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File 134925095475.jpg - (115.70KB , 610x863 , tonari_no_kaibutsu-kun.jpg )
11523 No. 11523 [Edit]
Cute, funny shoujo with a good soundtrack. What's not to like?
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>> No. 11526 [Edit]
Wow, I only watched this because of you OP. I love shoujo romance. The soundtrack, characters, art, everything is perfect. Thank you!
>> No. 11527 [Edit]
I liked it very much. Reminds me of Karekano.
>> No. 11529 [Edit]
File 134928642040.gif - (252.75KB , 480x270 , Shizuku munch.gif )
>> No. 11531 [Edit]
Would this series appeal to someone that isn't that into shoujo series?
>> No. 11532 [Edit]
File 134929403236.png - (620.32KB , 1280x720 , shot0216.png )
>> No. 11533 [Edit]
How about you try watching it.
>> No. 11534 [Edit]
i felt like it moved really fast but it was a satisfying episode
>> No. 11556 [Edit]
File 134932394338.png - (201.42KB , 538x319 , intercourse with you.png )
Indeed; thought at first Bokura ga ita came to mind (or Kimi ni todoke on crack). This show is somehow promising...

Also: they're both rather good looking, aren't they? the landscape drawing style is nice, too.

Post edited on 4th Oct 2012, 12:40am
>> No. 11559 [Edit]

I just finished it.

I like both protagonists... though I think the show is a bit too sweet for my tastes.
>> No. 11562 [Edit]
The guy says he's going to rape her and it's "too sweet" for you?
>> No. 11563 [Edit]
Shoujo isn't really my favourite but I took to this show right away. I really like both the main characters in it. Hopefully it continues fine.
>> No. 11570 [Edit]
I'm not into shoujo but I think I'll watch this, I liked the first ep
>> No. 11601 [Edit]
Did Natsume make an appearance yet? I don't really plan to watch this but I'd like to check if the seiyuu they picked for Natsume is any good.
>> No. 11640 [Edit]
No, but apparently it's her debut role.
>> No. 11738 [Edit]

Has a very nice voice, bordering perfect. I expect to see a lot more of her in the future.
>> No. 11740 [Edit]
File 134981698920.jpg - (1.26MB , 640x3240 , tcg.jpg )
This girl

is great.
>> No. 11742 [Edit]
File 134982504347.jpg - (102.95KB , 548x318 , yup.jpg )
<--- He's doing it so right...

But honestly: relantioships do ruin one's intellectual development. Unless they just carefully shag (maybe) and brake up in time, she's gonna end up an early pregnant valueless cunt (like the other girl, the stupid one, most probably will).

Post edited on 9th Oct 2012, 5:07pm
>> No. 11749 [Edit]
Just finished the first two episodes. I like the male protagonist. He's refreshing.

I'm definitely into it.
>> No. 11933 [Edit]
File 135034084433.gif - (727.55KB , 500x550 , asako bat.gif )
>> No. 11948 [Edit]
File 13503741566.jpg - (125.79KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - 03 [720p]_.jpg )
This is just so cute.
>> No. 11951 [Edit]
I never gave a shit about shoujo in my life, but I'm enjoying this show a lot, so far.
>> No. 11985 [Edit]
WOAH. I normally try to avoid all caps as much as possible but WOAH.

Manga is manga, LNs are LNs, VNs are VNs and anime is anime. Obviously, when you adapt something from one medium to another you'll have to deal with some adaptation decay, that much is nigh inevitable. But I didn't expect Brain's Base to this this half assedly.

This gives a whole new meaning to 'frame by frame adaptation'. Normally I'd use it when trying to praise something but here... Obviously, you can't draw every single thing in manga. It's too time/space consuming. So if you see a panel with somebody in class and someone jumping out of a window in the next one you can figure out what happened in between.

But that's manga. There's not only no reason but also absolutely no excuse to do the same in anime. What the hell is up with these cuts? The scene transition is absolutely shittastic. Know what, I'll actually check who's directing this...

And sure enough, not only is he not a new face he worked on Kimi ni Todoke before. Which is pretty much the same thing. So why was there no problem with adapting KnT when this looks so bad? I won't even mention 'talking is a free action' syndrome since it has been around for decades and nobody found a good way to avoid it.

I'm the guy who kept saying 'Natsume this, Natsume that'. The seiyuu who voices Natsume is okay. I was afraid they'd pick someone with a 'am I kawaii uguu' voice and it is a bit of a problem but I can deal with that much I guess. Could have been a whole lot worse.

... Now, how many volumes did I read again...
>> No. 12041 [Edit]
A lot of shows do cuts like that for comedic effect. It has a certain kind of humour to it when someone's reaction to something is not only so extreme that he would jump out a window, but that the extreme reaction is completely sudden and without hesitation. That helps define his character more.
>> No. 12044 [Edit]

I certainly did consider that possibility since delivering the punch line as soon as possible is very important in comedy (what's the point of a joke if everybody can figure out what'll happen next?) so I can excuse that particular scene. It's just that it happens all the time. The pacing suffers as a result, too.
>> No. 12063 [Edit]
I'll have to pay more attention to see what you're talking about. Nothing they've done so far has really bothered me. I didn't read the manga, though.
>> No. 12071 [Edit]

I'm overreacting because bad cuts are my #1 anime-related pet peeve. I just can't stand them and I literally can't recall a series where the cuts were as bad as they are here. Eva 2.0 was terrible, too, but at least they had a decent excuse.

The 'chase' scene from the story in ep 03 was an example of trying to adapt something too faithfully with little regard to the quality of the anime. Not really an example of a bad cut/scene transition, though.

But hey, if you enjoy it as it is good for you, I certainly don't plan to advise you to drop it or anything. I just wanted to get it off my chest. Overall it's not that bad, it's just that I would've expected more from Brain's Base (and a director who has some experience adapting shoujo romance manga).
>> No. 12080 [Edit]
After watching EP04, I see what you're talking about. Some of the cuts were rather terrible.
>> No. 12089 [Edit]
File 135096175441.png - (1.24MB , 1270x712 , cap003534.png )
>> No. 12091 [Edit]
File 135097759142.png - (225.36KB , 549x316 , falls in love.png )
lol'd hard. it was like the reverse of that SZS episode when guys fall in love with the guilt complex girl because they start reading her excuses as tsundere...

Post edited on 23rd Oct 2012, 12:34am
>> No. 12092 [Edit]
File 135097763033.png - (146.55KB , 540x319 , Spoiler Picture.png )
...and this was pretty bold.
>> No. 12132 [Edit]
File 135117430031.jpg - (170.47KB , 1280x720 , shot0002NTYy.jpg )
Probably because she's figured out how to talk to him by now.
>> No. 12133 [Edit]
File 135117447063.jpg - (221.98KB , 1280x720 , shot0001NTYy.jpg )
And I love this woman.

The show is slower than it started, but paced well enough for me to enjoy watching it.

Shizuku's voice is music to my ears, especially when she narrates or when we get to hear her thoughts.
>> No. 12178 [Edit]
File 135135761484.jpg - (60.17KB , 500x281 , 59887870.jpg )
She's so cute.
>> No. 12262 [Edit]
File 135176145181.png - (220.42KB , 549x318 , in bloom.png )
Mmmhh... this is getting (even more) interesting.
>> No. 12341 [Edit]
File 135219957376.png - (429.70KB , 548x318 , It is.png )
Poor thing.
>> No. 12356 [Edit]
File 135227485455.jpg - (211.71KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - 06 [EDFC453C]_mkv_s.jpg )
Her freak out was amazing
>> No. 12373 [Edit]
File 135234268182.jpg - (404.59KB , 1280x720 , 579870.jpg )
I'm really curious where it will go now with Chizuru.
>> No. 12395 [Edit]
File 135240903419.jpg - (144.27KB , 700x390 , moping.jpg )
I love seeing all the variations they go through in the style of their uniform.

Chizuru is really cute and I like watching Shizuku try to logically work out what she's feeling.
>> No. 12419 [Edit]
File 135264455546.jpg - (181.71KB , 1280x720 , q0qVpMjRZ2jdiKuQj3F.jpg )
I was going to say that I want the best girl to win at this point, but considering how much of an idiot Haru is, I'm going to go with AsakoxChizuru.

Post edited on 11th Nov 2012, 6:43am
>> No. 12420 [Edit]
File 135264542481.jpg - (106.76KB , 600x621 , f824358d6bf2dc6a875871b5cbd4652d.jpg )
But Haru is love.
>> No. 12421 [Edit]
You put that better in image than in words.

Post edited on 11th Nov 2012, 7:01am
>> No. 12436 [Edit]
File 135280869060.png - (725.98KB , 1280x720 , 5498740.png )
This show has made me fall in love with red hair all over again.
>> No. 12438 [Edit]

You mean there was a time when you DIDN'T love red hair?

Your /tc/ license, hand it over.
>> No. 12439 [Edit]
File 135281129162.jpg - (28.13KB , 545x317 , taste in girls.jpg )
Well, Chizuru is temporarily making me fall for black hair and nerdy types, once again (in other words: FU, Shizuku... I don't know if I understand you and want to shake hands, tell you to fuck off, or bone you sideways).
>> No. 12447 [Edit]
File 135286127053.jpg - (37.51KB , 500x275 , me balls.jpg )
Actually, I kind'a wish I was more like Haru: a tall, attractive academic genius with tender charm, who nevertheless is bold and frontal and can also beat the shit out of any jerk who's going too far... you know: to be like a real (manly) man.
>> No. 12448 [Edit]
Could someone make this into a flash banner?
>> No. 12449 [Edit]
why flash?
>> No. 12450 [Edit]
he probably means gif
>> No. 12451 [Edit]
Because .gif is too mainstream.
>> No. 12452 [Edit]
I think you got that backwards.
...unless you're typing from 1995
>> No. 12453 [Edit]
Because I remembered an animated /tc/ banner was flash and I stuck to that idea. But yeah: .gif or anything, I mean an animated banner.
>> No. 12487 [Edit]
Better make it apng then
>> No. 12513 [Edit]
File 135325061297.png - (389.74KB , 775x1200 , Tonari_no_Kaibutsu-kun_v01c03_p042[LK][TS].png )
The fact that the anime omitted most of Natsume's best scenes makes me sad.
>> No. 12529 [Edit]
File 13534764022.jpg - (125.64KB , 546x304 , good.jpg )
<---- She so got it coming...

Anyway: it still surprises me how not just Haru but everyone on this show can help acting like nervy animals. Most alexithymic cast in a while.
>> No. 12646 [Edit]
File 135408110361.jpg - (164.44KB , 536x613 , DEM LOVE FACES.jpg )
These never get old.
However: I miss chizuru.
>> No. 12647 [Edit]

It was cute how happy and excited she was after that
>> No. 12652 [Edit]
Ah, when it comes to guys it just has to be a tsundere, tsundere guys are simply the best.
>> No. 12748 [Edit]
File 135521360380.gif - (591.12KB , 500x281 , shizuku sour.gif )
>> No. 12749 [Edit]
SSJ Shizuku
>> No. 12750 [Edit]

>> No. 12752 [Edit]
File 135527809899.jpg - (266.56KB , 548x617 , FDS.jpg )
>> No. 12844 [Edit]
Oh, there's still another episode left. I thought this week was the last one and was thinking it was kind of an odd finale
>> No. 12915 [Edit]
Was 13 really the ending?
Well, SoL at its best then.
>> No. 12916 [Edit]
This was seriously a great show, though by the end Haru got a bit annoying.
>> No. 12919 [Edit]
File 135645081047.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0002.png )
Awesome show.
>> No. 12925 [Edit]
Also ova coming http://myanimelist.net/anime/16866/Tonari_no_Kaibutsu-kun_OVA/

I hope we get seconds season too. First season didn't really resolve anything.
>> No. 12926 [Edit]
Haru was a bit annoying from the beginning.

Yeah, second season seems certain.

This was a great show, though. Easily my favourite non-sequel show of the season.
>> No. 12955 [Edit]

>First season didn't really resolve anything.

Welcome to shoujo romance, enjoy your stay and the next 20493 episodes.
>> No. 12956 [Edit]
Can't wait
>> No. 12957 [Edit]
File 135693211167.png - (57.32KB , 400x200 , candycandy01.png )
>Welcome to shoujo romance
More like Slice of Life, where there's no linear narrative arc and nothing remarkable ever happens. Shoujo, on the contrary, has been traditionally melodramatic.
>> No. 12958 [Edit]
File 135694450785.jpg - (124.11KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tonari no Kaibutsu - 12 [9AC0124D].jpg )

Except it's not 1980 anymore. 'Modern' shoujo has looked like this for at least a decade by now. Every single popular shoujo nowadays is pretty much 'Heron and Crane: The Manga' (before getting turned into Heron and Crane: The Anime).

Claiming that this isn't a shoujo because it lacks melodrama is like claiming a character is not a tsundere unless she(/he) planned to gauge out the MCs eyes - while it's not completely wrong it's just incredibly outdated. Might as well try to convince people that 'gay' means 'happy' and has nothing to do with homosexuals.

Cellphone, tell me your secrets.
>> No. 12959 [Edit]
yeah, modern tsundere's prefer to kick MC in his balls.
>> No. 12960 [Edit]
From my experience shoujo romances get resolved. Boy and girl starts loving each other but then some problems occur and problems get solved. Tonari was more like typical shonen romance (like kimagure) where guy and girl run circles around each other 12/24 episodes and in the end nothing happens.
>> No. 12961 [Edit]
Where would you guys place Karekano (the manga, since the anime got gainaxed)?
>> No. 12964 [Edit]

>where guy and girl run circles around each other 12/24 episodes

How is that any different from shoujo? Like the most popular shoujo manga right now is Kimi ni Todoke which you pretty much summarized there (Crane and Heron). The biggest series (sales-wise of course) that I can recall before that was probably Lovely Complex. Guess what happens. First the girl decides she likes the guy, he doesn't, then he changes his mind but the girl...

It's an absolute staple of shoujo romance. Of course it gets resolved in the end (after 30 volumes or so) and the absolutely most obvious couple gets together.

Shounen romance I see in a completely different light however. With shoujo whether the story is told from a perspective of a girl or a boy isn't very important. The series fouces on how they interact with each other etc.
In shounen there's this super popular girl named Mary Sue and the MC has a crush on her and somehow he impresses her in a completely ridiculous way (by saving the damsel in distress) and they live happily ever after. It's more about the effort of the guy I guess. Harem scenarios are not a staple but highly propable.

Well, at least that's how it works from my experience, feel free to prove me wrong. I don't read many romance series because they bore me to death, most use the formula I described above.
>> No. 12966 [Edit]
Well you might be right when I think about your examples. From my experience shoujo romance is actual dating stuff while shonen romance is the circling stuff. Maybe I haven't watched enough. I don't read manga and there aren't many good shoujo romance animes.

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