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File 133015270017.jpg - (52.81KB , 1280x800 , ikoku2.jpg )
8588 No. 8588 [Edit]
Alright /mai/, I'm sure alot of you know the term "waifu" has and always will be defined as "favorite character/fap materal/fotm/ etc etc". This is because sadly, not many people actually believe that it is possible to love something and expect nothing in return. I won't get into the details and rant about it, even though I'd love to, but am I the only one troubled by this? Whenever I go to places and see the term being used for 4chan's definition, it makes me sad knowing that these people are indirectly joking around with a word I actually used to refer to "her" as. What I want to know is, what do you guys actually call your beloved? I'm trying to not say waifu as much as possible, because waifu is what it really is, a joke term. While we use it here everyday, the real definition is not what we think it is. Personally, I call her my beloved, most of the time I call her by her name, sometimes I call her my wife/lover, but I refrain from calling her my waifu, because I feel like it's a joke.
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>> No. 8589 [Edit]
Well, there's 2D lover, it's something they use officially in news reports and such for describing the people in japan involved with this, but that sounds too serious, too 'politically correct'.
like I'm sure most homosexuals don't call themselves such amongst themselves.
or African Americans calling themselves 'African Americans' casualty.

Post edited on 24th Feb 2012, 11:01pm
>> No. 8590 [Edit]
I dislike using the term waifu as well, and I wish we could change the board name into something a bit more serious, but I could understand that turning into alot of trouble for various reasons. The whole "mai waifu" thing is just overplayed. While we do use it here for more personal intentions and not jokingly, the majority of people use it as a joke. I do feel bad as well, but not anymore since I don't refer to her as my waifu anymore. I call her by her name and sometimes I just call her my lover.
>> No. 8591 [Edit]
I prefer the word waifu
>> No. 8592 [Edit]
Well you can love 2D girls but not be obsessed enough to have imaginary relationships with them
>> No. 8593 [Edit]
>/mai/ - 2D lovers

Are you really going to let the opinion of some faggot change how you perceive things, Tohno?

Look, sometimes people see things as jokes, while other people see the same thing as something to die for. You can't let the opinion of the masses sway how you feel about something. If you like the term, use it, if you don't, then don't. I use the term Waifu, and I really love her. Fuck what others think, and fuck anybody that says otherwise, because it is true to me.

2D lovers sounds even worse. I know you have good intentions, Tohno, but... No. Just, no.

I am not amused to have woken up to this.
>> No. 8595 [Edit]
Actually I think "2D lovers" sounds better. Term "waifu" has never had serious meaning outside very minor community.
>> No. 8596 [Edit]
I don't think anyone implied '2D lover' is exclusive to the obsessed.
>> No. 8597 [Edit]
Well, I'm sure you've noticed by now that we are one of said minor communities, no?

Or are you invalidating our worth as a whole to appeal to a larger picture?
>> No. 8598 [Edit]
Personally, I think "waifu" is fine.
It sounds "kawaii", it's the widely-accepted term, and it also has the benefit of detouring "she is a cartoon, not your waifu" comments, as those people think it's just a joke whenever they hear that word thrown about.

While a word suited to more "serious" people wouldn't go a miss, I think waifu works just fine.

But as
said, calling your beloved by "waifu" has definitely become tainted from what it once was.
>> No. 8599 [Edit]
Well that's the point. Because we are the minor community I think we should be the ones who separate our term from this widespread "joke term", because meaning is totally different. Do we even have right to use word "waifu" and complain how people use it as joke? Because in the begin, it was just a joke, right?(azumanga daioh meme)

In my opinion "2D love" describes our thing much better. Word "waifu" just sounds like weeaboo stuff. No she isn't my wife; she is 2D character who I love.
>> No. 8600 [Edit]
Ah, it changed back.

I was worried for a second since “2D lovers” was a bit too broad of a term for this board when I'm sure that most, if not all, of the users of this site love 2D. It would have been a little redundant.

Maybe “2D love” would be fine.
>> No. 8601 [Edit]
I'm not denying you have points in there, because you do, but my point still stands in my first post here >>8593 (Which seems to have had its picture deleted. Uh-oh, guess people didn't like it~)

A word is what you make of it, and it has become a word to describe love here, no? Why change that?
>> No. 8604 [Edit]
Let them say whathever they want and let /mai/ and the term "waifu" alone; it's ok as it is.
>> No. 8650 [Edit]
Why not just say wife? It's what the Japs do.
>> No. 8651 [Edit]
Because that would imply that we are marred to them.
one of the problems with the term waifu.

Seems strange to me to skip all the development of a relationship, from first developing interest, confessing ones feelings, to dating, to proposal, being engaged, having a wedding...
all that stuff, and just jump right to being already married.
I have a 'waifu' but it seems odd to me to just decide on your own when you first meet that special someone "I like you, we're married now"

Now, that Koren guy who's waifu is Fate, that guy has every right in the world to say he's married to fate.
>> No. 8652 [Edit]

>that guy has every right in the world to say he's married to Fate.

I don't fucking think so, somehow. Being in love is nothing similar to an actual relationship. Loving someone ends at falling in love. You can't 'marry' someone who isn't there. No-one has to right to say they're married to anyone they aren't married to. You don't confess to, you don't date, you don't propose to, and you don't marry someone you've never met. Someone you can't meet. Not understanding this is delusion of the highest level. He's got less right to say than anyone else.

You know as well as everyone else does - you might love someone, but if by any chance they were real you'd have to start from the very fucking start as you would with any relationship. It'll even be harder considering your feelings. You might be impossibly determined to succeed, it would be a challenge like nothing before, but undoubtedly worth every last fucking second of your life to chase.
>> No. 8653 [Edit]
I went through a kind of dating stage to be sure I loved Miko. Nothing else can be helped, though. Waifu are, for better and for worse, only possible in absolutely one-sided relationships.
>> No. 8654 [Edit]

>Waifu are, for better and for worse, only possible in absolutely one-sided relationships.

Yes. Having a waifu is a masochistic choice to make. You gain nothing, but you lose a considerable fraction of your normality. As >>8652 said already, you can't really say that she's your waifu in the literal sense. Your beloved, maybe, but as an actual wife, good luck opening up a portal to her universe and finding her...if it exists, that is.

And those savages think we have no guts just because we can't pursue a "real relationship". But that's another discussion.
>> No. 8655 [Edit]

That faggot's just a disillusioned crazy person.
He isn't married to Fate. He's living in a dream world trying to cope with the fact he's never really going to hug her or be with her. He can't deal so he tries to tell everyone that he's happy.

Things like that make me sick
>> No. 8656 [Edit]
File 133091909087.jpg - (33.25KB , 450x363 , c7390.jpg )
So, then... you agree that waifu is not a good term to use?

Also, I wasn't entirely serious about the Koren guy, I mean sure, he did the whole wedding ritual thing and what not, but it's not cannon to the material fate is from, and never will be.
>> No. 8657 [Edit]
Honestly. I'd rather feel genuine misery than fake happiness. I was like that for a freakishly large majority of my life; Pretending to be happy, but nothing ever really clicked until I acknowledged that I wasn't okay with the way things are. You have to accept it - She won't ever be real. Anything else, "marrying" characters, needing your own news stories and blogs to confirm it, isn't love, it's simply attention whoring, for lack of a better word. There's a fancier way to say that, for sure.
>> No. 8658 [Edit]
Maybe you're an emotional masochist.
>> No. 8659 [Edit]
Very possible.
>> No. 8661 [Edit]
While I suppose "masochistic" may be a good way to describe it, I'm definitely going to disagree that you gain nothing from having a waifu. Maybe there are some people who gain nothing, but I'd say that most of us get at least something positive out of having our waifus.
>Anything else, "marrying" characters, needing your own news stories and blogs to confirm it, isn't love, it's simply attention whoring, for lack of a better word.
I think you bring up a good point here. Whether or not Korean guy has any right to claim his marriage is questionable, but he should have simply kept everything private like the rest of us do.
>> No. 8662 [Edit]
>Maybe there are some people who gain nothing, but I'd say that most of us get at least something positive out of having our waifus.
I agree. I think some people are expecting the "benefits" of a 3D relationship--those people are never going to be truly satisfied with a waifu until they can get past that.

I don't mind the term waifu. Niche communities often turn negative terms into something acceptable, and sometimes separate it from its original meaning/intent. I think in time that will happen with the word waifu as well.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2012, 1:34pm
>> No. 8665 [Edit]
>You gain nothing, but you lose a considerable fraction of your normality.

That's a pretty big generalization. Since I've "been with" my waifu, I've been the happiest as I have been in a long time. I feel less filled with despair. It's given me a reason to live, and something to hope for from tomorrow - maybe a new figure of her will be announced, maybe I'll find a fantastic doujin, or maybe I'll do something "for" her. It all gives me a reason to do something, and to hope for something.

While it has affected my sanity, as I'm pushing myself into fantasy, and while it does hurt that it is fantasy, I believe I am as content in my life as I can be, and because of that, I appear as normal as ever. As I am happier and more satisfied with my life, I have become more confident. I've become more likable, and I've found making friends laughably easy. The most "normal" person I have ever met was someone who became a hardcore elitist raider on World of Warcraft, who was in the best guild on the server, and he never once lost any of his normality from it. I remember a few years ago, if you even so much as showed that you know something about WoW, you were branded a basement-dwelling loser who will never have sex. Just because someone does something out-of-the-ordinary doesn't make them any less normal. Everyone does something "unusual", whether that be watch strange porn, play Dungeons and Dragons, or have a waifu. Even that douchebag in high-school who used to get pussy like whoah, I guarantee he at least collected Yu-Gi-Oh cards or something and would go to his cousin's house of a weekend and battle the night away.

The pros greatly outweigh the cons for me. I get to feel loved, have a source of escapism (which we all need one way or another, anyway), and have something to care about other than whether or not my internet will crap out tonight. Although I can feel myself get crazier by the day, I'd rather be a seemingly-normal lunatic with a fictional girlfriend than a near-depressed sad shut-in who's desperate for something interesting in his life.
>> No. 8672 [Edit]
Ever since I made my initial post in this thread, I've been watching how I feel about the word "waifu". Since I refuse to refer to the one I love as "waifu", everything has kind of gotten a little better. Every time I see the term except for this website, I feel indifferent, maybe even happy. This is because their joking nature with the term has nothing to do with my beloved, at least not anymore. The only place I will ever accept the term for what I think it should really stand for is here, in TC.

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