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File 137817933261.jpg - (128.20KB , 266x700 , 1377973804325.jpg )
15886 No. 15886 [Edit]
I finally have found something to live for. Listen to this.

I'm going to get a job and save as much money as possible.

Sooner rather than later, brain transplants will become available. I'm going to get myself a full, lifelike prosthetic body resembling a 13 year old girl's and transplant my brain into it.

I'll need a new name and all the proper documentation to go along with it. So I'll probably hang around a morgue or hospital in a low income area and try to buy a legitimate birth certificate from the family of a recently deceased baby. Then I could just move somewhere elsewhere, wait a couple years and sign up for school.

I'll also need a dad or something. Depending on the technology available to me, I could just keep my original body in a freezer and put my brain back into it whenever my teachers demanded to see my parents. Getting a foster family would work too, if the chances of being abused and stuff weren't so high. And then there's always the option of making a deal with a bachelor (sex in exchange for food and lodging) but I dunno, I'm not that kind of person.

But what if I'm not the only one trying to get a fresh start? When brain transplants become affordable, the government will probably implement safety measures to keep creeps like me from infiltrating their schools. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mandatory catscan at the start of the school year, and a 70 year old brain like mine would surely stand out. I haven't figured out a way past this yet.

Pic related, I want my prosthetic body to look like this
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>> No. 15887 [Edit]
Not killing yourself out of unwarranted faith in the Technological Singularity?
Welcome to the club.
>> No. 15892 [Edit]
I would rather have immersive virtual technology than that. That way I can just virtually take the place of a woman in an artificial world and enjoy a life without boundaries, while still enjoying life as my normal self whenever it suited me.
>> No. 15897 [Edit]
Me too. Waiting for the Metamorphosis of Prime Intelligence to happen in real life so I can be a Haruhi king of my own reality until the bitch protagonist ruins it for me.

I'm sure there will be a few "cowboy years" when brain transplants are first available. There will be holes in the system, so it'll be easy to pass yourself as a little girl until fifteen years after the fact when everyone wises up. There'll even be informational pictures on the *chans: "How to Become a Little Girl Withotu Being Caught: A Ten Step Guide by benis!inbaJIIIn4."
>> No. 15910 [Edit]
Given an anime con I went to had the age listed in REALLY SMALL numbers, and I look younger than people think I am, so I was able to hang out with someone who was like 13 (outside of the con) when I was in my twenties, I think there will always be some sort of loophole you can use. Just make sure not to give away -too- much which would mistake you for being 20s, i.e. discussing college.
>> No. 15933 [Edit]
I lol'd.
>> No. 15934 [Edit]
Even until my mid 20's I was mistaken for a 15yo or less.
Not anymore.
>> No. 15967 [Edit]
File 137979277244.jpg - (120.30KB , 461x700 , (387).jpg )
The powers that be aren't going to allow immortality technologies be readily accessible to the public. I firmly believe as a species we're being exploited, building up the robotic grid and once we're no longer needed a bioweapon plague will be released to kill us useless peons.

Shit depresses me, I want to genetically engineer myself into an amorphous blob, like some amoeba.
>> No. 15969 [Edit]
Nah, they won't kill everybody. They will, however, find a place far from here so that they can separate themselves from us and live as a utopia of 'perfect' people. In that way they'll have their ideal home for the "elite".

The lower trash is needed to keep currency relevant and for them to keep their sense of superiority. Otherwise they'd become the very thing they hate after some time and will start that wheel all over again.

It is true that we're being exploited, though, but just not to die for them but to build their 'utopia' for them, along with their food and shits that they want and need.
>> No. 15974 [Edit]
"They're" beyond money at this point and don't need us anymore. Sure, I think they'll keep less than 500 million of us around for kicks, maybe farm us for virgins to eat/rape/sacrifice and use the other's for other ego/power-tripping hobbies.

I mean, what the fuck do we know anyways, I'm going to bed, shit bums me out.

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