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File 144366985241.gif - (2.87MB , 640x360 , a228ce1c9eccf07d179b274ab33df329.gif )
20714 No. 20714 [Edit]
Lets see if we can lift some spirits around here!

What's something nice that happen to you recently? even if things aren't looking their brightest surely there must have been some highlight to your week?
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>> No. 20716 [Edit]
Nothing nice ever happens. My life is unending darkness and suffering.
>> No. 20719 [Edit]
File 144381226587.jpg - (88.57KB , 1280x720 , 1434604206921.jpg )
It's tumbling down and it seems like my suicide trip will have to happen sooner than planned.
>> No. 20721 [Edit]
File 14438271826.jpg - (897.84KB , 2551x2669 , 144088849482.jpg )
I bought new types of cheese (they're new to me) and went to a hair salon after 2 years of not going.
>> No. 20734 [Edit]
Can I know what are your plans? Maybe I could give some advice or even join you.
>> No. 20738 [Edit]
I went to get a new passport and luckily somebody found and reported my old one. I still have to pay the $160 fee for a new one but the $40 new passport fee is waived.
>> No. 20739 [Edit]
It's weird, as a child you'd think even depressed people could have one good day every now and then, surely?

Then when you are an adult you realise they are too bitter and fickle and get warped up in expectation or hopelessness everyday.
>> No. 20740 [Edit]
I got over my fingernail biting habit recently
>> No. 20742 [Edit]
Well, the weather is finally dropping to a tolerable range so I don't have to blast my fan to deafeningly loud levels anymore.
>> No. 20751 [Edit]
I have a hangnail on every other finger. Fucking sucks.
>> No. 20753 [Edit]
I sleep a lot better with a fan making some noise so actually this is bad for me. It's cold and I still turn on my fan because of that.
>> No. 20775 [Edit]
I honestly get terrified at the end of every good day. I think that almost every time something good has happened to me, something ten times worse happens later to compensate.
>> No. 20780 [Edit]
I've really gotten into riichi mahjong. I used to think it was boring and ridiculous, but once I learned the rules and yaku it became a lot more fun. I still can't calculate scores worth a damn, though.
>> No. 20825 [Edit]
I went outside to smoke then my lighter wasn't working when I tried to lit my cigarette and a stranger offered me a lighter without me asking.
>> No. 20826 [Edit]
Please stop smoking, anon. It isn't healthy and really not worth the risk/money.
>> No. 20827 [Edit]
My antidepressant medication lets me jack off for hours without cumming
>> No. 20843 [Edit]
I hadn't shaved in 4 days and then I got in there real good, just a few minutes ago. It felt pretty nice to get all that scratchy hair shit off me.
>> No. 20845 [Edit]
>> No. 20858 [Edit]
>> No. 20887 [Edit]
Finally got into Gold in the SC2 LotV beta after almost 400 games. Picking up macro and such rather than learning all-ins and cheesing like I did last year in WoL. APM around 60, Protoss...
>> No. 20913 [Edit]
I drew a UR card in valkyrie crusade with a %400 self attack up buffer. That let me switch out my old main card I've been using for months.
>> No. 20958 [Edit]
Every day is the same for me. Nothing ever changes.
>> No. 20968 [Edit]
Fuck, that one's hard, let me think..

I bought a new mouse, the cheapest one.
That's the highlight of the past 2 months.

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