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File 135390855723.jpg - (17.05KB , 400x267 , 1338592468828.jpg )
12665 No. 12665 [Edit]
I suspect that many of you have had facebooks other other forms of social media in the past, and have since deleted them. Have you ever taken a look back and see whats become of them? What did you feel like?
>> No. 12666 [Edit]
>facebooks other other forms of social media

>> No. 12667 [Edit]
I'm the same as >>12666.

Never had one and will never have one.
>> No. 12668 [Edit]
I had an account on a shitty social site when I was 14, but I used it for a week, got bored and never touched it again.

I guess you could count last.fm as a social media too, but I don't talk to anyone there.
>> No. 12669 [Edit]
Yep. I used to survive off attention. If I didn't get it, my 14 year old self would have committed suicide. I suppose that's how normal people are. What I've become? Elevated. Above all of it. I really wish I hadn't wasted all of those years perpetuating that kind of persona. I could have done many interesting things in that time.
>> No. 12671 [Edit]
Have you found passion? I'm jealous.

Still the only interest I have is acceptance. A few months ago, on another site, I successfully made many people laugh. I could distinctly feel the rush, as it has been quite a while since I had felt pleasure. It made me realize that my life is just a meaningless scramble for those scraps of affection. But still, it is the only thing that brings me pleasure.

Of course, it's kind of funny, being like this is disgusting, so a deeper acceptance is not to be found.
>> No. 12672 [Edit]
I have an LJ and a Facebook. Stopped using the LJ some 5 years ago and I still use shitbook to talk to old friends.
>> No. 12673 [Edit]
what the crap is LJ?
>> No. 12674 [Edit]

Speaking of LJ, I wonder if I had missed out by not having an account there while it was still relevant. I mean, that was a time when blogs were a relatively new thing, and a lot of kids my age were using it to rant on and on about whatever was on their mind. I, on the other hand, just kept stuff to myself (not like I had much to whine about anyway).
>> No. 12675 [Edit]
a thread about social media
>> No. 12676 [Edit]
No accounts. Nice cat.
>> No. 12677 [Edit]
It's a thread about looking into the lives of people who were in your life once and seeing how they've changed and how happy they all look.
>> No. 12678 [Edit]
I had a livejournal a while back, no one knew about it but me though. It's still up. It was basically just about my daily life and me ranting. As I grown a little older some things I found weren't true anymore that I used to think but a lot of my hate towards the world and life still remains constant. I'm still in general the same person I always was just slightly more evolved. I haven't changed in forever, this is who I am as my complete self.

Besides that I did have a Myspace which I deleted recently from my first year of high school. Not much to it, just an old picture of me which looks slightly younger but still about the same as now and a couple people I stalked constantly even though I didn't even like them, I was just desperate for affection and was too influenced by the pressure of others so it was a long shot away from what I really wanted. I'm glad they pushed me away. I would have been miserable.

My final year I had a shitbookfor a little bit but that's gone now too. Mostly just for keeping up with some shit at school, I didn't do much on it besides stalk yet another person I liked silently but this time I actually meant it and really did like them. But they too ended up avoiding me once they found out what I was up to.

That's really it, some scattered throw away forum accounts with my username I use everywhere and others.
>> No. 12679 [Edit]
That's terrible. I sure hope that none of the people I've met are living happy lives because that will make me depressed and I want them to suffer and die because I'm sure that most, if not all, of them have made me suffer in some way while laughing at me just to entertain themselves.
>> No. 12680 [Edit]
Had a page at a anime themed social site. in spite of trying really hard to fit in and acting like everyone else there, it thought me just how fickle anime fans can be while I watched each friend I tried to make go from bff to pretending I don't exist. might have some fat fuck telling me she loves me and wants me to be her boyfriend one day, then says the same to the next guy in line the next day. yeah looking back at the site is embarrassing but this stuff was something that continued even after leaving the site and going to /a/, which turned out to be the same shit. desperately trying fit in and get on people's good sides and what did I get out of it? 20 contacts on msn and none are ever online anymore. went on even after leaving 4chan, and still one by one I drive friends away. now I just don't give a shit anymore and expect nothing of anyone. I've driven away almost everyone I've known. I used to try really hard to fit in, but I see now how pointless it is to try, people are gonna hate me regardless no matter what site I hang out at. I wonder when I might get tired of people here calling me a stupid shit posting troll all the time for speaking my mind... not really anywhere else to go, but at this point I don't think there's anywhere I should go becuase I'd just piss people off there too. you know shit sucks when you can't even fit in at a place you made yourself.
>> No. 12681 [Edit]
So many internet friends in various places have come and gone. It always gets me, I just keep falling for it over and over again. They randomly message me or something, I do the same almost instantly because seeing a little (1) in my inbox or comment thing just makes me so happy because no one ever interacts with me willingly, we become good friends for a little bit, then after that we never do anything again and they're just another face on my friends list I will probably never speak to again. Then the process repeats randomly forever and ever.
>> No. 12682 [Edit]
I've had all the social site things.

I started with myspace because my sister wanted to talk to me and pressured me into it. She also pressured me into shitbookand twitter.

I never had anyone other than her or a family member in my friends list so I deleted them. I don't think I deleted the myspace though, can you even delete those?
>> No. 12699 [Edit]
You can. Or at least that was the case back when I deleted mine.

I used to have a Myspace back when it was relevant, but I only had one friend added, some girl I would talk to every day at school but never have anything interesting to say. I would honestly take this site over FB anyday, at least it allowed you to personalize your page and wasn't integrated with everything and its mom. And you didn't have to go by your real name, either.
>> No. 12751 [Edit]
I actually have a facebook.
I think it was a way of making fun of me, but everyone at school kept bothering me about not having one, so I eventually made one, and people started adding me. I just post silly images and occasional songs. I could just wipe all of my friends list except for around 3 people and not even care.
>> No. 12757 [Edit]
I have one now too. Most of the people I talk to a lot are people I know off forums and anime conventions largely. Few people from my HS.
>> No. 12774 [Edit]
I have a Facebook. Used to have a Myspace full of Nu-metal, visual kei and Final Fantasy shit, but I scrapped that. Thankfully.

Uh. It's boring. Although last year, when I was using stimulants like no tomorrow, I'd get really horny during the last half of the high, and chat up most of the girls on my friend's list. I'd charm them with confidence (that I only had because I was tweaked), and make dates that I never went to, because physical contact fucking terrifies me. It was really awkward seeing them in school the day later. I'm a bad person. One of the girls was really clingy, and still tries to talk to me. It's been a year!

Now I just talk to the odd friend to make plans or whatever. I barely use it. My profile picture is the cover for American Football's album. Better than a car, haha. I'd like to make it better, with more pretty pictures of everyone's favorite druggie NEET, but...why would I do that? It's such a useless thing to me. Fuck social media. Go outside, Ford Drivers!

I feel really embarrassed whenever I look back on old messages sometimes. I was such a callous ass to everyone. Mainly because I was resentful - They were going to prom and the senior breakfast and all of that fun shit, and what was I doing? Getting spun on fucking Benzedrex. It really hurt when I realized how much of a dick I was. But I more or less fixed that. I think. It feels good to know that...
>> No. 12778 [Edit]
You should make your shitbooklink part of your name.
>> No. 12794 [Edit]
I think I still have a shitbookpage. It's been at least five years since I looked at it. Might have some posts on it, might not, and I couldn't care less.
>> No. 12798 [Edit]
I don't have any of that.

But I used to have an email with my name in it, so when you google my name you can read everything I wrote when I was twelve. It's hilarious.
>> No. 12799 [Edit]
I'm glad my name is so generic, this doesn't happen.
>> No. 12800 [Edit]
If you search my actual name nothing comes up besides just some personal page for someone else in my family with my name on it. My name is also so common that even if you type in my full name that you will get so much random results you wouldn't be able to find much anyways even if I did use my real name anywhere.
>> No. 12884 [Edit]
If you search my name there's a picture of me smoking a cigarette. Pretty cool digital footprint as far as it goes.
>> No. 12886 [Edit]
I had a LJ that we made in English 101 my freshman year of university, and they required us to use our full name. There's nothing really there because we only used it for maybe one or two assignments, so there's nothing incriminating or anything to trace it back to my online names. Other than that, searching my full name yields less than a dozen results since my last name is uncommon, but all of the hits rae for the other people. I think I pop up once under a White Pages listing with my parents.

I have a Shitbook account, but it's a psuedonym. I only really use it to keep tabs on a friend on the other side of the country whose computer was stolen a year or so ago, and money issues prevent him from getting a new one, so he uses his PSP to get online. The account itself has nothing on it.
>> No. 12953 [Edit]
I was forced to make a shitbookso that the other fuckers at my school could communicate with me about concerts, call times, and such since I hated them and they hated me, so we would never give each other our numbers.
I really only have 15 added, but of them, only 5 really matter to me, and there are only 2 of them who I don't have any alternative method of contacting.
brb deleting everything
>> No. 12955 [Edit]
I deleted my old myspace account when I was a high schooler. Thank Haruhi I did, because I know there was so many chu2-style moments there. I'm pretty sure my '09 tweets were the same as well.
>> No. 12956 [Edit]
I had a myspace in high school that I deleted in 2008 and have never had any other social media accounts.
>> No. 12957 [Edit]
I have a facebook. His only use is to stalk classmates from highschool and university, and see if they are living well or bad.

I feel some sort of energy every time I see photos of them being normal and happy. Is a mixture of jealusy and boringness. Like, yeah they are (kinda?) happy, but would I like to be surrounded by them? No. Their activities and conversations bore me to death.

So I tell myself "I gotta do something to feel happy but not like these people" Hard to explain.

Also situations like "Hi I'm 22 and I'M A FATHER!! SO MATURE RIGHT GUYS" and pictures of them with babies in shitty grandma houses makes me feel better about my weirdness.
>> No. 12964 [Edit]
I know what your saying, I don't really get jealous of what they are doing but in some areas where they are happy. Other than that they can breed like rabbits and further ruin their empty lives while I keep going my way that has gotten me more out of life than they will by the time they become grandmothers and grandfathers. Self destructive but this is the path to happiness for me, the only path. They found only pleasure, I found meaning and connection to something beyond humanity.
>> No. 13065 [Edit]
pfft, i feel downright inferior to Ford Drivers
can;t facebookstalk without getting depressed
>> No. 13067 [Edit]
I don't think I like you
>> No. 13147 [Edit]
I used to have a shitbookaccount. I had lots of "shitbookfriends". Since deleting my account (and blocking all facebook-related domains in my hosts file), I've found out who my real friends are, because they actually care enough to contact me outside of social networking sites.

Social networking sites are actually rather anti-social and encourage narcissism, facades, attention-seeking, and discourage people from posting their true feelings, due to a fear of being ostricized. The other major problem is the crazy data mining.

Projects like Diaspora seem to get rid of the whole "big brother" aspect of social networking, but it still seems like a terrible idea overall. shitbookwould still be terrible even without data collection.

If you're really friends with someone, you'll hang out with them, call them on the phone, chat with them in IRC if they're an online-only friend, etc. Accepting a friend request and saying "hppy bday anon lol" when shitbooknotifies them about it doesn't make them your friend.
>> No. 13148 [Edit]
Isn't all of that obvious from the start?
>> No. 13149 [Edit]
I suppose so, but when I was more naive and everyone was telling me I should make an account, I did, and gave it the benefit of the doubt. I never anticipated that it would be so awful.

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