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File 144824611634.jpg - (671.50KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_0292.jpg )
27957 No. 27957 [Edit]
Does anyone else like to play on UFO catcher machines or like to play in arcades?

Recently I won this cute little Alpacasso mini plushie. Yeah I know most of the games in the arcade are a scam (almost all of them are designed only to pay out when they made a profit), but they're still plenty of fun. Some arcades have anime figs and other interesting otaku goods in them.

Post edited on 22nd Nov 2015, 6:38pm
>> No. 27958 [Edit]
Sorry the picture is rotated, it wasn't that way when I viewed it on my computer.
>> No. 27960 [Edit]
I've never seen such an arcade anywhere.
>> No. 27962 [Edit]
Real arcades are pretty rare these days. I used to have a dream of starting one up myself but it's not realistic or practical.
They can be fun neat but at the same time they're always flooded with annoying little kids which makes them a bit off putting.

I typically don't bother with the catcher style machines since they're rigged to pay out at predetermined intervals. They're only worth it if you spot someone win with it then count how many times people loose before the next guy wins, then wait that same time before trying it yourself. Problem with that is it even then there's no garantie of a win, and it could take all day which wouldn't be worth the trouble.
>> No. 27964 [Edit]
I don't like going in arcades anymore but I used to be insanely good at Stacker, like I was actually winning really good stuff from it. But now the noise & crowds are too much for me.
>> No. 27970 [Edit]
sup tohno
>> No. 27976 [Edit]
I know how those machines work. They actually have a series of DIP switches that the owner can flip to change how easy it is to win. So of course they can just flip them all and make it impossible. It's on the controller board in the cabinet under the machine, where the coins go. I don't touch the things. Here's a vid about one:
>> No. 27981 [Edit]
I myself considered an arcade one of the few business ventures I'd pursue if I ever had the chance. But yeah, you can't operate a business just because you like it. Sadly, even doing my best to acquire the right machines and location, I doubt it'd make a profit because of lack of interest by the general public.

I've loved to play Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 in the arcade at the mall for the past 4 years now. I recently found out that the manufacturer stopped making cards for it, so now I can only play out what cards I have left before it becomes rather pointless, the machines are in pretty bad shape now too.
I loved Initial D as well when I was younger, but I haven't seen a machine for that in 5 years, even then it had no cards.
Dance Dance Revolution is fun too, but the only 2 in my city both Super Nova, which isn't the godly original DDR.

Another arcade closed down in the past year, leaving me without Virtual-On and another Wangan machine, and a few other games that were atleast playable.
I mostly blame the owners for not looking after their business and failing to buy machines that are loved, rather than super expensive($10,000+) shitty games like BATMAN, RAMBO, TERMINATOR SALVATION... The list goes on, like they never bothered asking the customers, or even paying attention to what's played.

The death of the North American video arcade is a Shakespearean tragedy, like old friends humiliated and destroyed before the final act.
>> No. 27982 [Edit]
The movie theater in town used to have a hydro thunder machine. I fucking loved that thing and played it too many times to count. Then they replaced it with one of those fast and furious shits you see all over the place.
>> No. 27993 [Edit]
I'm this guy; >>27981
I recently visited a Barcade, a den of bearded hipsters and lost collegiates. The few machines there were actually older games, decent ones at that, although some were in disrepair. A few bore the scars of machines that I had played long before in the theatres and malls around the city and it wouldn't surprise me if they were the same ones recirculated.
It was very much an assault on my largely intact nostalgia. Playing cabinets I hadn't touched in over a decade gave me a tactile sensation that sent waves through my body, indistinguishable from a mild drug experience. As much as I appreciate the hours I spent there, it was painful to see them exploited by such an unappreciative crowd.

Some openly furry/brony handed me an extra token and that really summed it up, almost poetically.

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