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File 144211867754.png - (31.26KB , 300x300 , 6Ogiuap.png )
20579 No. 20579 [Edit]
Anyone have addictions? I smoke Cigs but that's nowhere near my worst vice... Onaholes have warped my life. I work at a dead end job and barely ever stay awake outside that and just sleep all day/all weekend. Now at work I eagerly await being a complete slave to my Onahole. I think the only thing I really care about this point is jerking off. I'm a mindbroken slave to pleasure and I'm getting more and more degenerate.
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>> No. 20581 [Edit]
give all the gory details please
you sound interesting
>> No. 20597 [Edit]
Well I'm addicted to electronics for one. Being without for too long gives me that itch and drives me nuts. Even if all it is is just me sitting in front of a pc starring at a desktop it still brings me peace of mind. When I got my first job I had to go to the bathroom every hour or two or so to hop on my psp for a few minutes. My coworkers started thinking I was really sick.

I might also say I'm addicted to junk food. Been eating so much of the crap all my life that I think it's screwed with my sense of tastes and makes real food all taste like garbage.
>> No. 20614 [Edit]
File 144236053260.jpg - (155.52KB , 1920x1080 , 138501264138.jpg )
I used to have a bad DPH/DXM habit but now it's high amounts of vodka, I had two ODs before I stopped those drugs.

Not sure if this can be considered an addiction but I've tripled my moe anime intake as well and don't want to stop.

Getting drunk and watching cute girls do cute things.
It's pretty sad to witness.
>> No. 20625 [Edit]
The usual media addiction, if im at my pc i just need to update pages, or play games, or check chat, or have a video going in the background.

And cigarettes, but il try quitting them until winter.
>> No. 20626 [Edit]
Doing DXM by itself is fine if you don't take a retarded amount, but in combination with DPH it can be kind of dangerous. And DPH is a horrible drug by itself.
>> No. 20629 [Edit]
I need to convince myself to uninstall a f2p card game called valkyrie crusade, the reward is just pretty card art which I can google anyway yet it gives me a false sense of achievement.
>> No. 20631 [Edit]
You play that too? I'm at like lv 75 on it. Shit's addictive.
>> No. 20633 [Edit]
File 144244054766.png - (254.91KB , 640x896 , monkey.png )


Started in February and I'm like lv 117 now, being NEET means I give it a good run most days. Uninstalled when I was like lv 20 but I gave in and came back.

Only started it since seeing the constant advertising in the anime streaming app I use.

I've been able to clear FAWs almost always yet I still come back event after event and spam it.

Monkey is my main card, my other maxed is Summer Oracle at 39999 atk/def, I would love it if they let you use multiple atk/def cards at once.
>> No. 20634 [Edit]
File 144244138272.png - (190.73KB , 270x378 , Monochrome_H.png )
I mean the +50 atk/def cards, since it takes ages to max stats.
>> No. 20635 [Edit]
File 144244337334.png - (884.28KB , 768x1078 , Doll_Master.png )
yeah being able to apply multiple atk/def boost cards at once would be great. It's a major annoying drag only being able to do one of each at a time. Another annoying thing is the chat system in alliance halls that have a very small character limit. Forces people to either type like retards or break up sentences into multiple parts.

Had Doll master as my fav since I started, too bad she's worthless on the field.

Unfortuanly I havin't been playing long so I can't do much boating.
I'm barly at the point where I can one BP arch witches at 200lv, and F arch witches are taking me around 3-4 bp.

My main at the moment is HSR Queen Momo from that recent promotion with 11568 atk/11083 def, I find the 300% attack up very useful.
Also got a pair of UR Hyper alchemists from the last event which when using their unleash ability on that momo multiple times has gotten me full 999999 attacks on a few occasions. Still Trying to decide of I should fuse the two, they're my only UR so far.

I'm still really bummed I couldn't get the fairy queen from the event before last. I got three out of the four element cards needed to create it but was missing the dark fairy.
I'm not really feeling this current event, not my scene you know? least the Alice cards in the gate are cute.

I was able to find my way into an alliance run by a lv 140 player and they've been a lot of help with the witch hunts. It's pretty much just me and him in the alliance and the dude seems pretty cool. Tried telling them about TC but they weren't interested.
Now I'm thinking TC might need it's own alliance.
>> No. 20636 [Edit]
I took it in some pretty retarded doses, same with the DPH.

All I wanted out of it was to hallucinate my favorite anime and feel good. Now I have brain issues.
>> No. 20639 [Edit]
I know what you mean. I've been playing Puzzles and Dragons for a long while and I still play it every now and then. I've even spent some real money on it for some cute 2D girls.

Same with Metal Slug Defense.
>> No. 20640 [Edit]
File 14424952783.png - (289.29KB , 342x479 , Excalibur_H.png )

I used crit cards a lot before finding Monkey.

I think my team was x1 Excalibur (maxed), x1 Excalibur (not max), x1 Accordian and whatever stop 3 cards I had.

When you get a +50% on attack UR I recommend spending everything you have to make sure you HUR them if it's an event. After that Skill Nullification URs have been the most useful, followed by +atk all and stop cards once again.

I can win most FAWs with just Monkey/Summer Oracle alongside cards I want to level. I've spoke to my guild a little but never really engaged much with them. I'm 20, which isn't that old but I always feel most anime fans on the internet are about 15 which makes me tend to avoid communication (not that I communicate anyway).

Excalibur/King Arthur remind me of Saber, my name and town names are Saber references too. I used to get slightly tempted to spend real money but it just shortens the experience and you'll get there eventually.
>> No. 20706 [Edit]
>the reward is just pretty card art which I can google anyway yet it gives me a false sense of achievement.
By that logic there's no point in playing any videogame that you can just watch lets plays of.
Half the fun of the game is the progression and building up strong units.
>> No. 20707 [Edit]
Caffeine. I'm convinced I'm not actually functioning if I'm not running on caffeine.
>> No. 20712 [Edit]
Alcohol and weed. First some liquid carelessness, two 0.5L cans of beer at a good pace does it, and then a fat joint. Within 30-45 minutes after the smoke I just feel like collapsing, so after the amazing state of mind it allows me to skip whatever rest of the day and fast forward with little to no hangover. It still feels wasteful but also really good.

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