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9952 No. 9952 [Edit]
It has been six years since I first realized I was in a deep hole and started actively looking for a way out.

How is it that the hole is now ten times as deep?

I did countless amounts of research, reading, and experimenting. I dedicated a big chunk of my efforts and free time to figuring out how to liberate myself from suffering. It seems that the more I tried, the worse everything got. I've recently given up.

Is this some kind of sick joke? Does this happen to everyone?
>> No. 9953 [Edit]
What hole is it you're talking about?

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but I feel like no matter how hard I struggle I'm always defeated by my shitty nature. It's as though I'm destined to be a failure or something. Or maybe I just need to get off the internet.
>> No. 9954 [Edit]
The abyss that envelops essentially every person that comes here. Just any word that you can think of that would be an accurate representation for a very hopeless, depressed state.

I mean, am I wrong to assume that we're all trying to become happier and strive towards the alleviation of everything that makes us the way we are at the moment?
>> No. 9955 [Edit]
I stopped trying when I realized nothing in this world would make me happy because everything I want is impossible. Now I wait for death
>> No. 9956 [Edit]
I learned to love the world.

Try looking into existentialist philosophy and Buddhism, specifically, and then branch out a bit. Thinking too much got you into this mess; it can get you out of it, too.
>> No. 9957 [Edit]
Yeah I get what you mean, if I wasn't in such an unsatisfactory situation right now I wouldn't even be here. I don't even know why I come to /so/ any more when I know full well it just feeds my misery and strengthens the feelings of hopelessness.
>> No. 9958 [Edit]
My main strategy for this was rooted in Buddhism. I've gone to many meditation retreats and other places that specialize in consciousness training.

Trust me. When I mean I've tried everything, I mean everything.
>> No. 9959 [Edit]
I also spent years looking for something that didn't lead to nihilism and suffering. Hundreds of books, movies, discussions, arguments trying to find a clue.Existentialism, Buddhism, taoism, meditation.
But most of it was disgusting for some reason. Incomplete. But I couldn't explain why.

It was something that I couldn't define, but it was there.

But I did found it OP.

Now, the issue is that once that you experience the answer you'll more alone than ever. I can't even relate to tohno-chan anymore.
I'm not suffering but I feel completely, well, confused.

Think about it, if you know the answer you'll be completely different from 99.9% of the planet.

Are you sure you still want to know?
>> No. 9960 [Edit]
Is it DMT/ayahuasca?

And yes, of course. I've been ready to give up everything for a while.
>> No. 9961 [Edit]
I come here because it just gives me a place to vent a little when I can't really do that anywhere else. I don't like being so miserable but I'm stuck in the abyss of misery. There seems to be no way out. I'm incapable and frustrated with everything. The only escape really is achieving a higher state of mind through meditation and such. Once you get good at altering your mind on your own it can become a personal safe house in itself. I don't know how to exactly explain it myself but you can do a lot with just your mind. Just give it a try even though it is hard starting off, it'll save your life and it has saved mine from misery many times. You have to achieve a feeling of being one with everything around you to be happy and see your life from an outer perspective like a book and find out what you really need and desire along with many other things. It may not be able to directly get things done in your life but opening your third eye makes life much less terrible if you know how to. So go ahead, you won't regret it. I can only give you the basics like I did here. The path to unlocking yourself is personal, you already have the keys, you just have to know what they are yourself. They can be anything important to you. Once you have completely opened your mind, the final keys to completing your life will be revealed. That's where my misery stems from besides being so physically incapable but at least I know what it is and I have saved myself from a lot more of it.
>> No. 9962 [Edit]
It is not related to drugs, though they help.

1.- This is not some highly intellectual concept. It's the complete opposite. It's so simple, obvious and small that it goes unnoticed in daily life.
This is the most grounded in reality philosophy there is.

2.- Here is the issue:

-There is a huge hole in modern logic

That's it.
Obviously logic and rationality have carried humanity to an incredible level of development.
So when someone questions it, it sounds like madness. If you do it you'll be very very alone.

Rationality isn't wrong. But it lacks tools to deal with issues about Mu, arete,mythos, meaning and purpose.
Imagine trying to paint a rainbow when you only have one color. Even if you try your hardest that doesn't means you get closer to the solution. You need more words.

But I'm afraid that I cannot explain this without sounding retarded.
These books talk about the issue.

It's about a man that goes schizophrenic by questioning logic itself. And then comes up with a simple solution that adds a new color to rationality.
>> No. 9963 [Edit]
>And then comes up with a simple solution that adds a new color to rationality.

And that is?
>> No. 9964 [Edit]
I understand what you're getting at, and I've gone over this concept before. I've already read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as well.

There is never one true, clear answer. It might have been it for you, but my journey is far from over. I'm taking this to the grave.

Post edited on 1st May 2012, 9:21pm
>> No. 9968 [Edit]
There are those people that had no typically worldly ambitions to begin with...
Personally I focus on trying to do what I want.

Pointing out how there's no point to anything on an abstract level might as well be a catchphrase of mine by now. But people dont live in such an abstract reality.
What works for me right now to enjoy life is desiring with my reason to fulfill my instinctive needs. Meaning really eveything you could be inclined to biologically/physically/chemically.

My primary inclinations are rather deviant though; like being an emotional sadist who also rather enjoys helping people, I like this forum... (oh and peeing myself) (and there are more primitve reasons behind all of this if course)
Just to emphase this, I didn't know I was into masturbating till I was 17. And my life was rather shallow.

Perhaps you get something out of this perspective.
>> No. 9970 [Edit]
It's rather simple. Just realize how limited the human brain is and give up on trying to understand what's going on. Realize what a miracle life is and start to appreciate all the small things. Embrace the concept of death and do whatever the hell you want until you die. It's bliss.
>> No. 9975 [Edit]
>It's rather simple.
I hate it when people say this.
>> No. 9976 [Edit]
Hey that persons got it right though. Just try to be happy with what you got and try to get what you want that's within reach while not taking everything so seriously. All around just try not to be such a negative person all the time.
>> No. 9977 [Edit]
so the best way to stop being depressed is to stop being depressed, got it

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