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File 14051338679.jpg - (166.49KB , 757x618 , 831ec14b57eaa948b52fcd6b83c0f8d1.jpg )
16053 No. 16053 [Edit]
I'm so sick of the word "waifu". It makes it sound like a joke, which also doesn't help to differentiate the serious people from the ones who use it as a joke. I wish there was another term. I personally refer to her in my head as "my girlfriend".

What do you think about it? Do you refer to her as your "waifu" or something else? Have you come up with your own term for it? Should we brainstorm a new term and change the universe?!

I was thinking of this earlier, and I thought the term "mirage" was fitting, but ehhhh.
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>> No. 16054 [Edit]
I also don't much care for the term due to it's joke/meme attachments.
I believe we've gone over this before but becuase no one on this board seems to know what the subject field is for finding the thread in the catalog would be too much of a bother. never the less I don't believe we were able to come up with anything better. We have 2D lover of course but that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue not is it something exclusive to waifu or even something I imagine one would like to use often. We did however play around with the idea of using what the Japanese use for their waifus which I myself think would work well.
>> No. 16055 [Edit]
Indeed, makes it sound like a joke and if anybody heard that they'd say "what, like your wife but with a you? HAHAHA"
Moreover I believe it diminishes from how serious such a relationship is to others.

I refer to her as a waifu but I'd refer to her as something else if I had a clue
at the same time she's not my girlfriend because well

she's not real
>> No. 16056 [Edit]
I looked but I couldn't find the old thread about this topic. Sorry.
>> No. 16058 [Edit]
How about my "two dimensional romantic interest"? Or 2DRI for short. Or 2dri if you want to be a lazy bastard.
>> No. 16059 [Edit]
Personally i don't mind this word, i like how it sounds, and the way it was originally used (by Kimura-sensei, i mean).

>>It makes it sound like a joke, which also doesn't help to differentiate the serious people from the ones who use it as a joke.

I also dislike people who use it as a joke, but i stopped caring about such things long ago. Maybe that's because i tend to avoid places where such people dwell.

>>Do you refer to her as your "waifu" or something else?

I don't usually talk with other people about her, but "waifu" is alright, if it's online.

>>Should we brainstorm a new term and change the universe?!

I think we shouldn't bother.

Post edited on 11th Jul 2014, 9:09pm
>> No. 16060 [Edit]
The term works well for me, couldn't care less for what other people make of it.

Who are those others even supposed to be? Nobody outside our niche would take us seriously and I think this has little to do with terminology.

Too burdensome for casual use.
>> No. 16061 [Edit]
>Who are those others even supposed to be?
while it may not bother you, the answer would be ourselfs.
For many of us being very serious in our commitment to our 2d lovers but not having a proper word to convey the the life style is troublesome to say the least. We who are serious about the matter should have a term for it that isn't essentially a meme. waifu only works in a half joking passive manner. besides simply sounding silly the term has far too much negative baggage. one thing I am sure of is that doing nothing will not tern the term around the way slaves turned nigger around. The word will only continue to be misused and made a mockery of.
>> No. 16062 [Edit]
File 140514084155.jpg - (223.77KB , 700x893 , neuron - 姫カットいおりん - 6333462 かぼ.jpg )
Personally I do feel the same, saying Iori as 'my waifu' feels as if the love there doesn't feel really authentic at all. That's why I prefer calling her '俺の嫁', 'my wife' or even 'my princess', because that's what I think she prefers to be called.
>> No. 16065 [Edit]
I'm usually okay with "husbando." At first I didn't like it because I thought it sounded dumb, but I couldn't find any other word to describe our relationship.

"Boyfriend" always felt like a childish term to me for some reason. "Partner" or "Sweetheart" are what I use most.
>> No. 16067 [Edit]
I think it would be clever to derive it from the term "3DPD", kind of like >>16058, but less complicated. Eg. 2 dimensional pure and lovely, or lovely and pure - 2DPL/2DLP, or anything similar. On the other hand, it's not uncommon to turn a negative term into something positive. Think afro american culture, for example. Don't know if you like the sound of that, though.
>> No. 16068 [Edit]
File 140518768118.png - (277.11KB , 530x640 , 5ecab791551224bf245be589dc2004fb1.png )
I don't think it's something that can really be changed. It's been this way for so long that we're pretty much stuck with it. Even if we do somehow come up with a new term, the internet won't forget.

I do refer to her as mai waifu. I don't hate the term, though I might be biased towards it, because of where it stems from. The only issue I have with it is that I don't really view Kagura as a "wife", which is what "waifu" means in the literal sense. I see her as a best friend, even if we have more of a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.
>> No. 16069 [Edit]
File 140518977869.jpg - (3.01MB , 2940x3036 , i4779900471.jpg )
I agree that waifu makes the relationship sound shallow; to me, it would be what you would call girls in your harem or whilst joking around.

I refer to her as my girlfriend / fiancee most of the time. My fox being a pet name for her. The word wife, I am holding off on, until I feel I am ready to be married to her (with a ring) and being financially / emotionally stable.
>> No. 16070 [Edit]
I don't mind 'waifu'. I only bring her up in communities that take the concept seriously, so the term has never had negative connotations in my head. I understand where those with different experiences are coming from, though.

I wouldn't dare call her my 'girlfriend' or 'lover' because, although she brings me nothing but joy and I love her with all my heart, I do not consider it a two-sided relationship at all. She's beautiful and subjectively perfect; I am neither. I am still working on myself for her sake. I hope I'll get there one day.

>Do you refer to her as your "waifu" or something else?
Usually I just refer to her by name, it feels respectful and right.

>Should we brainstorm a new term and change the universe?
If you want to. Use whatever makes you happy.

If a new term is coined and and accepted into common usage, however, it WILL eventually start getting downplayed/ridiculed as often as 'waifu' is (if not more), sadly. I believe it's best to work with what we've got.
>> No. 16071 [Edit]
File 140519822485.png - (114.01KB , 319x262 , rin_woah.png )
I just refer to her as my girlfriend. People tell me I've got mental issues but they don't know about lucid dreaming and how real the experiences are. After 6 years of practice I've been able to create in a dream a perfect date with her.
>> No. 16072 [Edit]
When you're asked whether you have a girlfriend (online or real life, doesn't matter) do you always answer with yes? This question is for everyone in the thread.
>> No. 16074 [Edit]
It's always fascinating how the definition of a a word can dynamically change, even when the term itself hasn't been in use for long. Making up a new one would be futile at this point, "waifu" is simply too widespread.

Personally, I have no issue with the word, although when "talking" to her I refrain from using it. I much rather prefer to call her "darling", "sweetheart" and the like - or even cute little pet names in my native language. Funnily enough, the っち suffix used for her nickname is just as valid in that language too, vocally of course.

A co-worker once asked me out of the blue, it took me by surprise so I told her that I do. Thankfully she didn't ask many questions or else I'd've been in a pinch, but it felt nice to talk about her like that - quite different from all that stuff I like to post online.
>> No. 16075 [Edit]
I've never really been asked whether I have a girlfriend. I'd probably say no to be honest.
>> No. 16076 [Edit]
I just call her by her name. Why anyone would call his waifu 'waifu' while talking to her directly is beyond me.
>> No. 16078 [Edit]
File 140520483842.png - (1.56MB , 800x1366 , 38377218.png )
I have no problem with the word. I don't refer to her as "waifu" anywhere else since I don't really speak of 2D love anywhere else, but I don't care if some people think poorly of the term (as if I care about their opinion on love anyway) and I don't deny her as "mai waifu" if someone brings it up (even in person).

Calling her "girlfriend", on the other hand, would disgust me to no end cause it'd mean that I regard her as a woman and 2D love as similar to theirs, which is not the case at all. I have a waifu because that's what I want, not a wife.
>> No. 16079 [Edit]
To learn from history, as wise men do:


I'm sure there'll be a lot more threads related to this if you search for it. It's the kind of petty subject that's been brought up again and again.
>> No. 16081 [Edit]
>>Calling her "girlfriend", on the other hand, would disgust me to no end cause it'd mean that I regard her as a woman and 2D love as similar to theirs, which is not the case at all.

That's interesting, i find myself feeling the same way.
>> No. 16082 [Edit]
I don't mind the word "husbando". I don't really like it but it does its job and I wouldn't go out of my way to make another word for it.

"Boyfriend" and "husband", to me, seem like 3D-only terms and I wouldn't want to bring that into it. Plus it almost sounds comical, like the relationship is insincere (might feel all right for others though). They feel dirty in a way.

I sometimes refer to him as "my beau" but really I just refer to him by name.
>> No. 16085 [Edit]
I don't. Even if I did see her as such, I'd probably still say no to avoid the possibility of further questions being asked.

I would refer to her as mai waifu if someone were to ask me what she is to me, if I feel I won't get ridiculed, or if I'm discussing her with like-minded people.

Post edited on 12th Jul 2014, 6:29pm
>> No. 16086 [Edit]
>I would refer to her as mai waifu if someone were to ask me what she is to me, if I feel I won't get ridiculed, or if I'm discussing her with like-minded people.

I would do the same, but that's talking about her and not to her.
>> No. 16088 [Edit]

I've been asked before and panicked and said no. I just don't want to have to explain, though I promised him I'd say yes if anyone asks again.
>> No. 16118 [Edit]
2-dri sounds like a 90s rapper.
>> No. 16137 [Edit]

I have more thoughts to add to my previous comments.

One of my friends I play with regularly refers to Ahri as one of his "waifus", alongside several other characters. I must admit it bothers me a lot, hearing him talk about her like it's some stupid joke. He doesn't fully understand my relationship with her either, and doesn't seem to get why I would feel so upset when he tries to share erotic fanfics about her with me or whatnot. Of course I won't share my folder of her pictures with him.

Damn, now I am feeling more and more irritated thinking about this. He's a good guy otherwise, he just doesn't seem to understand this entire relationship her and I have, and thinks he shares something similar or whatever.

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