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File 134507898396.jpg - (148.82KB , 841x706 , 54745627567.jpg )
10883 No. 10883 [Edit]
Anyone else watched this? It was pretty cute for a single OVA.
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>> No. 10884 [Edit]
I had no idea this existed...but I'll check it out.
>> No. 10885 [Edit]
I have it downloaded but haven't checked it out yet...good reminder.
>> No. 10889 [Edit]

It was a reasonably good translation.
>> No. 10892 [Edit]
>Yahagi Sayuri
>Kobayashi Yuu

>> No. 10893 [Edit]
Hell no it isn't. Go with the CMS sub.

EveTaku's work is 'dub translation' quality, and in places it wildly guesses what's being said and gets it 180 degrees wrong-- like the father saying where the monkey bike came from.
>> No. 10894 [Edit]
I liked it. Same director as Tamayura and Aria, and it showed, but that's a good thing. Shame it's just a one-off OVA (he he) but maybe it'll get made into a show later on like with Tamayura.
>> No. 10895 [Edit]
It's quite unusual for an anime to have a concise and well-written 'message'.
>> No. 10896 [Edit]
>EveTaku's work is 'dub translation' quality
I'm going to have to disagree there. Lyger is one of the best fan translators still active. He's been rated really well in every TL review I've seen from 8thSin or Not Red Reviews.

I reckon this might be what you're finding fault with:
>I expect some people to take issue with the localization decisions in this release. Well, what will come will come. Meanwhile, enjoy the healing.
>> No. 10897 [Edit]
>localization decisions in this release.

"What would FUNimation do??"

Seriously, the English into Spanish/German/French was an idea of someone without a clue of what they're trying to do. When Cynthia was yelling clearly in english "Me So Hot!" ..and becoming "Chicken Noodle Soup!" ...that just makes the subs look stupid, and makes the viewer think "how much of the rest of this translation is fake?"
>> No. 10904 [Edit]
Nice cast. Didn't like the main character (her personality I mean, not Gotou Saori). I'm from a small town myself and the 'I want to move out as fast as possible and live in some bigass city' whining makes me want to puke.

Everything else was so-so. Will watch the next two OVAs but I don't think I'd bother with a TV series.
>> No. 10909 [Edit]
Thanks for sharing
>> No. 10916 [Edit]
File 134526349144.jpg - (172.70KB , 1264x704 , logic.jpg )
Where is the logic in these lights?........
>> No. 10919 [Edit]
It's just a dream sequence. I'm pretty sure the red lights are meant to symbolize her inability to proceed forward to where she wants to go.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2012, 1:31am
>> No. 10922 [Edit]
Wasn't that interesting unfortunately.
What they tried to convey was too simple and having "HONDA" slapped on everything didn't help either.
>> No. 10923 [Edit]

I agree that some of the localization choices were a bit jarring, however:

> idea of someone without a clue of what they're trying to do

It may have been a poor decision, but lygerzero0zero is a good translator and most of Evataku's stuff is of a pretty high standard.

>When Cynthia was yelling clearly in english "Me So Hot!" ..and becoming "Chicken Noodle Soup!"

Are you sure she was speaking English, or was she talking about miso soup? Which, whilst a localization, makes some sense to translate into "Hot chicken noodle soup."
>> No. 10925 [Edit]
I agree with you in that she was saying miso soup, not "me so hot".
>> No. 10935 [Edit]
File 134535092619.jpg - (137.00KB , 1280x720 , [EveTaku] One Off OVA - 01 & 02 [720p][6D278E8.jpg )
That was a hell of a lot of product placement.
>> No. 10937 [Edit]
File 134536437884.jpg - (147.07KB , 1280x720 , [EveTaku] One Off OVA - 01 & 02 [720p][6D278E8.jpg )
Vroom vroom!
>> No. 10938 [Edit]
Apparently there's another 2 episodes.
>> No. 10947 [Edit]
Everything went much better than expected!
>> No. 10953 [Edit]
Very cute little show; glad you posted this, OP.
>> No. 10954 [Edit]
File 134547154044.jpg - (151.45KB , 689x1000 , a01c4228231abc6839048782baf1f662.jpg )
Dat Cynthia.

She brings out the worst in me.
>> No. 10960 [Edit]
What happened to her butterfly hair accessory thing anyway?
>> No. 10961 [Edit]
File 13455024728.png - (1.35MB , 1280x720 , grab07701.png )
So cute.

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