hate u all
>> No. 15563 [Edit]
>> No. 15564 [Edit]
yes you all can think it's made up but in fact i've felt everything from what u could read here probably not cause u dont care why everyone keeps being non-believing choppachapa
>> No. 15565 [Edit]
prolly because i can't sleep very well and those things just beep into my head and there you go
>> No. 15567 [Edit]
u know what actually nvm this was a bad idea
>> No. 16019 [Edit]
plese dont let the bad bullys make you feled hurt!

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