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File 13917228833.png - (116.86KB , 305x232 , 138922318772.png )
23628 No. 23628 [Edit]
What are some good animes, mangas, VN's, films or even novels that deal with being a loner who has practically no friends, and very little social contact in general? I already know Watamote and Choku! and love them, and at a different level Saya No Uta also hit pretty close to home for me. I'm planning to watch Welcome to NHK.
What else is there?
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>> No. 23629 [Edit]
You could try the movie psycho.

I dunno but it's hard to think of any media centered around a loner that doesn't end with them getting friends or some shit.
>> No. 23631 [Edit]
I was re-reading NHK ni Youkoso the other day and it struck me how contemporary it was, even though it was written in ~2001. Part of it is because he doesn't ever mention any specific series.

By the way, if you're going to read it I recommend the novel first. It's not particularly well-written, but the prose is still much more readable than typical light novels'. It's also more realistic in some parts. Between the manga and anime it's a toss-up but the latter is more popular. They're very different anyway.

There's also a list of games with hikikomori protagonists on VNDB (http://vndb.org/i720), but I'm pretty sure the only translated one worth giving a shot is Chaos;Head.
>> No. 23632 [Edit]
File 139176886940.jpg - (133.24KB , 620x816 , 1300525261739.jpg )
Been a while since I had the chance to post this.
>> No. 23633 [Edit]
>I'm pretty sure the only translated one worth giving a shot
Non-translated Japanese stuff is fine, I'll be reading the Japanese original regardless. I can also understand German, in case someone knows something good in that language that fits the bill.
I guess I'll check out Chaos;Head. I've seen it recommended a lot on the internet, although I had no idea that it features a social recluse.
>> No. 23635 [Edit]
>I'm planning to watch Welcome to NHK

since when are noobs allowed to post on this site?
>> No. 23636 [Edit]

Please, please show me some mercy pro-sama.
>> No. 23639 [Edit]
>I can also understand German, in case someone knows something good in that language

I've been told this is good.
Sadly there is no translation available.

>> No. 23641 [Edit]
No Longer Human and Notes from the Underground.
>> No. 23643 [Edit]
Subarashiki Hibi.

Also, Chaos;Head's protagonist is pretty bad.
>> No. 23685 [Edit]
>Subarashiki Hibi
I'm waiting for the next patch since forever. I even donated to Moogy (yeah, really).
>> No. 23686 [Edit]

>I'm planning to use greentext and reaction images on /tc/.

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