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File 147210979048.jpg - (53.33KB , 853x480 , Uo5rwlr.jpg )
26872 No. 26872 [Edit]
I had an idea where we summarize the plot or describe an important and unfortunate event in an anime from a character's perspective. The idea was to guess the title based on the description provided which will be written similarly to an FML post. Here are what FML posts normally look like: (I can't guarantee you'll like or even tolerate them).
Each one has to go by the MAL ID number in case it's too hard to guess but please try to guess the title before giving up and resorting to entering the ID in the url for MAL.

12191: I recently moved into a new neighborhood and I was sucked into a bookcase, chased by a furry, attacked by a house clown thing, and now have to fight things regularly. This all happened in the same day. FML

The picture is not from the described anime.
>> No. 26876 [Edit]
2605: Today, It was my first day at a new school and on my way there I met my new teacher. He was trying to hang himself. FML
>> No. 26877 [Edit]
2476: Today, I found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me. When I confronted the girl about it I found out she already killed him for cheating on her too. FML
>> No. 26878 [Edit]
sayonara zetsubou sensei
>> No. 26906 [Edit]
School Days

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