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File 135835564857.jpg - (63.67KB , 390x450 , tenga_cup.jpg )
20096 No. 20096 [Edit]
Tenga vs. Fleshlight
go go go
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>> No. 20097 [Edit]
I thought that the Tenga was a fleshlight. I didn't know that there was a difference.
>> No. 20100 [Edit]
That's honestly kind of frightening in its complexity. Makes me imagine industrial accidents.
>> No. 20101 [Edit]
I've never used either, but I think it's the Tenga people that make stuff based on anime characters so I say they win
>> No. 20102 [Edit]
Tenga's tighter and more pleasurable.

Fleshlight is kind of like a real vagina.

3D is PD, get a tenga.
>> No. 20104 [Edit]
File 135837261948.jpg - (352.10KB , 868x1020 , actual asuka onahole.jpg )
I don't know, but these are the weirdest thing ever.
>> No. 20105 [Edit]
That almost looks classy. Like, I can imagine a james bond villain having two giant ones on either side of his evil chair
>> No. 20106 [Edit]
I am a fan of Meiki. I bought a fleshlight first, but really the Meiki products are so much better.

I thought the lack of the open back would make cleanup hard. It isn't too bad if you use ID Glide lube.

I wish I was paid for this endorsement. Honest feelings though.
>> No. 20109 [Edit]
Those look awesome, like the fairy pictures in the boorus. Its like you're killing her with a brutal dicking.
>> No. 20112 [Edit]
Haha, I laughed for a good minute at that. Thanks.
>> No. 20140 [Edit]
I have experienced neither.

The only experience I have ever had with a fleshlight is seeing them in photos of peoples' rooms, or in actual rooms, with pet hair stuck to the silicone, and just overall looking nasty as shit. Also apparently the construction of the outer tube of the flesh light can injure you. I also remember when they first started out, their site used actual porn as their demos and ads. Big shaved muscle guido fucking a slut, then putting it into the fleshlight, then into the slut, etc. I think it was advertising the realistic feel, but it didn't actually say anything as to why they were doing it.

Tengas look much more classy and cooler. Also they are smaller than the behemoth flesh lights. They're more subtle with their advertising, not all "LITTLE MAN WANT FUCK? USA STRONG MAKE YOU BIG VAGINA SEX TOY!" Their construction also seems cooler and with more thought put into it. My only issue is the size, is it big enough for average users (look up the average if you want)?

Also how easy are they to clean?

OP image is the deep throat cup, is that a suggested buy?
>> No. 20197 [Edit]
I want to order one of these, but I'm really trying to go for those twin little sister ones. I'm just scared about the shipping and customs.
>> No. 20203 [Edit]
Well what's the most that could happen anyways? I'm sure they've come across much stranger things being shipped before.
>> No. 20204 [Edit]
that one guy had to do jail time since customs saw his loli comics.
>> No. 20205 [Edit]

I'm not too sure about it. Isn't there some law that if the item is deemed obscure, basically I'm fucked? I don't think I want to risk my wellbeing just so I can have an enhanced fapping experience.... I think.
>> No. 20207 [Edit]
I was thinking about getting a tenga egg. Are they any good?
That was in Canada. A good rule is if you don't live in the US, don't buy loli.
>> No. 20210 [Edit]
Now that we've settled over Tenga being better, what site would you guys recommend getting one from? I'm highly ignorant when it comes to buying things like this and would like the chance of being robbed of my money or being given a dud to be as low as possible.
>> No. 20212 [Edit]
no that was in the US
his name was christopher handley
look him up.
>> No. 20224 [Edit]
if it's deemed Obsene. And that's in the US. and VERY culturally specific. i.e. if you live in shithole Mormonzone Utah, or the Fundie ass-backward parts of Alabama or Mississippi, it is more likely to happen. Due to "commmunity standards" of obsenity. If you live in NYC, or San Fran, or Chicago, etc where people dont give a shit or are more free speech, more likely to be 'meh'.

Does Customs really check EVERYTHING shipped internationally?
>> No. 20225 [Edit]
I hadn't heard of them checking everything, but slightly ironically, I think they might be more likely to check your stuff if you're having it shipped into one of those major cities you listed.
>> No. 20242 [Edit]
Tragedy. He was a perfectly functional person and was removed from society over nothing.

I buy stuff all the time on ebay that comes from out of country. Never has it been inspected and I live in the bible belt. The only annoyance is having to sing for a large number of these things.

I know there are some places that will remove the box with the possible problem causing pictures on them. If you are worried, go with that.
>> No. 20310 [Edit]

You see, that's too much trouble just to get an enhanced fapping experience, I think. Would getting a normal Tenga be deemed obscene? Shit man, I really want one of those "anime" ones though.
>> No. 20312 [Edit]
The US site ships from inside the US.

Also most of the restrictions on international shipping are for contraband like drugs or explosives, I don't think they care about fap tubes.
>> No. 20313 [Edit]
I don't know. Dildos aren't obscene, right? A tenga one should be 100% fine. The 'anime' ones seem riskier, but still completely legal, I think. I've never gotten one, but it seems like a ton of people get them and they're no problem at all.
>> No. 20339 [Edit]
>anime ones
I don't understand, are they like designed after the vagina of anime characters?
>> No. 20340 [Edit]
They just take a popular character and put a parody image of them on the box. I'm not sure if I'd give them as much credit to say they model the thing after what they think the character's vagina might be like.
>> No. 20356 [Edit]
tried the tenga egg doesnt feel any better than regular fapping for me,
I guess its useful if you want to fap in bed without getting cum on anything.

Post edited on 1st Feb 2013, 2:45pm
>> No. 20375 [Edit]
File 135994846573.jpg - (259.23KB , 842x915 , img_kh.jpg )
Went to a website and found these.
Laughed for nearly a full minute.

I guess their target demographic is: "I guess if you REALLY enjoyed those segments on Sesame Street."
>> No. 20376 [Edit]
I'd buy one.
>> No. 20429 [Edit]
How is your dick supposed to fit inside that tiny egg? I don't understand.
>> No. 20430 [Edit]
File 136016550921.jpg - (62.59KB , 420x356 , tenga-egg.jpg )
It doesn't. The outer shell is just its case. The actual egg is made of an extremely elastic synthetic material that you can stretch several inches at least (they also come with a bit of lube.)

I think it feels pretty good, but then I don't use these all that often because they're a bit expensive for what they are and having to prepare to masturbate makes it feel like a chore. I've found that it's a lot more about what I'm beating off to than what I'm beating off with. It's an exact science, you see.
>> No. 20436 [Edit]
File 136017978935.jpg - (40.83KB , 640x480 , 1346535240197.jpg )
Oh, several inches? I'd need several feet~
>> No. 27550 [Edit]
I get this comment was years ago, but obviously that's not the intention there. Fuck you for even suggesting that.

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