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File 141091161567.png - (526.84KB , 800x600 , c181b593c5282e8c78c2bc00178f71f9.png )
16622 No. 16622 [Edit]
Where do I begin with Dianna Soreil? A woman so fine is hard to put into few words, as she has the looks and demeanor of a goddess but the ability to love and empathize with us mere mortals.

Let's begin with her looks, something that is the easiest to see. Her hourglass figure is indicative of someone who is sexy. Her ass is so perfect that to speak of it in a casual manner is nothing less than treason. Her full bosom shows that she is in the throws of womanhood. Her hair is long yet styled in a royal fashion befitting someone of her stature. When she moves it is with the utmost grace that brings these fine features together to give us the beauty you see in the picture.

However, she is not above us all. Like Jesus before her, she is a woman of the people. Her empathy overrides any uncomfortably from dealing with stressful and dirty situations she is not accustomed to. She cleans the linens of soldiers who fight against and for her. She does not chose favorites, for she favors us all. She will handle the harsh elements of winter and the heat of summer, all while keeping a poise that distinguishes from all your plebish waifus.

Finally, she is both feminene and strong. Unlike the crude Disney princesses, she has responsibilities and makes tough decisions. When somebody needs to be executed, she will make the call. When negotiations need to be made, she will attend despite the danger. This does not detract from her feminine beauty though. She loves to dance and dress in ways that distinguish her. She is sexy in a dignified way.

Men, I love this woman more than you can imagine and I hope I have enlightened you as to why.
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>> No. 16623 [Edit]
>all while keeping a poise that distinguishes from all your plebish waifus

Was that really necessary?
>> No. 16624 [Edit]
File 141091374733.png - (1.18MB , 900x900 , 9f067f3f9f2b0004f4cec4bc63a478f2.png )

It wasn't. I apologize. I got ahead of myself.
>> No. 16625 [Edit]
This man truly loves his waifu

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