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File 137301822110.jpg - (148.12KB , 1280x720 , Servant x Service.jpg )
16405 No. 16405 [Edit]
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>> No. 16406 [Edit]
Ep 1 was fairly enjoyable. The characters are quirky which seems like a good thing initially but they might end up feeling too 1 dimensional and get old two eps in, let's see how the series will manage to deal with that. Unfortunately the same goes for the contents of the show itself - while this anecdotal approach worked really well in ep 1 I'm not very confident it will stay as enjoyable throughout the whole season. I hope they will try to move the action away from the office for a change of pace, even if for a couple of minutes.
Also, the opening animation is amusingly mismatched from the song, wonder what happened there.

Overall a pretty good first ep but I'm afraid this show might end up running out of juice midway through.
>> No. 16427 [Edit]
File 137312648576.jpg - (102.03KB , 1280x720 , Like dogs.jpg )
I quite liked it too, some funny moments and the civil service makes a nice change of style from the usual high school SOL. I agree that it could wear thin quite quickly if they're not careful, but hopefully they'll be able to keep it fresh.

Being unable to read the website and get the answer to the quiz question at the end is sure to bother me in future weeks though.
>> No. 16429 [Edit]

The quiz question was mistranslated in some (most? all?) releases. What they asked about was the weight, not which of them is most common (I mean, if that were the case obviously childbirth certificate would have to be #1).
As for the reason it got mistranslated I've got not idea since I don't speak moon either. They put 重い in quotation marks so it might've been a pun of sorts (again, I don't speak Moon so I'm just guessing).

The correct answer is divorce papers.

You can find the answers here: http://www.servantservice.org/story/
>> No. 16434 [Edit]
Thank you, both for for the link and especially for clearing up the translation mistake.

Reading the answer and thinking it meant divorce was more common in Japan than childbirth or marriage could have led to me looking really stupid.
>> No. 16478 [Edit]
File 137326008558.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0234.png )
Heh, I remember doing this at my first job. Coworkers thought I was really sick.

Pretty nice first ep. I'm still a bit surprised this was a full length anime, I was expecting it to be a web anime type thing, or something with 15 minute eps at best. The OP was really visually interesting, I hope that didn't destroy the show's overall budget.

I wonder why Yamagami can't just get her named changed. Is that not allowed in japan? some kind of social taboo or something?
>> No. 16591 [Edit]
File 137367642180.jpg - (76.32KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 02 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
I'm starting to like this show a lot. The characters are all likeable and for some reason it just really seems to work for me. Perhaps I have a repressed longing for a boring office job.

Sadly I did not have the requisite knowledge of geography and soy sauce consumption to get this week's question right. The answer is Kyushu, if my google translate "skills" haven't failed me
>> No. 16622 [Edit]
Is this an anime about government workers?
>> No. 16630 [Edit]
>> No. 16654 [Edit]
File 137393539731.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , good job SxS.png )
I wasn't really expecting much going into this, but so far it's turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable. This is looking like it will easily be one of my favorites of the season.
>> No. 16941 [Edit]
This series is all-too-guilty when it comes to the the second most cardinal sin in comedy anime - no BGM. I don't know who should be blamed for it (the director is my guess) but he should pull his shit together and start using those tracks. It's not like there aren't any. It really annoys me.

This is probably my only complain when it comes to this show. It's great otherwise. My initial worries about them sticking to closely to anecdotes from lives of civil sercants was completely unfounded. Actually, if anything there are surprisingly few of those.

My favorite this season (but please don't be afraid to use those BGM tracks, a misplaced one is still a much smaller sin than having no BGM at all).
>> No. 16943 [Edit]
File 137593106557.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0453.png )
Is that vain-poping thing tattooed on her face or something? it seems to always be there regardless of her mood.
>> No. 16952 [Edit]

>it seems to always be there regardless of her mood.

That's the joke.
>> No. 16961 [Edit]
i like this show, but this thread sucks dicks because OP was such a shit tier post. just some faggot who wants to see his thread bumped for a few months. TC should be better than that, but if it isn't then i can discuss this show or any other on 4chan whenever i want.
>> No. 16965 [Edit]
What are you even going on about stop ruining the thread with your meta shit.
>> No. 16966 [Edit]
>What are you even going on about
I was going to ask him the same thing.
>> No. 16967 [Edit]
The joke is she's consistently annoyed?
>> No. 16974 [Edit]

More or less. I treat that design and her character as a meta joke of sorts, the author is kind of making fun of all the tsundere characters with short fuse. Whether I'm overthinking it is debatable I guess but I think you get the point.

Personally I think it's pretty funny if visually unappealing.
>> No. 17002 [Edit]
File 137637003217.jpg - (95.90KB , 1297x730 , be a bunny LIKE A BOSS.jpg )
I can't say I like their boss much...

I don't hate him or anything, but he just doesn't seem to... 'fit', very well. Being what he is and all. you know what I mean? I might buy it if they worked for a toy or electronics manufacture, but not government workers.
>> No. 17276 [Edit]
I liked this show a lot more before all the relationship drama...
>> No. 17398 [Edit]
Jesus that end was terrible. Not that I expected much but the way they tryed to pin the blame on Hasebe for that name thing was down right idiotic.
you've got to be a real asshole to ruin someone's life and blame your kid for it (who's dating that same person) on account of him catching a fever that day. I can't believe the guy actually bought that bullshit and took the blame. Then they go and just drop the whole issue. Well whatever, Lucy should have just changed her name the second she could if it bothered her that much. so what if that sends a bad message to her parents, they're the real ones to blame for giving her a stupid name like that. I'm just glad this ridiculous name thing wasn't the main focus in this anime.

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